Information Consulting Business Kit

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With Massive layoffs, Stock Investment Crashes & Companies going bankrupt, there is only one business that can survive this recession hit and that is the business you should be paying attention to right now! Because an endless list of prominent Nigerians like myself are into this business and we are pretty willing to keep all the money to ourselves unless you break away from the normal way of doing things through this DVD. In this DVD tutorial You will also discover:

  • How to set up a successful information consulting business with less than N50,000
  • Top 20 information consulting businesses you can start from today
  • The No. 1 strategy for INCREASING SALES, cultivating client relationships and CUTTING DOWN WASTED TIME in Information Consulting Business
  • How to make clients beg you to pay for your Information Consulting Business Offers
  • 6 ways to use the internet to market your Information Consulting Business
  • 5 ways to market your Information Consulting Business offline
  • 3 effective strategies a winning proposal
  • How To Run Your Information Consulting Business Part-Time from Your Bedroom & Smile to the Bank DAILY.
  • How to get started in Information Consulting Business without leaving your present job
  • Introduction to information consulting and the consulting marketplace.
  • 5 reasons to become an information consultant. How do these reasons influence your success as a highly paid information consultant?
  • 5 critical details and important concerns about getting started and how to overcome them

5 ways to market your Information Consulting Business online

  • I will answer the most important Information Consulting Business question: do you have the experience to be an Information Consultant? The answer is revealed during the seminar.
  • How to price your services and make enormous profits as an Information Consultant
  • How To Make People Invest in Your Information Consulting Business Services in a FRENZY
  • How to win the contract, step-by-step, what to say, what to do
  • How to use seminars to sell your Information consulting services
  • How you can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in your Information Consulting Business- even without a big marketing budget and without adopting sleazy expensive tactics
  • The ten secrets of top Nigerian Information consultants
  • How to package your Information Consulting Business Services and expertise in many ways other than "face-to-face" consulting to generate revenue
  • How to ensure your information consulting business remains heart-work rather than hard work (even when the going gets tough and when you get really busy)
  • The Golden rule every enlightened entrepreneur must follow and how to implement it and why 99.9% of struggling businesses will miss this step
  • The secret to using classified ads to build your database and a highly qualified group of prospects in Information Consulting Business
  • How to make over Half a Million in profit with as few as 3 Clients as an Information Consultant (yes really, and you’ll see EXACTLY how to do it)
  • Why a "100% money back guarantee" clause in your information consulting business will never hurt you in the long run

    • How to find the groups of people you are MEANT to offer your information consulting services – and why (and where) they’re looking for you RIGHT NOW!
    • How To Use Classified Adverts to Generate Constant Income in Your Information Consulting Business
    • How To Be 99.9% Sure You will make Money in Your Information Consulting Business from Day 1!
    • How To Write & Design Profit Pulling Classified Advert as an Information Consultant

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