What To Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Stuff Right Now

I lost a Brother.
…..And a Friend.
I’m still in shock about it, I wasn’t expecting any bad news in China, more so, not news about a close friend and brother from another mother.
Richard. That was his name. We met during our NYSC. He was the Secretary of NCCF at our local chapter while I was his assistant. We were like grumpy Tom and Jerry some days and then like good old pals some other days.
We’d get along one day, the very next day, we’d have a fist at each other’s face, upset about what should go into the plans for our dear fellowship. We both wanted the best for our brethren at that time, and we both had different views about how to make this “best” come to pass. But in the end, we always met in the middle to agree and work together on these plans.
Through it all we learnt from each other, and then as fate would have it, he ensured we became in-laws. Smiles.. He got married to my sister from another mother. And so it became our duty to check on each other – a duty we neglected in the face of life’s daily pursuit.
Richard would call averagely once or twice a year – either during a New Year celebration, Christmas celebration or out of the blues on a weekend. He would make it a point to ensure it was a long call that made up for the past months we hadn't been in touch. He tried his hardest as my brother from another mother, and more so as my in-law to keep in touch….
Me? I kept telling myself, I’ll call Richard, I’ll call Richard, I’d remember him and his wife; my sister Rebeca, I’d pen down the call in my “to-do” list and then, I’ll reschedule the call. I rescheduled more calls to Richard than I ever made them…and for this, my heart bleeds this hour.
Just before I left the house for the airport on this trip to China, Richard and Rebeca flashed through my thoughts, again, I noted in my “to-do” list that I’d place a call once I settle in at China, but I never got the chance to place that call, and that opportunity is gone for life. I can no longer call Richard, he can not hear my voice any more, and he is no longer available here on earth.
I should have picked up the blessed phone and placed that call, even if it meant saying a proper good bye. And herein lies the lesson for those of us still alive to read this article, whatever you have to do, do NOW.
Don’t give in to procrastination. It steals way more than time from you when you give in to it.
If you’ve got a call to make – do it now.
If you’ve got a decision to make – do it now.
If you’ve got to tell someone “I Love You” – what in the world are you waiting for? – Do It now!
If you’ve got to check on a friend, college, Sister, Brother, someone close to you - Do it now, they may be going through a life threatening situation – Check on them, be the ray of sunlight they need to get through that tough time.
And of course – If you’ve got to start your own business, what are you still waiting for?? Take courage and start something NOW! No matter how small it is!
If you are still dilly dialing about attending the upcoming Importation Business SeminarTake a Decision Now! Do you know if there’ll be opportunity to attend the seminar after December 6th? I may have moved unto something else, so seize the opportunity and register now.
….to My Brother from Another mother
Richard, You left your mark in this world, a good mark, you will be remembered for your good works. Especially amongst the brethren, the body of Christ. I apologize for not checking on you as often as I should have. And it hurts that there was no opportunity to say goodbye. Rest in Peace knowing your crown awaits you for the good works you have done.
To you reading me this hour – Whatever you have to do – do quickly; Time waits for no man.


  1. Hunmm,
    What a message and a call to action write up! Mama, sorry for the loss and may his soul rest in peace.

    Pls, i sent you a mail, i will be happy if you check it out. Racheal Olaoluwa


  2. I am sincerely sorry for ur lose. My problem is not procrastination per say but the means to start this importation business. Your seminars are very far away too. I truly wish to start this business. Hilda Onyia

  3. Efe dear,so sorry for the irreplaceable loss. Actually procrastination has also dealt irreparable blows to me and I find your narrative quite applicable. Thanks as I hope to use your advice on this matter.

  4. Take heart madam. Some one says ‘ procastination is a thief of time ‘ ,alas how true!
    Kindly help me kill this monster by replying to my emails. The last one was about suppliers / manufacturers link I couldn’t find on Alibaba and Aliexpress. I could only see product names, specifications,prices and company name.but how they metamorphos to link beat my imagination.

  5. Hi Efe,
    My condolences to Mr Richard Family.
    May the Good Lord give them the fortitude to bear the loss.

    And for you my dear sister Efe please take heart and believe that there is something
    you can do to honor the memory of Dear Richy. You can give a scholarship to someone
    to be part of your next training in November in Honor of the memory of Mr Richard.

    I believe with that you can be sure you have actually reconnect with him.

    May the Almighty give us Wisdom to Handle all our affairs with total submission to Him alone


    Coach Bash

  6. Whaooo! Really in inspired. This makes me remember a saying that procrastination is a graveyard where opportunities are forever burried.

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