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90 Days Importation Business Cash Flow Project With Buyers Forum And Efe Imiren


"“Import Hot-Selling, Fast-Profit Products Direct from Manufacturers at Rock-Bottom Factory Prices and Raise the Buying Power of your Capital to 400% by joining the exclusive Buyers Forum!”


"Share the risk, enhance your chances of success in the importation business, pick winning and profitable products to import, do business with like minds, Raise the buying power of your capital by 400%, Harness the power of bulk purchase and Buy original products direct from manufacturers at rock-bottom factory wholesale prices with as little as N50,000 capital investment"


Registration Closes Finally by 2pm on 12th February 2015





Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Efe Imiren, My partners and I, We import products from China, the US and the UK and some other parts of the world where you get good, quality products at insane profits.

You are reading this special invitation because you showed interest in our online information offered to readers of our newsletters, online newspaper posts and facebook postings.

If you’ve always wanted to start your own product line, manufacture your own brand, and build a rock solid business by promoting your own manufactured goods, products and brand name, then pay very close attention - because this is the most important business letter you will ever read.

                       In this letter, I will offer you the opportunity to join an exclusive club of highly motivated business men and women who are daring and determined to make Six and even 7 Figure income from Importation Business in 2015.


"“Jump-Start Your Importation Business, Expand and Diversify Your Existing Business By Teaming Up With Like Minded Importers To Get Hot Fast-Moving Products Direct from Manufacturers and Suppliers at Rock-Bottom Factory Prices…Without Stress, Loss of Capital or Falling Into the Hands of Fraudsters!”


You are about to discover how to share and minimize the risk involved in starting your own importation business, how to enhance and dramatically increase your chances of success in this business, how to pick winning and profitable products, how to do business with like minds, how to buy direct from manufacturers at rock-bottom factory wholesale prices with as little as N50,000 capital investment through the Buyers Forum


I have been to numerous presentations and trade shows around the world sourcing for products at insanely cheap prices to be sold at a minimum of 300% profit in most cases.

You already know that the import-export business is extremely lucrative, exciting and prestigious; in fact, it's one of the reasons you considered reading this letter.

You have probably read books, attended seminars or even bought Video resources materials on importation business in the past. BUT

Let’s face facts: it’s HARD to find people who “get it” soon after attending a Seminar or reading a book. So much that it is tempting to just be a lone ranger and just try “figure it out” for yourself.

Then before you know it, you’re “stuck”. Weeks, months, and sometimes YEARS will go by and you’re STILL “spinning your wheels”…sabotaging ANY further potential growth, profits, and prosperity you deserve.

Seriously, this is NOT what I want for you. So to GUARANTEE your chances of reaching the “Elite Top 5%” who will succeed in this business THIS YEAR, I’d like to give you an opportunity to join:


The Importation Business

Buyers Forum With

Efe Imiren


This is an exclusive club for highly qualified, highly motivated and highly determined business people

The Buyers forum is made up of result-oriented importers who are serious about building a strong profitable importation business within the shortest possible time of 90 days and making a positive difference in the lives of their consumers while making money. And Want to Start their importation business NOW.

Here is how it works:

At the Buyers forum, you are paired in a small-focused group of like-minded buyers, you pool resources together for bulk purchase of a hot fast-moving product so that you can buy direct from manufacturers / suppliers at rock-bottom wholesale/factory price.

There is power in bulk purchase, so instead of going on the journey alone, you have a support group and support system that enhances the profitability of your capital. Once the group has decided on the product and supplier to get from, ServiceForts will use its expertise to ensure your goods are ordered and delivered at the exact price the group agreed with the manufacturer. No hidden charges or extra costs.

There are 4 levels of participation and benefits in the Buyers Forum, and they include:

Platinum Buyers Forum

  • This forum is made Up of 4 Members
  • Each Member contributes a share capital of N250,000
  • Minimum Start Up Capital for this group is N1,000,000
  • All members have absolutely FREE access to attend ALL importation business seminars in 2015, especially the seminar organized immediately after the 2015 China trip
  • All members of this group have a N50,000 discount voucher to attend the 2015 China Importers Tradefair in China, if they register to attend before the registration deadline. Voucher is valid for 2015 only.
  • Membership Joining fee is N150,000 (this gives you access to the forum for Two full years)

Gold Buyers Forum

  • This forum is made Up of 5 Members
  • Each Member contributes a share capital of N60,000
  • Minimum Startup capital for this group is N300,000
  • Membership Joining fee is N50,000

Independent Buyers Forum

  • This forum is made up of 1 member. This individual has a particular product in mind and doesn’t want to wait for any group decisions. They want to move fast and NOW. They enjoy all the benefits of Gold + Platinum buyers. Joining fee is N150, 000 for One year access, and you have personal mentorship for one full year. Capital is determined by member

Sapphire Buyers Forum

  • This forum is made up of 1 Member
  • Start Up Capital (as chosen by the member)
  • Membership Joining fee is N250,000
  • Gives you access to every benefit enjoyed by the Platinum, Independent + Gold buyers
  • Private consultations
  • It’s for you if you the product you are interested in involves container shipments, regulatory certifications, food, health care products and heavy duty machineries
  • N100, 000 discount voucher towards attending the 2015 Importers trade fair in china as long as registration is done before closing date. Voucher is valid for 2015 only.
  • Professional guidance in obtaining required certifications from NafDac, SON, MAN and as required by regulating bodies; please understand we don’t issue the certificates, we work with you to secure professional guidance in obtaining the required certifications.


