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Efe Imiren

Efe Imiren is widely considered Nigeriaís foremost and leading Female Information Publishing Expert. She is a Trainer, Speaker, Author, Consultant and Successful Entrepreneur. 

Efe started honing her entrepreneurship skills in 1999 while an undergraduate and eventually turned her passion and ideas into a profitable business named ServiceForts Ltd. 

The ServiceForts brand name has grown into four major operations including ServiceForts Technologies (a technology-based importing firm), ServiceForts Travels, ServiceForts Publishing and ServiceForts Business Academy. 



"If You Always Wanted to Know How to Manufacture Products Inexpensively from China, But Were Bewildered on How to Get Started, You are About to Discover

How You Can Quickly, Easily and

Successfully Manufacture and

Import From China within 30 Days!"


Dear Friend,

Hi, my name is Efe Imiren, My partners and I, We import products from China, the US and the UK.

    If youíre thinking about getting into the import-export business this may be the most important letter you'll ever read...


Because the import-export business is extremely lucrative, exciting and prestigious.

However, without the right information and being armed with the right tools, itís easy to lose big in the import business.

      But once you know the tricks of the trade, you can make amazing profits. Many times without any risk using other peoplesí money. Thatís what makes the import-export business so attractive.

    Amazingly, you can do it . . .

         without an office

         without stockpiling any inventory

         starting with only =N= 50,000 only

     In addition you do not:

         require a time investment in product creation

         you donít need an office

         and gosh, you donít even need an employee.

How is this possible?

Iíll explain, but first let me tell you why you probably have never heard about this all this whileÖ

Itís because

ďMost People In This Business Never Reveal It To OthersĒ

     Most people in this business are WILDLY successful. But most importers are greedy and very secretive. Call them tight lipped.

     They donít tell anybody about what they do or how they do it. They donít want anybody else in their business.

     Here's why. They are on a run-a-way cash train with no end in sight and they do not want anyone else to join them. I know there is plenty of room for new importers. Just look at this growth curve...

"Get In On The Three Trillion Dollar
China, UK, and USA Import Boom"

(China Export Growth Curve)

     Weíve been in this business for a few years now and people ask us all the time what we do and how we do it.  Even when we tell them a lot of times, they donít understand right away.

     So we finally designed a training course for some friends and some colleagues, and weíve decided to share it with you.

     For the first time Iím going to reveal facts to you that have been kept secret in this industry for years. Itís almost like a secret society or an ďold boysĒ club and nobody tells anybody about what they do. I didnít see why.

"How I Became a China Importer"

     Let me tell you a little bit more about my partners and I. We started off as an internet publisher, creating and selling books and information online.

     Eventually, We started teaching marketing strategies and offering marketing advice to companies as a consultant (which I still do)

     We got started in importation when I started working with a client who was an importer. Mr. Obinna Amadi (his name) is a BIG importer of health supplements. I saw the big profit margins and decided this was another stream of income to get in to.

      Today, I import supplements, toys, computer accessories, even crowd control equipment and all sorts of different equipment and tools.

     Iíve imported gift items; Iíve imported food additives; Iíve imported just about anything that could be imported. Thatís the beauty of this business.

     The thing that really attracted me to the import-export business is that I get bored easily. Maybe you do too; most entrepreneurs do. With the import business you never get bored. It changes every day. If you want to do something different, just pick another line of business. Itís really easy. 

"How We Flawlessly Import Millions In
Products From China"

     My partners and I have personally imported millions of naira worth of products. Iím not a guy that does seminars on how to import and makes a whole lot of money selling a course; I think thatís a bunch of nonsense!.

   One of My partners with whom this importation business began actually runs an import business under the business name Bio-Lab Naturals. Together we do small scale and big scale importing, depending on the product. I bring in some 20 feet - 40 feet containers, sometimes less, of brand new products to Nigeria and Ghana every month. Sometimes itís even more.

     My friends and marketing clients bring in theirs too, and Iíve asked them and quizzed them and learned everything that they do, too.

     So I am pretty much of a bank of information and as far as I know Iím the only guy thatís ever been willing to share these secrets.

"How To Import Over 800,000
Products From China"

     There are a lot of different models in importing. People import to be wholesalers, and thatís the most common model; thatís been going on for years.

     In the last few years new import business models have emerged, retailers like Olumide Shitta of Watch Locker, Dipo Tepede of Dipo Tepede and the guys at Wires and Waves Technologies. They bring in products directly from overseas and sell them in their stores and online at enormous profit margins.

