What Has Losing Belly Fat Got to Do with Workers Day and Making Money Online

On the 11th of May 2013, there will be a 4Hour one-on-one meeting with all students on the N950Daily Business System. During the meeting, I’ll be talking about finding hidden opportunities in existing online businesses, how to make more money from existing businesses based online and how to make your first sale in 48hours. Pretty Much everybody finds the idea of making more money appealing.
If you ask a hair salon full of gals how many would like to lose belly and buttocks fat so they can wear figure-8 dresses, pretty much every body will raise their hands. Even the already skinny ones will still raise their hands.
BUT when you go on to explain how they can lose belly and buttocks fat, only very few will eventually find it THAT appealing.
You see, most people find the idea of being exceptionally and extraordinarily productive in their finances appealing but are brain-dead-lazy to do what it takes to achieve the results they desire.
Entrepreneurship whether offline or online is not for the weak-lazy complainer who wont get up from his or her ass to do what it takes to get results. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a man or woman give up on his or her entrepreneurial dream, simply because the money isn't coming in. And most of the time the problem with most of these fellows trying to do business online or offline is a lack of – a focused system for making money happen and a dedication to that focused system.
The other day, I saw an interesting headline in the papers Ahead May Day, Fresh clamour for improved workers’ welfare…straight way I said to meself, jokers, this is a circus show that will continue long after you and I are gone.
No body can clamour for your welfare better that you! You want improved finances and welfare; then develop a focused system of presenting your solutions and ideas to willing and buying customers on a daily basis.
You cant pick a whole new road every month and expect to get anywhere by the end of the year. Focus on developing the good business your hands found to do when the year began, focus on getting things right in that business so that it will answer to you in terms of more money and improved welfare.
Happy New Month!
PS: Don’t miss the 4Hour Meeting on 11th of May – that meeting serves 2 purposes:
1)      I will be showing existing students where the money is in their online business and how to start getting it within 48hours of leaving the meeting.
2)      If you have ever thought a one-on-one meeting with me will solve a challenge you have been grappling with in your online or information marketing business, then this is the opportunity you have been waiting for  - Grab it with both hands, don’t let it slip away ‘cos I aint having this meeting again ever this year.


  1. This is a highly incredible job that Madam EFE is doing for us all that really want it big in the system. already i have registered as a member but would also want to partake in the workshop also.

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