Web Consulting Business – How The Big Boys Get Fat Pay Cheques

One of the best businesses you can start from home or on part time basis is to sell your expertise as a consultant and this article is all about showing you
How The Big Boys Do It and How The Big Boys Get Paid Fat Monthly Cheques for posing as Web Consultants.
If you have developed expertise in designing websites, using the internet and you are familiar with using social networking websites, all you  need is  to learn how to market your expertise and knowledge and start a profitable Online Web consulting business.
Consulting is one of the hottest business trends in the market today, as more and more people appreciate the independence and flexibility it brings and the range of potential income that this business can generate.
A consultant is one who gives professional advice or services to Individuals, Corporate Organizations or Bodies and SMEs. You work in a particular field (in this case Internet or Information Technology related activities) and offer your expertise to help others with their problems in the field that you know best.
It is almost like training some one to take over your job. You simply share the tips, tricks, and techniques you have acquired over the years.
How To Become A Web Consultant
The fact is, anyone can be a consultant – as long as you have the experience, skill, and knowledge in your chosen field; in this case Internet and Information Technology Experience.
Listen, you don’t necessarily need to be the topmost best in information technology to be a Web Consultant, you don’t even need to have owned a business nor do you need to have been the CEO of MTN or any information technology business to be a Web Consultant and quite frankly, you don’t even need to be a know-it all to be a Web Consultant.
The most important thing you need to be a Successful Web Consultant is the ability to market and sell your self and your skills, an up to date understanding of what is happening on the internet and in the world of Information Technology plus the ability to recognize problems and proffer solutions to those problems in a creative way
What You Need To Start Your Web Consulting Business Today
Fortunately, all you need to start is just an Internet connection, a computer, an email address and a phone line.
1)     Expertise and Skill – You need skills like web designing, programming, ability to use online networking and social media, ability to use online marketing and business solutions plus you need to understand the language of the industry.
Now don’t be alarmed if you do not have the expertise or the skill, there is a way out of that dilemma:
a)     You can be the middle man between those who have such skills and those who want to buy the skills. i.e. the company awards you the web consulting job or contract and then you take the job and award it to people who actually know how to go about the job.
In this case, you don’t even need to know how to design the websites yourself; all you need is ability to get the contracts though your marketing skills plus ability to get quality web designers and programmers into your consulting team.
This route is known as the Middle-Man Consulting Business Model
b)     Or, you can decide to learn the skills and expertise in a crash course training so that you have an understanding of what your clients want from you and what you should also expect if you decide to give out some part of your jobs when your business grows and you are getting a lot of job orders.
This route is known as the Direct Consulting Business Model
Which ever model of Web Consulting Business you choose, you would need a very strong ability to sell your business. You need a very sound knowledge of what buttons to push to get the jobs and contracts coming your way, else, the poor will call you poor :)
How To Get Juicy Web Consulting Contracts Coming Your Way
You see, it is one thing to have skills; it is a different ball game entirely to get people to buy your skills and expertise. There are many people with all manner of web design and IT certifications, yet they are not only poor, even the poor calls them poor. them poor. Why?
They don’t know how to SELL.
Listen to this carefully, Every body on Forbes list – Pastor, Bishop, Consultant, Publisher, Engineer, CEO, Athletes or Singer, I don’t care what name you give them – They Got there by SELLING something! And they are on that list because they know how to SELL BETTER than the rest of the world. Period.
So, you want to make money as a Web Consultant? Your number one goal is to SELL SOLUTIONS better than everybody else. Period.
There are mainly two ways to market and sell your Web Consulting Business
Online Marketing Solutions: This refers to using the internet to generate leads and buyers of your business services. I love this marketing method because you need to do face to face marketing, all negotiations are done on the internet and you know what? It is a very cheap and affordable marketing solution.
Offline Marketing Solutions: This refers to using newspapers, magazines, networking events, referrals, cold calling, Public Speaking, Books, Articles and Newsletters to market and generate sales for your Web Consulting Business.
Mixed Marketing Solutions: This refers to combing the use of both the offline and online marketing solutions to generate sales for your business.
If you ask me, I’d say go for Mixed Marketing Solutions.
You see, it is not enough to have skills and expertise, you have to know how to make people buy those skills and expertise from you, also it’s not enough to have only marketing skills, you need to be equipped with at least the basic skills to start your own web consulting business, that is why
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