     Iíll give you an example.

     Pick up a copy of Complete Sports newspaper, even an old one. Thereís this guy who runs a business called Mensí Healthcare. In Complete Sports they advertise an enlarger toy for =N=15,000. This product cost them just =N= 750 each to import. This means theyíre making a profit margin of =N=14,250! Thatís over 1,400%

     Hereís the guyís advert and the product from where he bought it.

(This is where he bought it from)

  You have to think. Itís not only in health toys. You can do it in shoes, computers, food, phones, or any particular item that one might retail. There are tons of other ways to retail products, but the margin is so enormous when you go directly from import to retail you dominate whatever market youíre in; you just totally slaughter it.

     Here is an example of the number of manufacturers just in China...

Agriculture (69,033)
Nuts & Kernels Plant & Animal Oil ...

Apparel (259,698)
Jackets T-Shirts ...

Automobile (168,244)
Auto Parts Motorcycles ...

Business Services (89,891)
Logistics Services Consulting ...

Chemicals (99,447)
Rubber & Products Fine Chemicals ...

Computer Hardware & Software (149,069)
Hardware Components Peripherals ...

Construction & Real Estate (315,068)
Flooring & Tiles Pipe & Fittings ...

Electrical Equipment & Supplies (165,205)
Wires, Cables, Cable Assemblies ...

Electronic Components & Supplies (31,956)
Active Components ...

Energy (7,373)
Petroleum & Products ...

Environment (8,354)
Recycling Water Treatment ...

Excess Inventory (3,188)
Apparel Stock ...

Fashion Accessories (307,071)
Baby Shoes ...

Food & Beverage (46,841)
Aquatic Products Beverages ...

Furniture & Furnishings (265,655)
Home Furniture Outdoor Furniture ... General Industrial Equipment (57,734)
Air-Separators Boilers ...

General Mechanical Components (82,403)
Bearings ...

Gifts & Crafts (237,562)
Candles Holiday Gifts & Decoration ...

Hardware (139,002)
Brackets Clamps ...

Health & Beauty (129,764)
Personal Care ...
Home Appliances (191,822)
Air-conditioner ...

Home Supplies (398,564)
Garden Supplies Bath & Toilet ...

Lights & Lighting (98,709)
Lighting Fixtures Lighting Bulbs & Tubes ...

Luggage, Bags & Cases (145,404)
Handbags, Wallets & Purses ...

Manufacturing & Processing Machinery (85,514)
Apparel Machinery ...

Measurement & Analysis Instruments (29,941)
Analyzers ...

Minerals, Metals & Materials (134,904)
Iron & Steel ...

Office Supplies (126,691)
Stationery Photography & Optics

Packaging & Paper (121,269)
Paper & Paper Products Packaging Materials ...

Printing & Publishing (20,005)
CDs, Records & Tapes ...

Security & Protection (61,572)
Fire-fighting Safety Products ...

Shoes & Accessories (161,127)
Baby Shoes ...

Sports & Entertainment (277,458)
Camping Pet & Products ...

Telecommunications (235,718)
Mobile Phones, Accessories & Parts ...

Textiles & Leather Products (144,571)
Bedding Chemical Fabrics ...

Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear (183,123)
Watches Eyewear Clocks Jewelry ...

Tools (83,120)
Agricultural & Gardening Tools ...

Toys (77,760)
Electrical Toys Stuffed & Plush Toys ...

Transportation (54,470)
Bicycles Boats & Ships ...

"How To Get China Factories To Private
Label Their Products For You"

     Do you know one thing I really like about Chinese imports or about importing from other countries? I didnít know until I found out by accident. If you want something made differently, theyíll change it for you; theyíll do it your way.

     Theyíll put your own product name and brand on it! Theyíll design it anyhow you want, and itís amazing what happens.

     You can actually build brands of products that you didnít make, you didnít manufacture, you didnít even see until they landed in Nigeria, but they have your name stamped on them as the manufacturer.

     Thereís nothing more exciting than seeing this big carton of products or container (depending on your scale of importing) at the airport or seaport with a bunch of products they load off of it that have your name on the box and your name on the product.

      Whatís even more exciting is getting these goods and knowing that all those products are already sold and you did it with somebody elseís money. Thatís what Iím about to teach you how to do.

"How To Pick The Best Products To
Import From China"

      Weíll talk about different types of markets, commodity markets. These are products that people have to have everyday like tires, flour, light bulbs, clothes, fabrics, and things that we buy and we already know an established price for.

