8 Hours Intensive Practical Face-to-Face Money Training


How To Set Up a Highly Profitable

N950 Per Day Business and Ensure That Money is Paid Into Your Bank Account EVERY DAY in 2012


Note: This is a practical training session for all registered participants of the

N950-Per-Day Business System Only. By the end of this program, you will be equipped with a Full Detailed Executable Plan for Putting N950 into Your Bank Account Daily.


Dear Fellow Nigerian,


I hereby formally welcome you to this brand new year. I want to join you to believe that your year will be a smashing financial success, even though we were all shocked by the "surprise gift" that the FG gave us on January 1st 2012. The truth is that whatever goes up in this country does not come down, so wake up from dreamland and pray that even if fuel is N200 per litre you will HAVE what it takes to get it. You see, if you pursue adequate knowledge, training, resources and tools in the right direction, you will have what it takes to buy fuel at whatever price it is sold in this country. And this is exactly what I am going to talk to you about today.


Over the past 3 years, I have dedicated my life to a very rare business system that only a few understand and very few know how to tap money from. In the course of time, I have registered SIX businesses and EVERY DAY money flows into my bank accounts without me being in the office. YET, I earn a consistent six figure income per month... and ...sometimes close to 1 million naira in a single month working from the comfort of my computer! And I have distilled the processes I use in making this much into a training program called the “N950-per-day Business System”


Thank God you are enrolled on this coaching program, now it is time to take a step further for You and I to meet in an 8Hour intensive face-to-face training where I will reveal to you ALL that I have not been able to share in the videos about my “trade secrets”


Listen to me, since June last year, every day I wake up a minimum of N950 MUST enter into my bank account and I don’t have to lift a finger.


Here is a snap shot of what my account looked like on the Last working day of December 2011, you know December is considered a dry month for businesses. Well, not for me.

Join me in this 8Hours training, as I reveal the secrets. NOTE: This training will NOT be recorded in ANY way, so do all you can to be present that day at the training. Amongst other things, here is what you will learn in those 8Hours:

The entire 8Hours will be a detailed practical session showing you insider-details of the exact system I put in place to ensure I get N950 into my bank account everyday and how you can do the same


There will be a special 1Hour dedicated to solving any challenges you encounter in downloading the video, listening to the audio training or any challenge you may have with accessing the resource materials


By the end of the 8Hours, ALL affiliate links of participants will be up and running


You will be shown how to track your sales, how to get your money in your account


You will receive a Full detailed executable Plan for ensuring that all through the working days in 2012, you will receive N950 daily into your account


I will show you how to determine the true monetary value of your blog and website


How to use all the skills you learn on this business for developing your own private online business and ensure your private business generates income consistently every day

We will take practical sessions on:

How to code your blog to receive N950-Per-Day

How To Create a Blog on Blogspot

How To Customize a Blog on Blogspot

How To Create a FREE Autoresponder

How To Customize and Code Your Optin and Confirmation Page

How To Populate Your Blog and Customize Your Affiliate Link

How To Set Up Follow Up and Verification Message

How To Upload Your Pages and Test Your List System

How To Use Face Book To Create a 3 Weeks FREE marketing campaign without paying a dime

Effective Forum Advertising Secrets


How To Profitably use FaceBook for this System (Intensive Practical sessions)


How to Profitably use Google to advertise this system

(Intensive Practical sessions)



     When You Attend the Training You Also Get All These Bonuses FREE


Access to all our materials at 50% Discount.

 You get the opportunity to meet and network with others on the program, you get to find out what they are doing to make money on the program



So What Should You Invest into

this 8Hour Training?

To Begin with, let me Silence ALL Doubters....Here are the October and November 2011 Commission Payouts to Some of Our Partners...On the N950-Per-Day Business System...See, Those who fail are the ones who don't know How To Challenge their Obstacles.

One Partner Got N52,800 in

ONE Day from the N950-Daily Business System!


Let me continue by saying this, since 2009, I have not had time for a lengthy one-on-one training with anybody because I am so busy making money with the strategies that I will be revealing to you in this 8Hour training.


Several times, I have turned down offers of N65,000 just to seat with people for 3hours to teach them my secrets, not because I don’t want to but because I chose where and how to invest my time for maximum results. Therefore


The fact that you have a personal invite from me to this training, in itself is worth a minimum of N65,000 and the truth is that I may not have the time again this year to teach this kind of seminar, in fact, this is the only time this year I will do a special face to face training for participants of the N950-per-day Coaching program.


So think of how difficult it will be for you and I to meet for any kind of face-to-face training on this issue again for this year Plus even if it ever occurs, think of the fact that you may have to cough out N65,000. Therefore grab with your both hands and take immediate action on the next paragraph you will be reading…


The Training Registration Fee is only N10, 900 and includes Refreshments, Training CD, and other Training Materials plus you’re covered by my no quibble money-back guarantee.


If at the end of the first 2 hours you think we are unable to deliver our promise to show you how your N950 will be delivered daily into your account using our business blueprint, let us know and we’ll refund you every penny back. And you get to keep all the resources we give you as at that time. Now how’s that for confidence?



Late Entry Registration deadline is 17th February 2012.

Step 1: Send an SMS with your Name + Email + GSM + Code: “950DailySeminar” + Date you are making payment to 0803 297 8011


Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay N10,900 yes, that's right, a miserly Ten thousand nine hundred naira only 


Account Name:                   ServiceForts Business Academy

GTBank Account Number:    001 141 2778
First Bank Account Number:  201 679 1231


Step 3: Send an EMAIL with Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + Teller Number + Name on the teller + Bank Paid to + code “Paid950DailySeminar” to serviceforts @ gmail.com


Title of the email - "Paid for 950DailySeminar"


Step 4: Once we have verified your payment, seminar venue details will be sent to you

What if you can’t attend?

There will be No Recording of this event. Because I will be revealing Secrets. And there is no guarantee it will hold again this year. So try your hardest to attend. Your success is in your hands now. Make it happen.


Frequently Asked Question

I am Not Yet Registered for the 950-Per-Day Business But

I want to Attend, How Can I Attend?

This program is for registered participants of the N950-Per-Day Business system only. It means you have to first register by paying N5,900 to receive your registration details. You can pay the N5,900 (five thousand nine hundred naira) for the registration and your N10,900 for the seminar at the same time. Simply indicate what you paid for when sending the email.


I Have Never Met Most of My Clients, Yet DAILY...They Trust Me to Deliver on My Promises To Them by Paying Into My Account...Discover The Secrets in This 8 Hour Training

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Account Name: ServiceForts

Currency:                                             NGN
Opening Balance:                               68,735.56
Closing Balance:                                 157,920.37

N62,000 in 24Hours....That's the Way YOU Should Get Paid on a  "Normal Working Day"


The venue is: Exact Location to be revealed via sms to registrants (Location: Ikeja, Lagos)

Date is:          Saturday 18th February 2011

Time is:          10am to 6pm Prompt


Sincerely yours,


Efe Imiren

Nigerias’ Information Marketing Queen

CEO: ServiceForts Business Academy



PS: Our Hall can seat only 50 people and we have over 500 participants in the “950daily Business System”. This hall is deliberately small so that we can have only 50 people. So this is a first come first serve matter, Late Entry Registration deadline is 17th February 2012.


PPS: Postponing or missing this 8Hours training means you may have to struggle through 2012 trying to figure out how to have your own system that will put N950 into your bank account daily without lifting your finger every day. So why did you bother to register for the 10weeks training in the first place?? It’s your choice. Make a smart decision. Act Now.

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