Wedding Bells and Pictures

I love weddings…Lol If you tried reaching me in the last 2 weeks but couldn't get to me on phone, email or sms, there is a reason :- I was with my family as we threw a one-in-town wedding party for my darling Brother and his Bride  - Mr and Mrs Anthony Imiren! Oh yes it was awesome! I saved some pictures for you below.. The Couple Before you accuse me of not inviting you to come an eat rice – there is a reason- Lol, the whole of Nigeria is in fasting and prayer mood; so I didn't want to interfare with your spirituality…smiles..*wink* *wink* Anyways rejoice with us… Family You know I can't end this article without telling you the latest announcements from ServiceForts, shebi you know? family Announcements A) I'm back to work and will be attending to all your phone, sms and email inuiries 1) April 2014 China Trip: If this is your first time travelling out of Nigeria, or you have not been outside Africa and you want to go with us to China Please registration  closes for you 15th February. Registration for our April 2014 Trip to China has begun and you can register at 2) You can now get the following book titles by Efe Imiren at our office and bookshops in Lagos and Aba a) Import Business Secrets b) Infomarketing Blueprint c) Canada Visa Secrets d) USA Visa Secrets e) Women, Money and Business Addresses of the Bookstores where you can get Efe Imirens' books: The Little is Much Book Shop, ABA, F Line, 141, ARIARIA, Aba. SuccessDigest BookStores, 46 Esuola Street, Okota, Lagos Biblewonderland, Close to Stadium, Surulere, Lagos. The Books are N500 Only. If you live outside Lagos, or far from the bookstores, we can send the books to you at N2,500 (if we are using the post office) or N4,500 (if we are using UPS). Click Here for how to make payments 3) Registration for StudyAbroad Application services closes finally 30th January. Scholarship is processed for: Sweden, Cyprus, Canada and USA Please click here to direct all inquiries about admission, scholarship and student visa application to the addmissions manager. 4) Knowing what to do, how to do it and when to do it is a Key to success not only in Life but also in Business. Register for the Business mentorship program today. Registration closes 30th January 2014. Have a Fulfilling Week. Cheers


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