Why You Should Join Others In The Buyers Forum To Get Fast Moving Products At Rock Bottom Prices


  • You don’t need to face all the risk and go on this journey alone
  • You get to put your capital to maximum use, there is power in bulk purchase
  • You can join forces with bright minds to pick winning products
  • You get to spread and share the risk of the business with others
  • Group purchase means large scale buying which drives down the product cost and increases your profits
  • You are buying direct from the manufacturer, no middle men, ServiceForts does not take N1 from your investments, no hidden cost, fees or agendas!
  • You get to experience importation business with full transparency
  • Your capital is protected as we use proven payment sources and systems
  • If you have the fear of using your cards or sending payments all by yourself, that fear is removed through the group purchase as ServiceForts gets it done for you
  • You over-come the fear of what to do next and how to do it
  • The confusion of how to start and where to start is removed
  • As a group You can start your business right after the registration


At ServiceForts, we like to be upfront, personal and transparent with you, so here’s what you can and cannot do in the Buyers Forum:


  • The Platinum, Independent and Gold forum is for fast moving, hot selling, moderately priced goods delivered by Cargo to Nigeria
  • Each forum can decide to increase its base capital
  • Also Each forum can agree and decide to work within its base capital to include shipping fees, bank charges and any other cost associated with importing its products or they can decide to increase their base capital to cover those costs. What ever the case, ServiceForts does not take any kobo from your capital in any way.
  • For heavy duty goods, machineries, food items, health care products, importation in containers, all items requiring NafDac, SON, MAN and Customs certification – join the Sapphire Buyers Forum.
  • Please note this is not an investment club, ServiceForts is not investing on your behalf, you are joining a forum to protect your capital and make wise decisions in terms of product purchase, marketing and so you can get fast-selling products at rock-bottom, factory / wholesale prices.


You can Participate Even If You Live Outside Lagos

You don’t have to be in Lagos to participate in the Buyers Forum, members of the forum will have access to virtual meetings through skype and videos conferencing calls and also face-to-face meetings where agreed upon.


How You Can Ensure Transparency and Direct Contact With Manufacturers, Factories and Clearing Agents

By giving our time and devotion to the group at ServiceForts, we are rendering a service to you through ServiceForts. For the period you will be a member of the Forum, you can buy as much and as often as you want as a group and ServiceForts will not put one naira extra on any product price you agree on with the supplier. You will have direct access to every one you are buying from including your clearing agents and courier service.

The whole process will be transparent and as a member of the group you can ask questions, get details of the process and all these require our time and detailed attention at ServiceForts that is why you require a membership joining fee to participate in the group.

Now Here’s the deal: As a savvy business person with real-world experience at growing businesses…and working with others grow their businesses, I will personally work with members of each forum so you can get on the fast lane to importation business success.

Listen to me, joining the Buyers Forum is a BIG DEAL. It took me 3 years to finally agree to create time to work with a select few to START and GROW their importation business. Why? TIME. Just like you, I am HARD pressed for time. I am busy. But I just could not ignore the daily emails, sms and phone calls for personal guidance and mentorship anymore.

As your Importation Business Mentor and “Commander-In-Chief”, I do understand you and what you need to make a success out of this business better than YOU do. Why is that? Because I have “been there” and “done that” not only for my OWN businesses…but for a select few!

ONLY 18 People Will Be Admitted Into the Buyers Forum

As you already know, 2015 will be a Super Busy and Profitable year – for ServiceForts and yours truly. So there is a limit to the number of people we can admit into the forum.

Platinum Buyers Forum – There will be only 1 platinum forum, meaning only 4 people have this opportunity

Gold Buyers Forum – There will be only 2 Gold forums, meaning only 10 people have this opportunity

Independent Buyers Forum Only 3 independent buyers will be admitted

Sapphire Buyers Forum – Because of the level of certification and trade involved, there will be only 1 Sapphire forum; meaning only 1 person will have this privilege for 2015.

And that’s all we are admitting to work with us for the year 2015. You’ll have to wait until 2016 if you miss the opportunity to join the buyers forum this year.

So do all you can to get on this train-of-success for 2015. Forget the aso-ebi you’ve planned for the village trip, cut down on all the wasteful expenses you have planned to pile up for the Valentine and seasonal rush and put your 2015 in focus. Those who fail to plan have automatically planned to fail.

Your investment in the Buyers forum is your plan to enhance your 2015, to ensure that you end 2015 in success, grand style and better than last year.

