The Cheapest Way To Build eCommerce Stores

The Cheapest and Easiest Way to Get an eCommerce Store When You Can’t Afford To Pay Expensive Website Designers

25 Do-It-Yourself Videos

(ICT) a.k.a Information and Communications Technology now contributes about 8.4% of Nigeria’s GDP and has recorded a 16.4% growth in 2014. Currently, the industry boasts of about 300, 000 online orders daily. Source:

Economy Analysts have predicted in the face of the Naira-dollar valuation, that the e-commerce industry could stimulate the growth of a non-oil economy which will add to diversification in the medium to long term. This is because Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are using ICT to promote “made in Africa” products and marketable ideas.

In simple English, after AgricBusiness, eCommerce could be the next oil business in Nigeria.

In the past, when consumers wanted to make purchases they had to set aside time to shop during certain hours of the day, or they had to read through magazines.. Today, many consumers can simply use their computers— and now smart phones or other portable electronic devices—to shop online. The variety of goods sellable online is extremely diverse today, and shoppers can buy almost anything online. With a few simple clicks they can gain access to a variety of goods 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Take websites like Jumia, BookForts, Konga, JobberMan, Wakanow, PrivatePropertyNG, AriyaVendor,, OLX, DealDey – they all have one thing in common – they own and have control over their own ecommerce-enabled web-properties – a.k.a websites.

And they sell their own unique products and services, made available for Nigeria. It’s about time you get a head-start into this multi-billion Naira industry and opportunity.

The blessing of electronic commerce (a.k.a e-commerce) is that when users enter the websites like Jumia, Konga, WakaNow, or BookForts, or other popular destinations, they anticipate a commercial experience and are prepared to pay for it. Meaning visitors to your website are already primed to buy and are ready to pay there and then once they find a deal.

In the same vein, Web Consulting Business is the business of helping individuals, start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses and companies by providing web and internet services such as design, development, and support services for corporate and e-commerce Web sites, thereby helping them to build a profitable presence within the Internet Economy. As a Web Consultant you specialize in helping businesses to develop and secure their virtual real estates and properties from business plan development to campaign deployment.

In eCommerce, there are plenty of ways to make money online. It doesn’t matter if you are strictly a Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Entrepreneurs, Jumia and Konga Seller, Fashionista, Network and Affiliate Marketer online marketer, a blogger, a company or an artist … the principles are always the same. Someone is going to need to buy something from you for your business model to work.

The eCommerce DVDs will show you how to build and start your own ecommerce website right now. This Video training includes everything you need to start selling products and services online from your own e-store right now, today!

With these videos, start selling your products and services from your own professional website TODAY. You can brand and customize your online store; you can quickly and easily customize every facet of your storefront as follows:

How To Build A High Converting eCommerce Website in 60Minutes

Plus, Discover How To Start Your Own eCommerce Drop Shipping Business in Nigeria

  • Newbie friendly way to get into eCommerce
  • Self-Updating ecommerce Website in 60 Minutes
  • Risk Free
  • Sell your products online
  • Sell Affiliate Products from Your own website
  • Your own Online store
  • Save Hours Loading Products and Images
  • No Idea of What Product to Sell? No problem
  • Don’t know where to source for products to sell? No Problem
  • Manage all your own and affiliate products on one website

Payment Gate Ways

  • Accept Naira Online
  • Enable Customers Pay into your bank account
  • Accept Paypal payments on your website
  • Accept Naira ATM Cards on your website

Convert Existing Stores

  • Convert your Konga and Jumia store to your own URL
  • Become A Konga and Jumia Drop Shipper
  • No need to ware house any product
  • Just Sell and Earn Commissions

Customer Management

  • How To Capture Client Contact Details To Send Them Product and Promo updates
  • How To Send Deal Alerts To Your Customers
  • How to Integrate Blogs into your eCommerce Store
  • How to Integrate Articles about your products into your Online shop