      Theyíre not necessarily the best markets to be in, but they are stable, and if you have a lot of cash theyíre great. Theyíre not the ones that I play in most of the time. but theyíre really good for stabilizing your cash flow to your business. Iíll show the ones I like to bring in.

"Import Products From China Using
Other People's Money"

      The next step in the training will be pre-selling. This is a BIG secret; this is the one thing that I do better than, I think, anybody in this industry does. I pre-sell products before I ever get them so I donít put my own money at risk. Iíll show you my exact system for doing this.

     By pre-selling I donít mean that I go out and knock on peopleís doors or attend meetings. Iíve never walked into a business before and tried to sell them a product. Iíll show you how to get more leads than you could ever imagine to sell as much product as you want just by walking up and down an aisle. Itís easy.

"Learn How To Source Chinese Products
From The Chinasí Biggest Trade Fair"

      In the course weíre going to talk a lot about China, and weíll even talk about where to find products in China like the biggest trade fair in China, this fair is the worldís largest trade show. The Fair has been going on for 182 years and just last year alone, there were 26,000 exhibitors and 60,000 visitors from the whole world who attended the fair, I plan to be there this year and that trade fair is not stopping anytime soon.

 Register Now For The Training

If you can imagine the size and enormity of this show, it takes up over 30 football fields filled with product over a five-day period. Then the show breaks down and they move in a whole new show directly behind it. So you get another 30 football fields of merchandise to look at.

     Itís worth the trip, if youíd like to be there. Weíre hosting a trip this year and I invite guests like you to go along with me. Youíll learn all about the Chinasí Largest trade fair; youíll learn your way around all the ins and outs of it, how to find translators, how to get people to work with, whether you want to use a broker or not, how to freight your products in the United States, everything.

     Youíll learn about business cards, manners, the way you should dress and the way you should carry yourself when you talk to somebody; how to talk and who to talk to. Chinese culture can be complicated, but you know what? In the training class, youíre going to get 100% of what you need. Youíll Iearn how to fly first class to China for less than most people fly economy and Iíll share that secret with you, too.

    Now in case youíre still wondering if the importation business is one you should learn about, hereís what some folks whoíre in it have to say about it.

Dipo Tepede of

Hear what he has to sayÖ

We import a Mini-Washing Machine and have sold 5,300 units of this product from April 2010 till date; itís quite hot! You can team up with your colleagues to procure it or simply sell to them. The choice is yours!

Obinna Amadi of Obiamad Enterprises

Hear what he has to say...

I make millions of naira every month importing products from China and the USA. Itís no secret. Importation is a very lucrative business. Thatís why many Ibo guys are into it.

At the training weíll also teach you. . .

"How a Guy That Doesn't Speak A Word of Chinese Can Import $1,000,000 in Products From China, UK, or USA"

     Youíre going to learn how to write a great product specification. In other words, youíll learn how to tell the factory exactly what you want.

    Weíre going to teach you how to find the customer first before you even start looking for the product so that you donít waste time and money importing something nobody will buy. I never, ever buy a single thing from China or the USA that I donít already have enough sold to pay for the order before I order.

     Iíll show you how to protect yourself when you do make mistakes. One of the great things that nobody ever knows about the import business is that you rarely ever lose.

     BIG POINT: The liquidation value of the products is usually higher than the cost of the product to start with, so you sell what you can at the highest price possible and the rest you just sell off in liquidation if you have to.

     Most people in import who write good specifications donít lose money and Iím going to teach you exactly how to do that. 

"How To Make Chinese Manufactures Give
You Rock Bottom Prices"

Iíll teach you how to properly place an order the right way the first time so that you donít look like an amateur.

 Click Here To Register Now

     The thing is, in working with these countries, if you look like a trader and look like you know what youíre doing, youíre going to get a lot of respect and you will be treated like a trader.

     You will get the best prices and the best service and you will get the fast delivery times and the highest quality.

     If you look like somebody who doesnít know what theyíre doing, they will treat you like somebody who doesnít know what theyíre doing. Thatís why this information is so valuable to you. 

"Get 100's Of Free Samples From Chinese Factories"

     Next weíll talk about getting samples. Everybody thinks that Chinese companies donít want to send samples in. Thatís not true; they will send samples to you, all kinds of samples.

     As a matter of fact, we get tons and tons of boxes everyday, but thereís one secret that nobodyís probably ever going to tell you that will get these Chinese companies to send you samples in droves. Iíll share it in the course.

