Yeepee! It’s My Birthday Today and I Got This For You

Yes you guessed right!
Today is my birthday and there is plenty to rejoice about!
I am thankful to God you read my mails, comment on my blogs when you can and take time to invest in some of the products I create for you when you find them useful.
I am thankful to God for my family; friends, partners and Most importantly, that I know Jesus as My Lord and Saviour.
As you read today’s post, I am on my way to fulfill some of the birthday wishes you posted on my blog.
The first one is
many people requested that I put a smile on someone's face and spend time with the orphanage, my family members were also a strong advocate of that wish, so If you made that wish, It is granted.
I will post pictures of our time at the orphanage on the blog after the celebration.
The second one is
If you personally asked for product discounts on my blog, then check your email, I sent you a mail on Saturday or Sunday titled: “I Granted Your Birthday Wish”.
It contains specific details of how I granted your wish.
The third one is
I also went ahead to grant mind bugling discounts on my blog, you can see the list blow:
These Discounts are for Today Only
Original Price                                                            N8,500 Each  
TODAYS’ Special Discount Price                            Closed

List No Longer Available

Original Price                                                                        N6,500 Each  
TODAYS’ Special Discount Price                                         Closed

List No Longer Available                       

Travel Guide Books                                

List No Longer Available

Travel Appointment Booking
1)         45 Minutes Consultation on Visa     N4,500        
2)         Visa Consulting Service                    N15,000     
3)         Visa Consulting Service    (Visiting rejection Case)    N25,000     
4)         Visa Consulting Service   (Student Visa, First time applicant)   N15,000    
Softwares for Business Owners & Online Marketers              
Original Price                                                                        N3,500 Each
TODAYS’ Special Discount                                                Closed

List No Longer Available                                   

Audio Business Programs:
1) Smart Income Business Training Kit
2) Importation Business Audio CD
How To Get Your Wish Fulfilled
You asked for it. Now you got it, it is best not to be slack about it.
After Today 4pm (when the banks close) all my products will return to their original prices. Simply head to the bank on and send in your payments or use online banking to do the transfer.
Step 1: Add you wish + Any material you selected from my blog that you want
Step 2: Calculate the total amount for all the product you have selected
Step 3: Head over to the bank and pay to
Account Name: ServiceForts Publishing
GTBank        001 135 9820
First Bank    201 500 7720
Step 4: send an email with your Teller Number,
Name on Teller, GSM, Bank Paid to,Your full name, Email Address, (delivery address if you paid for dispatch/physical delivery in CDs i.e. N2,500) and list of Product(s) paid for,
Step 5: Once we confirm your payment, we will email your products to you, note that all products are in down-loadable formats including the videos, these will be
delivered to you from 6th April 2012.
You can avoid bank rush by using online Payments/ATM transfer payments.
Whatever you do, do not let this opportunity slip from your hands.
It's my own way of celebrating this special occasion with you.
Have a blessed day.
Now let me go and party with the orphanages.
Efe Imiren
PS: This offer closes by 4pm, 2nd April 2012. It will never be repeated because my birthday is only once a year. Abi?
PPS: If you want to get the Import Audio CD at a HUGE discount TODAY ONLY, Send me a mail. You will get a reply, I’ll be at the party with my blackberry 8)
PPS: A Special gift – This is one of the best I have ever written.. Wealth Codes (closed).


  1. Happy birthday, Efe

    This is wishing a happy birthday and many happy returns. This shall be your year of divine visitations in higher levels in Jesus name.


  2. Happy birthday to you queen but my wish is not even mentioned not to talk of been granted.Talking about the N950 per day business system,nevertheless,I still wish you well and more blossom years ahead.

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