Yesterday At the Lagos International Trade Fair….

I attend trade fairs as a hobby and out of the excitement of discovering cool stuff. You get to buy cool stuff for ridiculously low prices and you get to see innovative and creative items for home and office use that you won’t get to see in the market on a good day.
So, I was at the trade fair yesterday and I saw cool things (some which I bought of course) but the gist is this…
(This is the part you’ll love and understand if you attended the recently concluded Importation Business Seminar)
At the entrance to the fair, i.e. the gate into the fair, there were sellers of a fast moving product (it’s called – boxers – a MicroShort pants for boys and gals, kids and adults) This guy was selling Brand New…I mean brand new boxers at 3pieces for N500 that is about N168 per piece!
                     This is something that on a good day, if you go to Oshodi, Mushin, Idumota, or Lagos Island market, you will get it for N500 to N1,500 a piece depending on the brand.
So, trust yours truly, I thought to myself, this is cool stuff, and I decided to “charter” it to supply some sellers that I know who live around my vicinity and have a huge customer base whom they sell to.
                       After counting my blessings for seeing boxers at such give-away prices, I journeyed into the trade fair to feed my curiosity. Then I saw something else that hit me like a bolt of lightening…
There was a guy right in the middle of one of the busy roads in the fair, with a wheel-barrow full of boxers, and guess what?!
He was selling his brand new boxers at N50 per piece! W-H-A-T?! Where did this guy come from, selling brand new boxers at N50 bucks a piece?! It was too good a deal to pass on, I charted half the wheel barrow, will I make my money back? If you attended the Import-Business Seminar, you already know the answer. *wink *wink
So why am I telling you this story today of all days??
Again, If you attended the Import-Business Seminar, you know the crux of the matter here,:
*****Only import items that people are ALREADY buying and supply it to those who ALREADY have a huge customer base they are selling to.
Don’t try to re-invent the wheel, just improve on already existing wheels.
So, what if you don’t care about importing business and you are reading this article?
****** there is something to learn, if you want to end money worries, or you want to improve on your financial lot, Provide and Sell solutions that solve problems that the masses are ALREADY paying others to solve.
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Have loads of fun today.


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