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RE: How To Start Your Travel Business Today

Dear friend,

My name is Efe Imiren, Nigeria’s Info-Queen and Seasoned Travel Consultant with a very significant difference.

I began my Travel Consultancy Business as a total green horn who knew next to nothing in travel business but managed to turn over in millions within the first 12 months in business.

Also within the first twelve months of starting, I was privileged to attend the prestigious World Travel Business Fair overseas as a distinguished Meridian Club Member

(a meridian club member, means my travel business is valuable to foreign travel companies because they get from me HUGE travel deals and heavy paying clients every year).  

Virtual Travel Consulting Business is an exciting business that lets you use your creativity to plan travel for clients and make big money with it. As a Virtual Travel Consultant, I help my clients plan their vacation, their honeymoon abroad, their migration abroad.

I even help them realize their study and work abroad dreams and I procure and secure their 100% genuine visa, I simply help people turn their dreams into realities.

I take their possibilities and turn it into realities. That IS the life of a Travel Consultant and it is Rich, Rewarding AND Exciting! As a travel consultant, you can combine your love of travel with a flexible and profitable career.


  • Do you want to own your Travel Consulting Business and do not know how to go about it?

  • Do you have an Existing Travel Consulting Business but you are struggling to make money?

  • Do you want to make money and improve people’s life while making your money?

  • Do you want to put smiles on people’s faces and simply be a part of making peoples dreams come through?

  • Are you a wedding or events planner who desperately needs an extra source of income for more cash?

  • Are you a Wedding Cake Expert or Wedding Food Vendor who needs an extra source of income?

  • Or are you just curious about how Nigerian Visa agents get Visas for their clients so cheaply?

Then Join me for One Full Day of Special Coaching on Audio DVD at the Virtual Travel Consulting Bootcamp as I show you how to Use Virtual Travel Consulting Business to TRIPPLE your Income within your first 60 Days in Business..

It is guaranteed and NO Gimmicks. It is Real business, for Real People with Real Money. As a Virtual Travel Consultant, you can choose to specialize in what ever type of travel opportunity you want such as Business and Corporate travel, tours, Honeymoons, Independent Travel, Or many other types of travel experiences.

During this One Full Day with Me, You will discover:


Travel Consulting

Business Training Course Details


Module 1: Travel Opportunities
  • How to Plan Travel Opportunities For Your Clients

  • What you need to know about how the travel industry works

  • How to do a client consultation plus you get a list of sample questions to ask clients

  • How to get exclusive access to "agent only" discounts

  • How to get get the best deals and rates for your own travel

  • How to have profitable professional relationships with suppliers of air travel, accommodations (e.g. hotels, resorts), car rentals, and tour operators

  • The steps to making a booking for your client plus you get a sample travel itinerary

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Module 2: Visa Secrets
  • How to Plan Travel Opportunities For Your Clients

  • The Dirty Little Secrets of Nigerian Visa Agents

  • Inside information about getting visas and travel documents to any country in the world

  • How To Secure and Procure Visa for Your Client without either of you visiting the embassy

  • The EXACT documents that make the embassy grant visa to ANY country

  • How To Get China, Dubai, UK, USA, Canada and Schegen Visa ALWAYS any time you apply for your client


Module 3: How To Start Your Business
  • How to open a new travel consulting business

  • The Proper and Right Way To Start a Travel Consulting Business In Nigeria

  • How to partner with an established travel agency

  • How to create a business plan for your travel agency plus you get a sample travel agency business plan

  • How to register your travel agency with the appropriate travel agencies

  • How to Choose a profitable name for your travel consulting business

  • Information about legal issues for the travel consultant

  • Equipment and supplies you need to start a travel agency and where to get what you need


Module 4: How To Make Profits Daily

Let’s face it, without clients, you have no business. Lack of people to BUY is the reason why most businesses fail. I will reveal to you, the dirty little tricks I use in ensuring that I have clients EVERY SINGLE MONTH for my business. You will also learn:

  • How To Keep Getting Clients for Your Travel Business EVERY MONTH

  • How To to attract clients to your travel agency through advertising and low cost publicity

  • How To create a website for your travel consulting business

  • How to increase your income by selling travel packages 

  • How to deal with difficult customers

  • How to market travel planning services to corporate clients

  • How to get repeat travel business

  • How to get paid for your services including commissions from suppliers

  • How To make clients pay you for Visa services before going to the embassy

  • Online marketing secrets for promoting your travel consultancy business which big-time internet marketers do not have the time to show you

  • How to craft a unique selling position in the travel industry and grow big fast


Module 5: Trade Secrets

In this business, unless you have someone show you short-cuts you can spend unprofitable years going round in circles loosing money and clients before you finally get it. If you have that much time and money to waste, good-luck to you, but if you would rather have someone show you the inner secrets of the trade to help you get to your profits faster, then here is what you will discover by the time we get to module 5 of this training:

  • How To Build Convincing Case-Studies and Visa Profiles for your clients

  • How To Develop a Lifestyle profile for your clients' visa application form

  • How To Argue your clients' case for a Visa with the Embassy as a Consultant

  • The 14 most sought after visa websites by Nigerians for Visa Application

  • The Single Hottest service you can offer your client guaranteed to generate you income in the next 24hours

  • How To to attract clients to your travel agency through advertising and low cost publicity

If you have ever thought of becoming a successful travel consultant, save yourself many hours of research, avoid costly mistakes, and gain uncommon information by getting the 12 Hours DVD.


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This boot camp will take place:



Payments at the Venue for the DVD attracts additional N5,000 surcharge, so, please use the bank or online payments for your payments.


