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“34 Comprehensive Do-it-Yourself  Videos reveal Monetized Blogging Secrets Used by Business Owners, Individuals, Professionals and Corporate Bodies from a UK Secret-Conference!”

Down-to-Earth, Step-by-Step Secrets for Generating Massive        Online Sales and cutting offline advertising bills, even if you are Technologically challenged

From the Desk of: The Info-Marketing Queen

To: To Technologically Challenged Business Owners Dear Business Owner,

Greetings from a Secret-Conference in London. Details of the conference will be released in my upcoming articles on my return from the UK. In the meantime, there is something interesting I would like to share with you, which I discovered from the conference.

During this Secret-Conference, all the companies represented at the conference had something in common; – they all had a “Monetized Blog” that did 2 major things for them – the blogs generated huge income in sales and also helped them cut down the money spent on offline adverts.

Even the companies that were purely internet based and the companies that had a physical office address all had a Monetized Blog! Here is my point below… If you are a regular reader of SDE!  then you would have observed that I have spent the last few weeks educating internet and information marketing newbies on the relevant technical challenges you will encounter when you begin an online business or take your offline business to the internet.

By now you know that new online Businesses are opened every day in Nigeria. You are by now aware that a minimum of 3 offline business owners attempt to take their businesses online every day in Nigeria and you also know the unfortunate fact that online businesses also fail every day in Nigeria.  

You also know that most businesses fail because the owners are not equipped with the expertise to operate certain aspects of their business especially on the internet. In case you missed the editions where I stated all the above, then you would be glad to know right now that – 95% of the people who will read this letter today will still end up with failed online businesses.

What should amaze you is that they will fail because they will not to take the actions required to get the expertise that will equip them to operate their businesses on the internet. The Question is Are you part of the 95% people who will fail with their online business?

If you have taken your offline business to the internet, you are new to internet marketing or you have an existing internet business then you would know by now that blogging is a very important aspect of your business that would rescue you from spending thousands of naira on marketing and advertising bills.

Even though you know that blogging will rescue you from the huge investments you make in advertising, you do not know how to go about it and you are angry at the time you waste in trying to figure it our.  Friend, keep reading this letter to the very end because it contains the solution to your advertising and blogging challenge. When you decide to use blogs as part of your online marketing strategies, the things you need to learn are many and very technical.

Those who know these things charge outrageous tutorial fees to teach you. The one-day-seminars that are organized to teach these things are not in-depth enough to get you started and the most annoying part is when you decide to reduce your training expenses by going for ebooks that teach you how to do these technical things, you discover that the books are not well written and leave you more confused than ever. Monetized Blogs are powerful marketing tools for both offline and online business owners.

It is not just for affiliate marketers like Hafiz Lecky, Onome Maureen or Akin Alabi. You are not using monetized blogs to advertise your business, increase your business sales simply because you don’t know how to create, monetize and use them as sales boosters.

That’s why this letter is dedicated to you about what to do to receive step by step guides on how to create profitable blogs and how to use blogs to catapult your business profits. A few years back when I began my online businesses, I attended a digital-age seminar where we were educated on the reasons Why Every Business should have a Monetized Blog.

All of us Entrepreneurs who were present at that seminar were given a monetized blogging competition where the prize was $500 if we were able to use our monetized business blog to generate a peanut income of just $50 in one week! Guess what?! It took me 24 four slow months of going-round-about without a mentor nor a comprehensive video guide to set up a business blog, customize it, monetize it and make a miserly business income from it! Goosh, what a long journey!

You sure don’t want to toil that long do you? The truth is, setting up, customizing and using a monetized blog to advertise and develop an online presence for your business involves a lot of technical processes, talk more of generating sales or income with your blog and unless you have a mentor who is ready to baby-sit you in a mentoring class, you are going to waste weeks, months and even years tying to figure out each process.

Sometimes like you, I even get these processes through trial and error and then forget it the very next minute! To solve this problem, every time I completed a successful technical process on my monetized business blog, I produced step by step videos that decode and explain the process so that I can watch the video when ever I forget the process. I compiled these videos into one reference library and called them Monetized Blogging Systems

The monetized blogging systems recordings contains 34 Videos dedicated to show you how to use Monetized Blogging to advertise your business online and increase your sales my over 50%  These videos became my number one reference library anytime I needed to do something technical about my business blog on the internet! In no time, it became easier, faster and more profitable for me to use my monetized business blogs to promote my business and generate the required income.

I even gave some of these videos to a few of my entrepreneur friends who attended the digital-age seminar with me and they loved it because the videos showed them step by step how to do simple online technical things on their blogs and how to use it to promote their online business and generate income.

Now for the first time ever, I am making available ALL the 34 recordings of these Monetized Blogging Systems Online Here for You to download.

All the 34 recordings have been packaged in a comprehensive DVD titled Monetized Blogging Systems Here are the details of the 34 videos contained in the Monetized Blogging Systems DVD

Video 1 – Introduction to Monetized Blogging Systems

Video 2 – Monetized Blogging Video Outline

Video 3 – What is a Blog and What is it Used For

Video 4 – Four Examples of Monetized Blogs

Video 5 – 10 Ways NGOs can Use a Blog

Video 6 – 13 Ways To Use Your Blog for Online Lead Generation

Video 7 – 44 Ways to Use a Blog as a Small Business Owner

Video 8 – 10 Practical Ways to Use a Blog and How Politicians Use Blogs

Video 9 – Tools Required for Setting Up a Monetized Blog

Video 10 – How To Choose Monetized Domain Names for Your Blog

Video 11 – How To Register a Domain Name For Your Blog

Video 12 – How To Set Your Domain Name Servers

Video 13 – How To Install Your Monetized Blog

Video 14 – How To Install Your Blog on Cpanel Addon Domain

Video 15 – How To Get Over 100 Premium Themes for Your Blog Without Paying a Dime

Video 16 – How To Change the Theme of Your Monetized Blog in 5mins or Less

Video 17 – Part 1 – 10 Things You Must Do after Setting Up Your Blog

Video 18 – Part 2 – 10 Things You must do after setting up your blog

Video 19 – Part 3 – 10 Things you must do after setting up your blog

Video 20 – 10 Plug-in-extensions You must install after setting up your blog

Video 21 – Part 4 – 10 Things you must do after setting up your blog or your blog dies!

