Who Cares. Seize the moment. It is No Longer In Print

Who Cares? That was the message in an email I got from a seemingly upset client who was informed his domain name (the business name he was supposed to use to make money online) was about to expire.
ServiceForts owns many domain names including www.TravelForts.com, www.PublishingYourBooks.com, www.IdeaForts.com, www.BusinessForts.com, www.ServiceForts.com and a host of others space will not allow me to mention. Now, if my domain managers send me an email that any of those names are about to expire, it would catch my attention, and you know why?  Those names are the engines, the epicentres of the ServiceForts business empire on the internet. So, you can
Imagine the surprise look on my face when someone else treats his domain name like it’s trash, something of no value. Ever heard of the saying – There’s something about a name?
Its’ the same thing online, there is something about your domain name, your business name and it should be guarded – Imagine how fat your wallet would be if you owned billion dollar domain names like – www.FaceBook.com, www.Google.com, those names were worth almost nothing – (just about $10 or N2,500) when there were registered, but today, there are multi-billion dollar names, try buying the domain names FaceBook or Google today and see if $10 or N2,500 can get you those names.
What’s my point and where exactly am I going with this article today?
I am essentially driving at two key points – There is time for everything and do not despise the days of little beginnings
There is a time to begin small, and at those times, it’s easy to despise little beginnings if you can’t see beyond the present hurdles you have to cross on your way to greatness. The owners of FaceBook and Google could have easily allowed their domain names to expire because of the challenges they would have faced at the beginning but they pressed on, investing in their domains and staying with their online business in spite of the challenges.
It is No Longer In Print
Talking about “there is time for everything” I would like to take a few lines to urge you my reader not to take things for granted. Let me illustrate with an example to drive things home Has this ever happened to you?
May be you happened upon a book with a very fascinating title, and then you ask for the price, and you say to yourself – oh, I’ll get it somewhere else at a cheaper price, and then you walk away. Five years down the line, you never came across the book any where else in the market. And the next time you ask, they tell you it is no longer in print ­Has that ever happened to you?
There is something called – seizing the moment – I never walk away from a good book because I may never find it anywhere else again. If I see it, I like the title and I think it will teach me something I am thirsty to know about, I buy it there and then. No stories. It is the same thing way to treat available teachings; seminars and programs, there are here today, gone tomorrow.
Take a look around, many of the big-name online business gurus in Nigeria who once had the time to run seminars, one-on-one trainings and rub shoulders at meetings no longer have time for such luxuries – Akin Alabi, ‘Fisayo Akinlolu, Iyabo Oyawale, Onome Maureen, Ronald Nzimora and a host of other intelligent and successful Nigerians who have built successful businesses using the internet.
Back in the day, when these gurus had the time, they did all they could to get people into their teaching venues so they could impact the wisdom they had taken pains and years to gather, although many attended, many others kept postponing it till some other day.
well, check it, today these guys are busy minding their business empires, they hardly have time to teach seminars and even if you did have the money to pay for one hour of their time for a one-on-one training, they are simply not available, Na Baba God do am for them- By blessing their hard work.
What’s my point?
Seize every moment; our focus at ServiceForts in 2013 will be shifting to higher grounds, one year ago, people could stroll into my office and get a one-on-one training on the spot but today, if you have not called and booked three months in advance you can kiss the training goodbye. Our N950 Daily Business program which used to be available all year round will be re-structured in 2013 and it will no longer be available to every Tom, Dick and Jane.
Things will be changing in 2013 and some things will “no longer be in print” figuratively speaking. N950Daily Business, Import Seminar, Publishing Seminar, our business kits, some of these things will be put out of print, so we can focus on delivering value in a bigger way to you our clients and also our one-on-one training is gradually being phased out to give room to periodic seminars.
So seize the moment, if these materials will teach you anything and help you achieve your business dreams and purpose, renounce your citizenship in the city of procrastination and get them now, because at a later date when you decide, you could get the answer – It is no longer in print Sir. Cheers.


  1. You write up is a food for thought and would treasure it.
    I just hope my site has not expired. If it is please let me
    know immediately. I will endeavour to renew it and keep
    it even though am not yet getting anything from it at the

  2. Well, madam Efe,

    This article; seize every moment, yes, i do told people that procrastination is a grave by which opportunity is been buried

    procrastination means; been POOR.

    though they said, is passing over opportunity repeatedly.

    I Barry said; procrastination is running into poverty unending.

  3. That is a very wonderful post, and a food for thought for everyone out there.

    Personally I've learnt a lot from you, Thanks to you in I'm still doing internet business today, I almost give up, I will always be grateful to you. All your teaching materials are very valuable to me and I've really gain from them, I am not there yet but I'm positive that things is about to change for me. Thanks a million.

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