"How to Get Credit From Chinese Factories"

     Then Iíll teach you everything I know about payment terms. This is one of the most important elements of this business. Itís easy to get credit terms from China. You just have to know how to ask.

     We donít pay for anything up front from China that we buy, and Iíll show you exactly how we do it and how theyíll grant credit to you even if youíve never bought a single thing before.

     Itís actually easier to get credit on purchases from China than it is to get credit in the United States. 

"How to Get 60% off Sea and Air Freight From China"

Iíll explain shipping costs, the size of containers, how they all work, and how to get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to shipping.

     Iíll talk about co-ops and less-than-load shipments and even air freight. Nobody thinks about air freight. There are a lot of products that you can buy from China they can make in just a few days and you can air freight to the States.

    If theyíre small enough and efficient enough, it may only cost you a few cents each for air freight. Itís not as expensive as you think, and you can be selling an import product in a matter of a few days from ordering.

"Chinese Importer Tariff and Tax Loopholes"

     Weíll completely cover tariffs, taxes, harmonized codes, and a bunch of other stuff that you have never heard of before. All of this stuff may sound really intimidating; itís really not. Itís like any other industry.

    The import business has its own vocabulary, its own words that they use to describe things and youíll learn that vocabulary in this one course.

      Once youíre done with it, youíll have this knowledge for life; youíll be an importer; youíll be somebody whoís important. Youíll join a club of people that make a lot of money and control a lot of power.

"How To Get Free Items From Your
Chinese Factories"

     Most products that you bring in are going to have other products that are needed to make them work. Those include parts, accessories, and supplies. This is where most companies in the import business make the vast majority of their profits.

     Supplies and add-on things sometimes are free. I just bought a piece of equipment not too long ago. It was a small, inexpensive tool and it came with two replacement parts.

     The tool sold for about $10 (=N=1,670) and it always break, this one little replacement part. We decided to call the factory and ask them what to do about it. The factory said, ďWeíll just include two or three replacement parts in every tool that you get.

Oh, by the way, thatís free. It wonít cost anything. Thanks for being a good customer.Ē

     As soon as we received the tools to our factory here, we took the three parts out. Now every time we sell one of the tools we ask the customer, ďWould you like three of the replacement parts for an extra =N= 500?Ē Thatís almost the half of the full price of the tool to start with, and 90% answer with a resounding, ďYes.Ē

      It made our product go from a =N= 1,000 to =N=1,500 on average overnight. Do you see how easy that was? It was just an extra =N=500 on every sale that we make for free, just for asking.

"How I Make =N=15,000 Every Sale Giving Away =N=450 Items"

     Lead generation for import products is a great one. A good friend of mine imports computer flash drives and sells them cheaper than anybody else does.

     Why? Is there a lot of money in flash drives? Heck no! Thereís a lot of money in laptops and thatís his real business.

     But in order to acquire those customers and bring them into the fold, he dashes away flash drives (something they want) when you buy a laptop from him. He has no real risk in dashing the flash drives because he covers it up in the sale of the laptop.

I bet you never thought of that, did you?

    "How To Source Products From China On Your Computer Without Travelling"

      Next, weíll move onto where to source products from. There are a lot of different ways to get your products, and you donít necessarily have to go to China to buy them or even another foreign country.

     The cost of travelling is high and besides, you may not even want to do that.

     Weíll talk about how to use the Internet to source other foreign companies in China and other countries. Iíll tell you the best countries to import goods from depending on what kind of product it is, if itís high tech, no tech, or low tech.

 How To Register Today

"How To Import From China In Micro
Small Quantities"

     Weíll talk about the import cottage industry. This is one of the most exciting parts of import for me right now. There are certain countries in India, Pakistan, UK, USA, the Philippines, Thailand, and other places, where, instead of having big factories where they make things, they lot the work out to small houses and small families that do work for them.

     Youíll just have one little central place and then a bunch of homes do the work.

     Where this really comes in handy is making odd amounts of a lot of products. When you go to China to import something, youíre going to have to import a fairly large quantity of things and they donít like to mix up the styles a lot.

     When youíre using cottage industry, theyíll make one designs and two designs of a lot of different things for you. It doesnít work for every industry but Iíll tell you the ones where it does work and Iíll give you some of the success stories where Iíve used cottage industry.

"How Chinese Brokers Will Rip You Off"

     In the next section Iím going to talk about how to not get ripped off by middlemen. Everybody is going to want to help you once you get to China physically or through the internet.

