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The 4 Biggest Challenges of Doing Business On The Internet In Nigeria

 And How To Solve Them  






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This Is Your Opportunity To Discover How Business Works On The Internet Without Spending A Fortune!


Information is a world 'CURRENCY'. And it is the one thing that you can sell NOW that people will fall over themselves to buy INSTANTLY!

Information is Solution.

And if the information you have will bring 'relief from pain' and a clear solution to the problem that an individual is facing, and the individual desperately wants to solve his problem URGENTLY, they will trip over themselves to p.ay you for it. With this little background I -

I Welcome YOU to the information marketing industry - a little-known industry of entrepreneurs, most working quietly and only part-time hours YET netting six-figure profits in Nigeria!

Info-marketers gather information and sell it in convenient forms to people who need it. The topics include everything imaginable from better sex, to relationships, to farming, to investing in real estate, to fish farming, to weight loss and healthy living, to okada riding, to public speaking, to seminar organizing, to study abroad tips, to running businesses. ANYTHING.

Information Marketing is fuelled by the ever-increasing pressure on peoples' time. Business people and consumers alike need information provided to them in convenient forms. The Information Industry encompasses products like traditional books, audio programs, videos or DVD's that you might buy in a shop, book store or online. They could be e-books, membership websites training courses, seminars, conferences and combinations of all these. Much of this business is conducted by lone small, quiet operators, many with home-based businesses, most with zero to no more than a few employees, most working only part-time hours and most netting 6-figure profits.

When You are broke, the FASTEST way to raise cash is to sell INFORMATION.

Whether you are a business owner, employee or just plain jobless, if you know how to do it right, you can build a comfortable life out of selling information on the internet.

It is not enough to know that you can sell information to raise emergency c@ash you need to know, what type of information, how to package and present it, how to even make people buy it, why people will buy it, where to even get it from and a lot of other stuff > in fact

You need a PROVEN system and BLUEPRINT® to follow if you do not want to have tales of woes, or fail at it.

The Info-Marketing Blueprint
The Only eBook Published in Nigeria showing you
The Quickest Way To Make It BIG in Information Marketing Business

In this Detailed Blue Print, you will find answers to your challenging financial and cash flow freedom as you read through 22 simple and easy to implement chapters and In addition to an easy process for you to create your own info-business, this book reveals the EXACT businesses strategies, marketing materials and business documents that I have used to consistently generate income monthly in you can have the tools you need to duplicate my success.

Chapter 1.  Introduction to Information marketing: Are you new to information marketing or do not know how it can be of benefit to you and your business, find out details here.

     Chapter 2. What is Information Marketing:  Find out what exactly information marketing is and why a lot of people have confused it with internet marketing!

     Chapter 3.  Discover 12 Reasons Why You Should Have an Information Marketing Business Today and why it is obviously the single and fastest way known to multiply your income, build your own business, sky rocket your career and make sure you never worry about money ever again!

Chapter 4.  Discover what kind of information can you exchange for money and why people will never pay you for certain types of information no matter how powerful your sales copy is!

Chapter 5.  Discover How to Turn a Negative Experience into an Information Marketing Business Empire

Chapter 6.  Revealed in this chapter is the secret on How to Turn Your Passion into cash in the bankA Practical Guide using tried and tested Classified Adverts order the book now!

Chapter 7.   The 4 Most Important Requirements You Need To Start a Profitable Information Marketing Business Today

Chapter 8.  How you can succeed on the Internet as an Information Marketer order the book now!

Chapter 9.   An Insiders’ View into a Highly Successful Information Marketing Business. Stop struggling to make it in your info marketing business, discover the business models used by gurus, especially in Nigeria. It is a shame for an American to teach you how to run you business in Nigeria! Only a Nigerian understands how to overcome PHCN to run a successful info marketing business; discover how within the pages of this book!

Chapter 10.   How to make your 1st million as an information marketer on the internet; it is not rocket science, i have done it and you will discover how cheap it is within the pages of this book! 

Chapter 11.   How to Start An Internet Based Information Marketing Business Without Spending A Single Kobo. Is start up capital a challenge for you? Don't worry you will discover how to access resources free-of-charge in this book! order the book now!

Chapter 12.   5 Reasons you should start your information marketing business on a blog. Is blogging a mystery to you? or you have a blog and you a mystified about how to turn it into your own private ATM? I don't care if you are a banker, entrepreneur, teacher, pastor, politician, whatever your vocation. If you own a blog, it should produce cash for you! Discover what to do within the pages of this book!

Chapter 13.   Killer Auto responder Strategies for Aspiring Information Marketers. Listen to me, Most gurus you hear about in Nigeria don't work HARD, they work SMART! You can choose to keep struggling with your business or invest a miserly N500 to end your info marketing and internet business struggles.  

Chapter 14.   This Chapter is a biggie! ePayment Systems – How To Collect Your Money on Your Website as an Information Marketer. Why make money you can only see on your computer screen but can touch, see, handle or even kiss?! It has become relatively easy to collect your cash from your website in Nigeria today. Discover the ePayment solutions used in Nigeria by smart internet marketers today.

Chapter 15.   The Quickest Way to Earn a six figure income consistently every month in Information Marketing Business. Why start a business that can not give you consistent cash monthly? Find out how to keep the cash flowing in your internet and information marketing business, even if your list is tired of buying from you! 

Chapter 16.   10 Profitable Resources for Building a Successful Information Marketing Business. You have no reason to keep failing at putting consistent cash in the bank as an info marketer because these 10 resources are available to your FREE! Discover what they are and why you can't afford not to use them in your business.

Chapter 17.   Information & Internet Marketing Mentoring Courses for Information Marketers: Info marketers are constantly learning and re-inventing themselves, don't be left behind the pack. Discover what mentoring programs savvy info marketers like me attend

Chapter 18.   They lied to you – Information Marketing is a get-rich-quick-business: Discover the get rich quick angle of info marketing business. order the book now!

Chapter 19.   What Gurus do to succeed in Information Marketing Business. Like I said, I won't try to hard sell you into buying this book, but if you are serious about succeeding in this timeless business, order the book now!

Chapter 20.   The Info Marketer' Help Desk: Info marketers are not left without help, stop trying to take the info marketing business journey alone, why go the hard way when you can receive help to make the journey easier?

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