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If you have taken your offline business to the internet or you have an existing internet business and you have challenges with profiting from specific aspects of your online business, then get this DVD because it contains the solution to most of the business process challenges you encounter online.

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  • 30 days

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Do you know that new online Businesses are opened every day in Nigeria? Did you also know that a minimum of 3 offline business owners attempt to takes their businesses online every day in Nigeria?

If you have taken your offline business to the internet or you have an existing internet business and you have challenges with profiting from specific aspects of your online business, then the keep reading this letter to the very end because it contains the solution to most of the business process challenges you encounter online.

When you begin an online business, the things you need to learn are many and very technical. Those who know these things charge outrageous tutorial fees to teach you. The seminars that are organized to teach these things are not in-depth enough to get you started and the most annoying part is when you decide to reduce your training expenses by going for ebooks that teach you how to do these technical things, you discover that the books are rubbish, not well written and leave you more confused than ever.

A few years back when I began my online businesses, just like you did today, I woke up every day not knowing how to solve one technical challenge to another. Just like you, I faced simple online business challenges like

  • How to upload your ebooks so that your paid customers can download
  • How to build simple websites to market your ideas, ebooks and services
  • Or you don’t know how to install simple autoresponders on your website
  • And you don’t know how to use blogs to market your business, websites and ideas

The fact is, online business involves a lot of technical processes and unless you have a mentor who is ready to baby-sit you in a mentoring class, you are going to waste weeks, months and even years tying to figure out each process.

To solve this problem, every time completed a successful technical process in my online business I produced step by step videos that decode and explain the process so that I can watch the video when ever I forget the process.

These videos were process decoder videos. The decoded and simplified online business processes. Here are the details of the videos contained in the Online Business “Process Decoder DVD” Master Video 1 – SMS Hidden Riches

  • Video 1 – GSM Autoresponders: This video shows you how to install SMS Autoresponders on your websites. Internet marketing has gone beyond emails, savvy online business owners have know that the future belongs to gurus who have learnt how to integrate SMS Marketing with their online business.
  • Video 2 – 12 SMS Businesses you can start today: This video exposes 12 SMS businesses that online business owners integrate with their websites and how you can take advantage of it today

Master Video 2 – Blogging for Cash Video Series Blogs are powerful marketing tools for both offline and online business owners. It is not just for affiliate marketers like Onome Maureen or Akin Alabi.

You are not using blogs to increase your business sales simply because you don’t know how to create, monetize and use them as sales boosters. This video gives a step by step guide on how to create profitable blogs and how to use blogs to catapult your business profits.

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  • Video 3 – Four Ways To Monetize Your Blog
  • Video 4 – How To Set Up Your Blog on BlogSpot
  • Video 5 – How To Get FREE Content For Your Blog
  • Video 6 – How To Add Image To Your Blog
  • Video 7 – How To Monetize Images on Your Blog
  • Video 8 – How To Monetize Blog Content with affiliate link and parked domain
  • Video 9 – How To Monetize Your Blog with Adsense and Publish Your Blog
  • Video 10 – How To Monetize Your Blog with Keywords
  • Video 11 – How To Get Blog Traffic with 3 hot Ping Sites
  • Video 12 – 5 Online Classified Advert System for Monetizing Your Blog
  • Video 13 – How To Use Article Marketing Service Providers To Monetize Your Blog

Master Video 3 – eBook Makers (New Release – Version 2.0) The beginning of a successful online business is the ability to create and sell ebooks; it doesn’t matter if you are taking your offline business to the internet or you are operating a purely internet-based business. This video master video teaches you in details how to

  • Video 14 – Create and generate content for your eBook
  • Video 15 – How To Create an eBook
  • Video 16 – How To Password Your eBook
  • Video 17 – How To Create eBooks From Template Designs
  • Video 18 – How To Create Audio Products from Your eBook
  • Video 19 – How To Create Videos from Your eBook
  • Video 20 – How To Attach and send Your eBook By Yahoo and Gmail
  • Video 21 – How To Upload Your eBook To the Internet
  • Video 22 – How To Create Download Link For Your eBook
  • Video 23 – How To Deliver Your eBook Link Via SMS
  • Video 24 – How To Get a Domain Name For Your eBook
  • Video 25 – How To Get Creative Cover Designs For Your eBook
  • Video 26 – Marketing Your eBook on a Website
  • Video 27 – Marketing Your eBook on FaceBook
  • Video 28 – 23 Ways to a Million eBook Sales – Part 1
  • Video 29 – 23 Ways to a Million eBook Sales – Part 2
  • Video 30 – eBook Makers Tool and Softwares and SMS Marketing

Master Video 4 – Mini-Web Site Design Worried about how to get a website to promote your business, services or infoproduct? Are you paying exorbitant fees to your website designer? Or worse are you paying for every little change made to your website? Here is the solution. Discover in this practical step by step master video

  • Video 31 – How To Create Simple WebPages to promote your services and info-products
  • Video 32 – How To Add Autoresponder on your website
  • Video 33 – How to Register a Domain Name for your website
  • Video 34 – How to Get A Webhosting Account for your website
  • Video 35 – Website Sales copy Secrets
  • Video 36 – How To Publish Your Website
  • Video 37 – How To Insert Formatting Buttons on your website
  • Video 38 – How To Format Text and Change Background Colour of your website
  • Video 39 – How To add Pictures and Modify table cells
  • Video 40 – How To Create Hyperlinks on text and images
  • Video 41 – How To Create new WebPages on your website
  • Video 42 – How To Use Table Templates to create your minisite
  • Video 43 – How To Add Navigation Button To Your Website
  • Video 44 – How To Insert Moving Text to Your Website
  • Video 45 – Introduction to Creating a Professional Website for Corporate bodies like banks
  • Video 46 – Deciding on semi-dynamic sites and blogs

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