What To Do When Every One Says You CANT!

Dear Friend,
A Happy New Day to you.
I was going to post this write up on the blog yesterday (Sunday) because I composed it right after the service in Church but couldn’t because I had family friends over for dinner.
Last week was a unique week and it was one of those rare weeks when you just got overwhelmed and wanted to kick anyone who says annoying words like – You Can’t do that, it is Impossible.
We all get to the point when it seems we don’t have control over what is happening in our lives, e.g.
·        You want a promotion or a raise at the office and your boss says – You can’t!
·        You want to go for a vacation abroad but M0NEY says – you can’t!
·        You want to have babies but the Doctor says – you can’t!
·        You want to study abroad but a small voice inside your head mocks you for even daring to think of such thoughts and M0NEY say – you can’t!
We at times all get to that place where we want to move forward, we know we should forge ahead but one unwanted situation or another just sits there posing as a stumbling block.
It is at times like this that “deep calls to the deep” and if you have had any encounter with the only solution to Mans’ problems i.e. The Word, this is the time when you reach for it and tell yourself, I refuse to be stopped!
There is absolutely no reason why you can’t do what ever good thing you have set in your hear to do.
·        If you want it? Go for it!
·        You want to study abroad? Go for it!
·        You want to have babies? Go for it!
·        You want to start and build your own business? Go for it!
·        You want a raise or a promotion at the office? Go for it!
See, the thing is, if you are patient and look for ‘it’ long enough – You will always get the desires of your heart.
As far as I am concerned, I can do and be whatever good thing I so wish to do or be. And the same goes for you, if you choose to believe it.
It may take days, months or even years, but for heavens sakes don’t tell me ‘I can’t because I sure as heaven CAN! And YOU CAN too.
With your can do attitude this week, there is no stopping you from reaching for your goals this week.
If this post got you doing things you thought you cannot do this week, please post your comments below to inspire others.
Efe Imiren
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