Mobile Friendly Platform

  • Build a Mobile Adaptive eCommerce store, friendly to Mobile Devices especially mobile phones and tablets


  • Manage your stock online, know when you are out of stock automatically
  • Offer discount to loyal customers on your website
  • Offer Special Bonuses During Holidays – Holidays Special Bonus
  • Simple, easy to use, no story, eCommerce website in 60 minutes
  • Easy-to-Use Shopping Cart
  • Create your online store in 60minutes or less
  • Create a home for your brand, house all your Jumia and Konga store products under one roof – your own url A home for your brand
  • Run your business from your own online store
  • Use your own domain name

Offer Flexible Shipping and Home Delivery Rates

  • Improve your average order size by offering free delivery to your customers. You can choose the price point at which free delivery applies using the step by step guide in these videos

Who Should Get These Training Videos?

  • These videos are for you if you are referred to as any of the following:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Manufacturers
  • Exporters
  • Importers
  • Jumia and Konga Sellers
  • Network and Affiliate Marketers
  • Online Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Companies
  • Artist
  • Sellers of physical products
  • Fashionistas and Fashion Product sellers (shoes, bags, clothes, hair products, watches, perfumes, etc)
  • Want to build a business and earn money building professional ecommerce websites for others
  • DealDey Sellers
  • OLX Sellers
  • FaceBook Marketers
  • Instagram Sellers
  • Beginners
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Network Marketers
  • Everyone interested in how eCommerce works
All you need to do is follow the step-by-step video guide, in 60minutes or less and you would have your own professional eCommerce store without paying expensive web design fees.

All for N18,500 only + FREE Delivery to your home/office address when you order before the deadline

You also get the following bonuses when you order before the deadline:

How To Order

Step One: The access to the entire training videos, first reserve your videos by sending a SMS with your Name, Email, GSM, and “I want eCommerce Videos” + Date you are making payment to 0803 297 8011

Step Two: Pay N18, 500
We accept both Direct Deposits and Online Transfer Payments, Online Payments (using the add to cart button below) as well as Bank to

Account Name: ServiceForts Publishing
GTBank Account Number: 001 135 9820 Or
FirstBank Account Number: 201 500 7720

Step Three: Send an EMAIL with your name, email, teller number, name on the teller, amount paid and the bank to, date paid, GSM + “eCommerce Videos” and delivery address (If you paid N3,500 for delivery) to payments @

Title of your email MUST be ‘I paid for eCommerce Videos”

Step Four: We’ll confirm the payment and inform you when to pick up at the office or send you the package to the delivery address if you paid for delivery. Allow for 7 working days for delivery/pick up after payment confirmation. That’s it.


Recieve these additional bonuses when you order before the deadline

  • Process DVD: – In the Process DVD you will find 80 Step-by-Step Insider Do-It-Yourself Internet and Information Marketing Videos, 7 Internet Marketing Softwares For Building up a profitable business of your own online. Bonus Value: N15,000.
  • Web Design Mastery:- With The Web Design Mastery Package you will become so skilled in website design to the point that you can Turn your web design skills into a Profitable business – because we will even show you how to promote your skills and website. Bonus Value: N10,500
  • Monetized Blogging DVD:- Discover how to monetize your blogs and online store using simple strategies from this video training. Bonus Value: N15,000
  • Free theme installation on your wordpress:- Bonus Value: N10, 500 . Our in-house tech team will install the ecom them for you free of charge (please note we are only installing the theme on your blog as a bonus)
  • Free Installation of Naira Payment Gateway:- Our technical team will install a simple payment option on your website to enable you accept ATM Card payments on your website, it doesn’t matter what you are selling online, whether you are Manufacturer, Exporter, Importer, Jumia and Konga Seller, Fashionista, Network and Affiliate Marketer online marketer, a blogger, a company or an artist. Bonus Value: N75,000.

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