The Secret to Making BIG Money Anywhere in the World

As I journeyed on an 11hour  cross-continental flight, I thought  about what I'd say to you today in todays' edition of my post.

As I was thinking, I picked up a book by Gary Halbert, a legend in the info-business who used "words" to build millions of dollars in income for him and his clients …. and right there he said something I'm going to share with you. But

Before I dive into what he said, allow me bring you upto speed with upcoming events at ServiceForts:

China Importers Tradefair: we are in the middle of  preparations for the

October China Importers Trade Fair and November Travel Business Trade Fair and I
probably should give you some more details on that.

China Importers Trade Fair is for the following people:
** you are interested in importation business
** you attended our importation business trainings
** you want to network and connect with direct sources to import at cheaper rates.

Remember to ask for Couples Discount and Group of Two discount when registering for the China Trade Fair

You can download the registration forms by clicking here:

New Release: Importation Business Book
A new copy of my GuideBook in importation business will be hitting the bookshop in
a few weeks, It's detailed and contains secrets I have not been able to share at
my seminars or on DVD. Watch out for it!

Upcoming Business Seminars
The event time-table or schedule for our business seminars including Import business,
travel business, info-business,  publishing business and web consulting  business will be published shortly. Look out for it.

Questions About Becoming Our Affiliates
I have received many emails asking questions about how to join our
affiliate network on TravelForts and BusinessForts please find answers on the blog post, click here to read

Now, finally to what Gary Halbert said: The No 1 secret to making money – ANYwhere in
the world is – to get involved in whatever excites you the most. Because Money, especially BIG money, is most often a by-product of enthusiasm.

The money is where the enthusiasm is, so if you are "looking" for money, you'll always
find it in what excites you the most.

Do you believe this?

I'll love to hear your opinion on it, so read others comments below and share your comments too.


PS: Register for the China Tradefair today
PPS: See answers to how to become our affiliate – click here
PPPS: Physical copy of importation book coming soon
PPPPS: BiG money is a by-product of your enthusiasm – leave your comments below


  1. I don't think it's what excites you that bring money,but what excites others or what they want.Because what excites you might not be what they want.

    • Sir Israel,while that may be true, you'd believe that money will not stop erupting from an endless mine you don't stop exploring. If you'd do it for you, it affects and thus brings return(s) from all who in one way or the other are connected to your life and purpose.
      If you'd do it for them on the other, return can only come from 'them'.
      I agree with you, but I believe good money,happy money comes from our pep areas.

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