     There are brokers and freight brokers and translators and middlemen, people who want to work for you to source products, and people who want to do all sorts of things.

     Most of them have a real, genuine intent and theyíre actually good people. But boy, there sure are some are scammers, people that will rob you of every kobo.

"How To Sell Everything You
Import On The Internet"

     Recently I bought a product in China, the goods were on their way in and I started selling it on the Internet before the container ever landed. By the time the container landed at my door, I had sold a full one-third of it and paid for 100% of the merchandise.

     The rest was complete profit. Thatís over =N=1,000,000 in pure profit and I risked somebody elseís money to do it, not mine. Iíll explain exactly how I do that, too.

     The way I sell the majority of the product I import now, though, is by the Internet. It seems to be the easiest, most efficient channel to distribute products. Iíll show you exactly how I do it and how much money I make doing it and how you can do it easily.

"This Is A Limited Time Offer"

     This all might sound like a lot to take in, but I promise you that when youíre through at the end of the Training Day you will get it 100%. Youíll have an education that you couldnít get in 20 years of hit and miss in this industry.

     When we decided to do this training, we knew it would sell for well over =N=75,000, but right now we just doing it this one time and we need people using the ideas and getting used to it so we can hear your feedback and figure out how we can make it better, add to it, and continue updating it.

     Right now you can get to attend entire training course, where weíll teach you everything, plus give you a set of instructional manuals and a step by step video on a DVD all for =N=35,000


I Am Offering You 3 Ethical Bribes To Get You Off The Fence...Yours FREE! No Matter What!

I know that you want to get started but you might just need that extra push to get you off your duff so I have put together 3 ethical bribes that are so good you would have to feel stupid not to act now.

Bribe #1 A digital copy of my FAVORITE book of all time "Think and Grow Rich" I have just acquired the rights to this classic and it's my gift to you

Bribe #2 One of the most important books I have Ever Read

"Discover How to Efficiently Decode People's Inner Feelings and Emotions Through Their Body Movements, and How You Can Use This Knowledge to Succeed in Your Career, Relationships, and Personal Life!"

This is important to know when sizing up customers or negotiating for locations.

Bribe #3: A Free 30-Day Mentorship called ďThe Import Success Golden Keys Launch Club" where we mentor you through all the steps so you start your own business within 30 days of leaving the training. You have to order for your first consignment within 30days of completing this training to get this bribe.

We aim to charge =N=15,000 per month for admittance into this club but you get the first month (30 days) free. You'll learn in-depth details about the business which you never thought of and techniques.

Your first 30 days is 100% on us. If you decide to stay in (and you will want to) youíll be renewed at a charter members rate of =N=7, 000/mo. Not the normal =N=15,000

But thatís not all.

If Youíre Among the First 50 To Apply

Weíll also. . .

         Work with you for a further 4 weeks (after your 30 days of admission into the Import Launch Club ends) to make sure you get all the pieces and moves right.

         Help you determine the best products to import based on your current budget

         Youíll get a 12-week email mentorship course which will help smoothen out any grey areas you donít understand.

         Youíll get our direct phone lines so you can call us anytime for suggestions, answers and advice.

"I'll Guarantee You'll Be a Import Superstar"

I know what youíre probably thinking. What if this doesnít work for me? Thatís the reason Iíve guaranteed the course. Iím going to give you my full 6 months guarantee, as a matter of fact.

     I know it sounds ridiculous, but you can attend our training and get the DVDs. You can listen to it, you can watch it, you can even rip it off and copy it, I guess, if you wanted to, if youíre a dishonest person Ė but I know youíre not Ė and still ask for a refund. But if you still do this, no problem.

      Let us know anytime within six months exactly what steps of the training you followed on that absolutely didnít work for you and you will a full refund. Itís that simple. Thatís how much I know this information is going to be valuable to you.

     No questions asked; no small print; thatís a guarantee for a full 6 months, 182 days. Even if itís on the last day, weíll refund 100% of your money if youíre not 100% satisfied. Is that fair enough?

"Every Minute You Wait Is Costing You Money"

     Now itís time to get started. What I need you to do is go directly to the bank and make your deposit to register order right now. This may be the last chance that you get. We donít have plans run this course again this year. This is because we also need to focus on our individual businesses.

     So right now, remember you get this price only if youíre willing to use the training and give me your honest feedback about it.


Training  Details:

Date: The Training Took Place Some Weeks Ago BUT

          You can get the FULL Audio Recording PLUS all the Resource Materials and 3 Video Trainings of the Import Sourcing Process

Time: 10am to 5pm Prompt

Venue: Ikeja, Lagos (Full Address given to registered participants only)   

You know what to do next ...