Video 22 – Step-by-Step Guide – How To Monetize your blogs with affiliate Links

Video 23 – Step-by-Step Guide – How To Monetize your blog with affiliate image links

Video 24 – Step-by-Step Guide – How To Monetize your blog with adsense

Video 25 – Step-by-Step Guide – How To Monetize your blogs with Image banner plugins

Video 26 – Step-by-Step Guide – How To Monetize your blogs with your articles

Video 27 – Step-by-Step Guide – How To Monetize your blog with menus

Video 28 – How To Make a consistent monthly from monetized blogs

Video 29 – How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Video 30 – Efe Imirens’ Cash Blogging System Blue Print – 26 Processes You must adopt to monetize your Business Blogs

Video 31 – Step-by-Step Guide – How To Monetize your blog with parked domains

Video 32 – Step-by-Step Guide – Monetized Blog FeedBurners and Blog Adsence Programs

Video 33 – How To Install Autoresponders on Your Blog

Video 34 – How To Install a Payment Processor on Your Blog

Video 35 – The secret weapon for knowing who visited your blog, how many minutes they spent on your blog, the number of pages they viewed, who referred them and why you should use this secret weapon!

I have 3 monetized blogs dedicated to promote my businesses to the local and international market including;; All these blogs were set up, customized and monetized by my hands!

Imagine how much a Guru would have charged me if I had given him/her the contract to set up, customize and monetize my blogs?!

Even some of my students at ServiceForts Business Academy have used the Monetized Blogging Systems DVD to create monetized blogs.

Now, imagine how much you will save in guru-consulting fees when you know how to do this stuff yourself! So how much exactly is this “Monetized Blogging Systems DVD”?

Before I tell you, I like to inform you of five major good-news about the Monetized Blogging Systems DVD.

  • It is a 2-in-1 DVD package
  • This means that you will get a set of 2 DVDs!
  • You will get the one you can play on your Home DVD player and view it on TV (this is good news if you don’t have a computer yet.)
  • You will also get the one you can access on your computer
  • You will also get monetized blogging resource materials containing


    • 15 monetized blogging ebooks from the biggest names in blogging history
    • 35 monetized blogging themes
    • 8 Plug-ins for monetizing and extending the functionality of your blogs; Plug-ins enable your blog to function in absolutely profitable manners, for example, one of the plug-ins which I showed you how to use in the video, enables you to have a detailed description of the visitors coming to your site, the plug in enables you to know how many pages the visitors viewed on your blog, who exactly referred them to your blog, how many minutes visitors spent on your blog and the exact country your visitors are coming from and it even helps you to know which of your advert campaign is bringing visitors
    • Imagine how profitable your marketing would be, if you can tell with precision who your blog visitors are and how they behave when they visit your blog.
    • 8 secret monetized themes I use for my travel blogs
    • which you can access through your computer
    • Plus the DVD reveals how to use the themes and plug-ins in the resource material; all these are stuff one-day-seminars will never teach you and ebooks won’t even go half as detailed as these videos

It is no longer news that some of my high-profile videos sell at N10, 000 flat at Bookstores and Online, So if you are to pay N15, 000 for this DVD it is a bargain but if you are one of the lucky people to take action in the next 3 Days, you can get the entire DVD for N7, 500 only.

This video becomes N10, 500 3 Days from today.

How to order:

You can click here to make payment online today OR follow steps below

Step 1: Send an SMS with your Name + Email + GSM + code “MonetizedBlogging” to 0803 297 8011

Step 2: Head straight to the bank and pay your N10, 500 (Add shipping fee, if you want it delivered to your address)

Account Name: Click on the red check out button below to pay online using Interswitch

Step 3: Send an SMS with Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + Full Delivery Address + Teller Number + Name on the teller + Bank Paid to + code “PAIDBlogDVD” to 0803 297 8011 AND Email same information to payments    @ titled “PAIDBlogDVD”.

If you miss any part of this step, it may delay delivery of your DVDs.

Step 4: Once we have verified your payment, your DVD will be shipped to you; if you included shipping fee of N3, 500 to your investments. Pick up at ServiceForts Office, if you didn’t include shipping fee.

At this point, you shouldn’t let your competitors get to the bank before you. Only 50 Copies are available. It’s up to you to be one of the lucky 50. Head for the bank now!

Sincerely Yours,

Efe Imiren Author, Women Money and Business And

Author, Info-Marketing Blue Print

PS: You can get all 34 videos for N10, 500 withing the next 3 days only.  It becomes N25, 000 after that date. Therefore hurry and reserve your DVD now by sending an SMS with Your FULL Name + Email + GSM + the phrase “I WantMonetizedBlogs!” to 0803 297 8011.

PPS: Act Now. Do not procrastinate. Conquer online business ignorance for once and get this Monetized Blogging DVD. Good luck!

You can click here to make payments online


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