What Last Attendees of My Bootcamp Have

Achieved and Are Saying



Efe, Thanks to what I learnt from you on travel consulting, I am now living in two bedroom flat, I have almost completed my own home, and also I now have office in surulere and Dubai. I have partners all over UK, USA, China, South Africa and Dubai helping me with Invitation letters for my clients. My business became a hit when I helped my client to get a 2 years Canada Visa, and a UK Visa without stress! You are the best Coach Efe! Akionla, Akinstand Travels and Tours Ltd.

Hi Efe, I can’t thank you enough, after attending the travel seminar with you, I went on to practice all that you taught us, and within  a short period, I opened my travel business and started getting clients, I am happy to tell you that my business is now one year old and I have a decent income. Thank you for teaching your trade secrets. You are a wonderful Coach. God Bless You. Charles, Travel Choices Kaduna


Why You Must Decide And Order for

The Travel Bootcamp DVD NOW

This Virtual Travel Consulting Bootcamp took place only ONCE this year.

So, if you are in ANY way interested in a Travel Consulting Business and you don’t want to struggle at all in this business, clear your calendar, take some time off work, skip the owambe party and Do what ever it takes to ensure you get the DVD and settle down with it for just One Full Day.

The DVD is N 30,000 and Only 25 Sets are Available.  It is restricted to 25 people only because the secrets I will be sharing are my Trade Secrets and I don’t want to reveal it to every Tom, Dick and Jane out there. Once we have 25 orders, the door will be closed, no more order. No Kidding.


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Bonus Name   - Genuine Visa Contacts for Business

Bonus Value    - N250,000

Bonus Validity - You only get this bonus if you register before the closing date 

Last year November, I was at the World Travel Business Fair overseas where I got to meet one-on-one with famous travel product suppliers and genuine visa contacts, as a bonus for getting the 12Hours DVD, I will give You the direct contact details of these travel product suppliers and genuine visa contacts.

This is a HUGE business asset to you, I was loosing as much as N250, 000 per travel business deal because I did not have direct contacts, you don’t have to go through that stress again, if you are one of the lucky 25 people to join me at the bootcamp.

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Bonus Name   -  Travel Business Templates

Bonus Value    - N90, 000

Bonus Validity - You only get this bonus if you register before  the closing date


Plus You will get

  • Sample travel agency business plan

  •  Sample travel itinerary

  • Sample questions to ask clients

Let me put the value of these bonuses in perspective for you. My clients pay me N15,000 to develop a travel itinerary for them. I charge N25,000 to help other travel operators to develop client questionnaire plus a good business plan will cost you no less than N50,000.

 That is a total of N90,000 worth of bonuses templates

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Bonus Name   -  Opportunity to attend China Fair in October and World Travel Fair for Discounts

Bonus Value    -  Discounted Travels

Bonus Validity - You only get this bonus if you register before the closing date


In April and October 2013, we are facilitating the travel arrangements for distinguished delegates to an upcoming Manufacturers and Importers Trade Fair in China and


In November 2013 we are facilitating the travel arrangements for selected Travel Business owners to the upcoming World Travel Business Fair


You can be a part of this exciting travel opportunities as we help you facilitate your visa, registrations and travel arrangements. plus you can benefit from it financially by promoting the two packages as your first travel offers in your new business for handsome profits (only students of our trainings can register with us to promote our travel packages)


You can download the form for the World Travel Business Fair - Click here

See more information about the Manufacturers and Importers Trade Fair in China - Click here

Click Here To Register For The Training Now


Plus N250,000 worth of Visa contacts which means you are getting a total bonus value of N340,000  when you make up your mind to attend this training.



How To Register Now

Order Closing Date is   



To Get The Bonuses

Yes! I want order for the Travel Consulting Business DVD:


Step 1: Send an SMS with your Name + Email + GSM + Code: “TravelDVD” + Date you are making payment (between now and the closing date ) to 0803 297 8011


Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay N30,000 yes, that's right, Thirty Thousand Naira Only.


Account Name:         ServiceForts Business Academy

GTBank Account Number:    001 141 2778
First Bank Account Number:  201 679 1231



Step 3: Send an EMAIL with Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + Teller Number + Name on the teller + Bank Paid to + Name of Account Paid To + Your Delivery Address (your payment includes free delivery) + code “TravelDVD” to payments @


Title of the email MUST BE - "Paid for TravelDVD"



Step 4: Once we have verified your payment, we will deliver the full training and resource material to the Address that you provide (your payment includes free delivery). And you too can soon make this Training your blueprint to get the most out of your Travel Consulting business life.

Note: Order Closes   BUT only those who register the closing dates will get the bonuses worth N340,000.


Payments Option B

Direct Online Payment with Your Naira/Dollar ATM Cards

Efe Imiren

Travel Consultant



PS: As a Virtual Travel Consultant, I help my clients plan their vacation, their honeymoon abroad, their migration abroad, I even help them realize their study and work abroad dreams and I procure and secure their 100% genuine visa, Plus I have genuine travel and visa contacts as a result of attending the World Travel Business Fair overseas last year.



PPS: I will EXPOSE all the contacts I got from the World Travel Business Fair, the Trade Secrets of my business and the dirty little secrets that Nigerian Travel Agents use in securing visas all the time 12 Hours DVD , BUT, there is only ONE problem



PPPS: You have to be amongst the 25 people that will be allowed get the DVD because the trade secrets are not for every Tom, Dick and Jane. Click Here To Register Now. All registrations before  will get bonuses worth N340,000. You delay, You Loose your DVD and the bonuses .


Time is Ticking - Order Before -


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