HOW TO Get The Audio Recordings &

3 Video Trainings


The seminar was held some weeks ago, But you can get the FULL Audio Recording PLUS All the Resource Materials of the Seminar AND 3 Video Trainings of the Import Sourcing Process.


The Seminar Fee is N25,900 and Those who missed it have been getting the FULL Audio Recording PLUS All the Resource Materials of the Seminar for the Full Fees of N25,900.


But You Know what? Every serious minded Importer recognizes a good deal when they see one and ACT quickly to avoid loosing profits to procrastination. Therefore if you

are serious about starting your own Import Business ASAP, and want to get the FULL audio recording NOW..then you can have it Fully for a HUGE discounted fee of N15.900 only until December 13, 2020. After this date, it goes back to N25,900



HOW TO Get The Materials

Registration deadline for the

Audio Recording PLUS The FULL Resource Material and

3 Video Trainings of the Import Sourcing Process is

  December 13, 2020.

Step 1: Send an SMS with your Name + Email + GSM + Code: ďImportSeminarAudioĒ + Date you are making payment to 0803 297 8011


Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay N15,900 yes, that's right, Fifteen Thousand Nine Hundred Naira Only. If you chose to pay after the date above, it is N25,900.


Account Name:             ServiceForts Business Academy

GTBank Account Number:    001 141 2778
First Bank Account Number:  201 679 1231


Step 3: Send an EMAIL with Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + Teller Number + Name on the teller + Bank Paid to + Your Delivery Address + code ďImportSeminarAudioĒ to payments @


Title of the email - "Paid for ImportSeminarAudio"


Step 4: Once we have verified your payment, we will deliver the audio recording PLUS the FULL resource materials AND 3 Video Trainings of the Import Sourcing Process to the delivery address you sent to us in the email. And you too can soon make this Import Success Golden Keys Training your blueprint to get the most out of your business life.

A Peak into The Modules That will Be Taught at

The One Day Intensive Training


Why You should be in the Importation Business in Nigeria
Why this is the best time to go into China Importation Business in Nigeria
"How To Pick The Best Products To Import From China"
Graphic Details of How to Start your own China Importation Business with as little as N50,000
Real LIVE case studies and testimonials of other Nigerians using the SAME Importation Secrets and Strategies to earn an income online legally right here in Nigeria from their cheaply imported products. Some Import products for as low as $0.45 (forty five cents) and sell as high as $60
The TWO Secret tools that have changed the game of China Importation in Nigeria and How you can use them to your advantage
How YOU can get Started IMMEDIATELY to discover the Step-by-Step process to earn an income online selling packaged products and services even if it's on PART-Time basis
"How To Cheaply Import Your Own Brand Names Direct From China Factories"
"How To Sell Your  Imported Goods On The Internet"
"How To Get 100's Of Free Samples From Chinese Factories"
How to write a great product specification. In other words, youíll learn how to tell the factory exactly what you want.
How to find the customer first before you even start looking for the product so
that you donít waste time and money importing something nobody will buy
How to Get 100's Of Free Samples From Chinese Factories
How to Get Credit From Chinese Factories
The Secret Chinese Importer Tariff and Tax Loopholes
"How To Import Over 800,000 Products From China"
"How To Import Products From China Using Other People's Money"
And Much More...


Best Wishes and Good Luck,

Efe Imiren

P.P.S. Remember, I take all the risk; you risk nothing. Youíre 100% protected. Not only do you get our 6 Months guarantee, You are protecting yourself from getting burned.

P.P.P.S The biggest mistake people make when importing goods from China is not knowing what to look out for during each phase of the importing process, and not knowing what to ask. That's how you get BURNED. This Training will make you equip you from to "getting duped and ripped off" by those greedy players in the importing process chain. Make sure you are well-informed before you start! You know that you have nothing to lose at all, so go ahead and try my training today.

P.P.S. I will close with one warning. My grandmother used to tell me the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

     If youíre really serious about being in the import business, what are you going to do? Take a chance, risk it, just try it on your own and see how you do? How has that worked out for you in the past?

P.P.P.S. Come on, you know better. =N=25,900 is an absolutely tiny price to pay for this much information; you know it and I know it. So go on right now and make the right investment for your financial empowerment and get started if youíre really serious. If youíre not, good luck in your life.
If you chose to pay at the Venue, it is N35,000.


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