We Moved to a New Office

Wow, Wow, Happy Sunday,

I'm actually panting for breath as
I write you this blessed day.

We (the entire ServiceForts Team and I) spent
the entire day moving from the old office to our
new comfortable office, still on Opebi Ikeja But

Much more quiet, spacious and with more facilities,
and you know what?

The Lord blessed Us with a new
Home Office kitted with Mordern office facilities and
furnished to taste, it's indeed the month of increased

I'm sure you are happy with me right? (Laugh with
those who Laugh and mourn with those who mourn, abi?)

So I invite you to celebrate with us at ServiceForts by
leaving your congratulatory message Here, below, Now

If I don't see your congratulatory message, it means you
no like Us for ServiceForts at all o, oya

Congratulate us here >>> Below

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  1. MOBAYIN YOOOOO (that is  congratulation oooo in yoruba) i remember u told me sometme ago that yuo will be moving to a new office well the prophecy has come to pass  and it came to PASS COACH I AM HAPPY FOR U YOU AND YOUR TEAM by this time next year BIGGER ACHIVEMENT  

  2. I say a big congratulations to you all at ServiceForts for this giant stride. May God continue to strengthen you and enlarge your coast even as you aspire to greater heights in Jesus name.

    Congratulations once again.

  3. PLS COACH iam very interested in the system ,i want to know how it works how do i come to use the system i cant wait to get along arrange am for me

    tahnks in advance

  4. I really happy for u guys,God will continue 2 guide and protect u in ur line of business,nd pls keep praying for us in our own line of business(real estate).

    God bless u and ur entire team!

  5. This is the least u will ever be, u will fulfill your desire,goood and more prosperous  things than this will happen to u. you will fulfill your mandate. Big congratulations to you and your teams.

  6. congratulation oooooooo new office, new business, new opportunities, increase and expansion all round in Jesus Name Amen. Please make the address available for us

  7. Congratulations. That is the sure blessings of Abraham the scriptures talks about. There shall be a lifting for all those who believe. I rejoice with you madam.

  8. Congrats Efe.so happy for u.pls,I'm yet to get my copy till now.stay blessed and do know you are appreciated now and always.

  9. Congratulations ma!
    I've bn following you for a while now and i never doubted your words.More grease to your elbow ma.Buh,you have not given us the nu address.
    Coming to see you soon….
    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  10. HIP! HIP!! HIP!!!

    HURRAYYYYYYY….. CONGRATULATIONS. And may you and your team continue to positively rise further!

    • Congratulations on your new status. What a welcome development for an establishment that have impacted immensely to the development of people's visions, goals and aspirations. I wish you many, many, more years of invaluable services to mankind. Congratulations once more.

  11. Congratulations on your improvement and advancements. may this be the begining of new things to come in you life IJN.



  13. Congrat. Hope this will not increase your service fee and other products to the general market?

    I believe it should reduce the high cost of training and services.

    Congratulation again.

  14. Congratulations! please can you tell us the exactly where new address is in Opebi.

    So we come our malt drink


  15. This to me is a highly ingenious proposal and i want to be part of it.ok.

    Pls let me know d cost involved mode of payment and other modalities, God bless u on ur new  office and wish u more huge success.

  16. Wish you God's protection in your new office and more profits.


  17. Hi, Service Forte,

    Congratulations!!! Your company is the best service and consultancy company i have ever heard of..I wish you all the best in all you do in Jesus Name


    Congrats once again


  18. Thank God it came to pass at last! The good Lord has taken you and Service Forts

    to a new level.Congrats.Let me know the new address.You shall not fail.

  19. Good day,

    We give the almighty all praises and expects more success to you and your entire team.

    Am in need of your system and i will want you to help me grow my business..

    Success and Achievment guarantee to you all at business forts.

  20. congratulation 4 your new office  with more of God's blessing. pls my mum want to travel to germany 4 omugow, how do we book for an apiontment. is it online pls i will like to hear from you thanks  

  21. Congratulations, My prayer is that the Almighty God  will continue to increase you all round as you continue to solve people's problems so that they can actualise their Destiny.Congratulations.

  22.  Congratulations to you all at service forts. May you and your entire team continue to sour higher and higher in all your endeavours.


  23. <span style="font-family:comic sans ms,cursive"><span>Congrats! I wish i could have business dealings with you but………


  24. Hello Efe, i in did congratulate you for good office that God provided for you and entire service fort, may you find the place more peaceful in Jesus name. About 950 naira pay day, how do i be part of the system and what will it take to benefit from it.


  25. Congratulations on your new office space Mrs. Efe I hope to visit you someday.

    Cheerrsss!!!! and have a lovely day.


  26. Congrats Efe.so happy for u n ur team. pls,I’m yet to come ova to lagos 2 make more enquiry about this oppurtuities that u er talking about. But anyways, stay blessed.

  27. Well, am most impressed but not surprised about the height you climb. I see potentials in you not in units but in bundles. You know it, that you are still at the early beginning of your greatness. Cheers!! You shall go to places for the best ever. BIG CONGRATS.

  28. Congratulations and I appreciate God on your behalf for this wonderful achievement.

    More grease to your elbow. Your write ups are powerful.

  29. Congratulatuions on your relocation to the new office.You have just taken another step towards the greater height you are destined to attain.May the good lord continue to uphold you as you keep moving.

  30. congratulations once again. i sent in my interest earlier on N950 daily package deal but i have got no response. Congratulations on your efforts and eagerness to make a change for best in our lives

  31. am so happy for you in move to an other good office, its a good thing for people we love to move into good things, i wish you happy lovely day

    mr james Erim

    football scout manager

  32. Congratulations for moving to a better office apartment. This is a sign that you are moving forward.

  33. Congratulations,

    I love your commitment, zeal and excellence in internet presentations, more promotions!!!

    I like the N950 per-day package

  34. CONGRATS Efe. I like your writing style, your strategic & aggressive marketing. The sky is your beginning.CONGRATS

  35. The end of a matter is better than the beging and its not yet the end for you,the story cont'nes.CONGRANTS!

  36. Hurray!



    Really Cool!

    You Did It!

    Way to go!

    Great Work!

    You finally did it, I believe HARD WORK and committement Pay Off See you at the top. CONGRATULATION AGAIN.

  37. GOD remembered noah in the 7th month in genesis 8vs1-4 and gave him rest,may u have rest in every areas of lives just as he has remembered u and ur team in JESUS name AMEN

    accept my warmness greetings…………………………..congratulationsssssssssss again.


    ur friend armstrong

  38. wow,i am must confess that this relocation will be a new begining of advancement and development of image and quality services,

    here,i am equally happy for the serviceforts,i hope say hy soon and also have my share of celebration goodies.

    we bless God for this wonderful blessings.

  39. it's my pleasure to equally celebrate with you madam,i pray for more advancement and development in your in every of your services.


  40. congratulations to my own dear queen of info marketing business. what the lord has done for you it shall be permanent. more information to your brain or more girease to your elbow.

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