So do all you can, to force your way into the forum before the registration deadline – we are human beings and will always try to find excuses not to do something as long as we live – but the difference between the person who succeeds and the one who fails – is their Choices Choose right, choose to empower the future, choose to invest in your business for a steady future – Force your way into the Buyers Forum before Friday 30th January 2015.


Here is How To Register to Start Immediately


Step 1: Text your Name + GSM + Email + Level of Buyers Forum You wish to join (Platinum, Independent, Gold, Sapphire) + Date you are making payment to 0803 297 8011

Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay the relevant fee for the level you wish to join (N150,000 or N60,000 or N250,000 for Platinum / Independent/ Gold / Sapphire respectively.

You can do an Online Transfer, ATM Transfers, Bank Payments

Account Name:         ServiceForts Business Academy

GTBank Account Number:    001 141 2778
First Bank Account Number:  201 679 1231


Step 3: Send an EMAIL Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + Teller Number + Name on the teller + Bank Paid to + Name of Account Paid + Code "Level of Buyers Forum you wish to join" + code: importbuyer + Amount paid to serviceforts @

Title of the email MUST BE - "Paid for Import Buyers Forum"

If you do an online or ATM transfer, include the name of the account from which you are transferring in your email, and attach a copy of the online receipt to your email.

Step 4: Once we have verified your payment, we send you registration and forum commencement details.



Registration Closes 12th February 2015 – Share the risk, enhance your chances of success, pick winning and profitable products, do business with like minds, Buy direct from manufacturers at rock-bottom factory wholesale prices with as little as N50,000 capital investment -  Click here to Join The Buyers Forum Today!





Frequently Asked Questions Section

Question: Is this new Buyers Forum different from if yes how?


Answer: Yes, it is different. The Buyers forum is for people who have capital, want to start or expand their business NOW and want to increase the buying power of their capital. While the is website where importers meet to share ideas online, websites, contact details and insider secrets not available to outsiders

Should I join both the BuyersForum and ImportersForum?


Answer: Both offers are different, you'll need to decide, I'll say yes, because information from both sources are vital to the growth of your business

Question: Why must I join the Buyers Forum?


Answer: It's not compulsory, the reason we opened this forum is because of people who are afraid to start, afraid to take risk, have no clue what to do next after attending our seminars, reading our books or watching our videos and afraid to pay money to people they meet online.

Can't I import goods on my own?


Answer: Of course you can, that is the essence of all our trainings.

What happens to someone who cannot meet up the deadline but is interested?


Answer: Unfortunately, nothing can be done. This website registration link has been sent to over 59,000 people by Email, SMS and Post Office, so we expect the 18 spots to be completely full before 30th January. So try your hardest to meet the deadline.

For someone like me, the cash I just have at hand is N50, 000. That was why I attended your seminar and bought your ebook so that I can use or invest the Money wisely. What do I do?


Answer: Then the best thing is for you to go through the resource materials you already have watch the videos and start your business NOW. 


Question: My question on this forum is what happens if a member of the forum is unable to raise the capital the four other group members has agreed to pay. For example, four members agree to raise N300,000 each and the fifth member cannot raise that amount.

Answer: You can't join the forum without your capital, that is why all the conditions have been stated in the website. All members are required to come up with their capital
within 2 weeks of joining the forum. In fact, its best to pay both your capital and membership fee at once to show your level of seriousness. Such member who can't raise their capital will be de-registered from the forum without a refund..

Question: But what if other members now want each member to contribute like N300,000 and above and one member cannot afford, what will happen?


Answer: Then that member should join the forum where the minimum capital is N250,000


Question: Is the membership fee different from the capital?

Answer: Yes, it is. The membership fee and capital for each forum has been stated above


Question: Am I paying both the membership fee and capital at once?

Answer:  Forum members are expected to make first import purchase within 2 weeks of joining the forum so yes, it is advisable to pay both capital and membership fee at once, although not compulsory. However, your capital must be ready and handy once a buying decision has been reached in the forum, so that you don't delay or draw others back.


Question: How can someone who is working and has no shop participate in this importers Forum. Put in another form, how will the goods to be imported going to be sold and profit shared.


Answer:  Every member of the forum is responsible for the sale of their product and the profit they make. The essence of joining the forum is to get factory prices by increasing your purchasing power. When the goods arrive, you are given your goods and what ever profit you want to make in the sale of your goods is entirely your decision. If you decide on a 500% profits, it's all your decision to make. You are responsible for the product sale, that is why if you have not attended any of our importation business seminar, you should get the detailed video recording where you are shown how to sell your products (even if you are a full time employee) at our website - click here

Any more questions? send us an email at serviceforts @

Time is Ticking, Register for the Importer Buyers Forum TODAY.


Registration Closes Tuesday 12th February 2015 – Share the risk, enhance your chances of success, pick winning and profitable products, do business with like minds, Buy direct from manufacturers at rock-bottom factory wholesale prices with as little as N50,000 capital investment - Click here to Join The Buyers Forum Today!



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