Why Is a Blog so Important to Your Business Profits?

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Some Days Ago I began a series of  teaching with you titled "Blog Marketing Strategies" and this is the second email from the series of teachings.

You see, Most bloggers (i.e. people who blog) tend to write about things that interest them, or  some aspects of life that they find horribly frustrating, while Some people maintain blogs just for the fun of it.

Back in the beginning, most blogs started out as online diaries and journals, upon which all thoughts are streamed into online content, and made available for viewing by Internet users with similar interests.

But the purposes of blogging has changed so much over the last 10 years.

Because of its easy accessibility and highly personalized style, companies began to discover that blogging could be used as an effective marketing strategy.

A well-written blog post about the advantages and uses of a certain product or service can significantly impact the overall sales and profits of that product.

Also, articles about particular goods, organizations, or public events can greatly increase the visibility of such goods, organizations or event, thereby facilitating effective information dissemination.

In business today, blogging is more essential to success than it has ever been, yet 9 out of 10 business owners who try to put up a blog never get to complete it!

I will tell you the reason why in a few minutes, let me finish telling you about Why Blogging Is so Important to Your Business.

Here are Top 5 Reasons why a Blog is useful to your business, whether you sell Physical Products, Services, Info-products, or Books

1) It builds credibility. Updating your blog regularly about specific aspects of your product,
service, info-products or published books will establish you and your business as an expert in your field.

2) Blogs help you to solve problems for your customers or prospective clients. One way you can do this is you can try to speak with your customers and Find out the biggest problems they have to face related to your product, service, info-products or published books,

Then write a detailed blog post on how to solve that problem. This will build trust between you and your customers/prospects.

They will consider you a source for information and service when problems arise and It will make you referable as an expert, and someone who is customer oriented.

3) A blog where your customers and visitors can interact with you presents the exceptional and qualitative market research tool to actually learn what your customers need and then use that information to deliver the goods.

Your customers will be kept  happy through this because they have found instant solutions, provided by you!

4) People love blogs. They are looking for content that can help them solve a problem. When you help your readers or educate them on a specific subject, e.g. about your
products, services, info-products, books, life issues,  problems, current affairs etc,  it that will get you more traffic Blogs can get you a lot of traffic (potential and actual buyers of
your services or products) from search engines and other websites.

5) It just makes profitable sense. Unpublished statistics show that many Nigerians are turning to blogs for News, Information, solving problems and making critical decisions. So
Blogging is very critical for your business at this time. The more valuable information you share with readers of your blog, the stronger your position will
be in your online community.

You will constantly be building your reputation, and the reputation of your business, establishing yourself as a subject matter expert, and building solid credibility for
you and your business.

So, if Blogging is THIS important to your business, then why is it that  90% of business owners who try to put up a blog NEVER get to complete it!

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To Your Blogging Success!

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