The 13 Business Lessons My Mentor Taught me – In a 10minutes Phone call

Have you ever seen the movie – A little bit of heaven by Kate Hudson and Gael Bernal?
In that movie, Gael plays the part of the doctor (Julian) who falls in love with his dying patient, played by Kate (Marley).
At one scene in the movie where Julian takes a walk with Marley, Marley talks so much to the point that Julian blurts out - I have never met anyone who talks so much and yet says NOTHING at the same time!
It's amazing how a ten minutes phone call can either be life transforming or add absolutely no value to your life…stay with me, I am about to give you the whole jist from the next paragraphs..
So, it's been two weeks since my last email, article and since I celebrated my birthday. Actually, exactly 15 days now. Within those 15 days, I have travelled miles round the country, appeared at speaking events, sat down in consultation seasons with clients; and just like you, I have had my fair share of hair-raising days…things like..
PHCN won't give light at productive hours, the printer malfunctions just when you need to print an important document for the next meeting, a customer sends an inflammatory text, the tires go flat just when you are about to dash out for an important meet up, the hotel booked for a client thousands of miles across the sea won't accept the Nigerian issued master card…and on and seems it's not going to end…and then shhhhhh….
out of the blues, I receive a phone call…it's my mentor on the other end of the line..without having to say a word, we both knew why he was calling..He had recently given me a ONE-on-One 6Hours lecture on one of his successful lines of business to equip me for the launch of ServiceForts into that business. After the training, just like so many seminar, conference, and training attendees – I had done NOTHING yet with what I learnt.
Hey, just like you…I am human.
But the difference is that, I don't seat around and complain that a seminar or infoproduct did not work when I have not done what was taught..
In the brief 10minutes phone call with my mentor, he shared with me THIRTEEN important lessons of business. The reason I am about to share them in this article today is for reminders' sake.
You see, I once told a seminar class I was teaching that the main reason I write my books - is for the purpose of reminding ME of the lessons taught in the book. I write so that I can go back to reference the material in the future; and the purpose of this article is no different.
The 13 business lessons shared in the next paragraphs are to motivate and remind you and I that things will get done, irrespective of challenges, seeming or real.
The 10Minutes Business Lessons My Mentor Taught Me
1. You will always have fears about whatever you want to do – if you don't have fears, then you are not human
2. No matter how prepared you are, you will not be prepared for the things that will go wrong
3. Whatever will go wrong, will go wrong
So, What do you do? How do you move on?
1. Have the basic facts about the situation, have enough information to start
2. As you go along the way you will solve the rest
3. Ask intelligent questions like, this thing I want to venture into, is it possible? Is it real? If it's a business venture, ensure it is not a get rich quick venture.
If it is a business, have a long term plan, 5 to 10 years, except it is a hit and run business (which you should abstain from giving your time in the first instance). Have a 5 to 10 years vision. I told a class at a recent seminar on "Information Marketing Business" where I taught this same thing – I said "If you want to create and sell an infoproduct in a niche, ensure that it is a niche you have enough passion to play in for the next 5 or 10 years". If your product is Acne – will you still be here in the next 5 years promoting Acne solutions?? is worth thinking about.
 4. Start small, so that your mistakes will be small when you make them. When we started our travel company, barely 12 months into our existence we made a catastrophic mistake. That mistake would have wiped us out neat, we would have gone bankrupt, but because the mistake was small in size it could be managed, we learnt from it, and we have grown from it. So, start small, so that when you make your small mistakes, you can apply them to your business as you grow big.
5. You should have the advantage of a mentor. A mentor who has done well in the business and to whom you can turn to when you need to make major moves and decisions.
6. Having put lessons 1 to 5 in place, come up with a pricing plan for your product
7. Come up with your announcement. Announce your business, product, service to the world, your list, your community
8. And start pushing it. I'll never forget something I read recently (I think it was in Donald Trump's book, can't recollect right now)- The best form of advertising IS put the word out there once you have launched your business, product or service.
9. You know why you should do this? Because the opportunity will not always be there. Life goes on, things happen, time waits for now one, one day, you'll wake up and find out the world have moved on, while you are still on the same spot, deliberating for years about a significant move you should have made years ago. Seize the opportunities right now.
10. The only way to walk is to start crawling, make the mistakes (it is part of life). Before he rounded up, my mentor gave me this analysis – he said – when you write a software, you won't know how the software will work, until users begin to use it. So when you develop a software, you have got to release it into the world for users to try it out and give you feedback to correct the flaws.
It is the same thing, if you must walk – start- get started right now!
If you are convinced that you want to do that business, that product, that service, -Do It! Get started now! and don't let fear and excuses stop you.
PS: I have received so many phonecalls, sms, and emails asking about the upcoming birthday offer I announced during my birthday. This is to let you know, I'm working on it, and will fulfill my promises shortly. Cheers.


  1. I must confess this is one really insightful article Ma. Thanks for sharing with me this ho info. As a popular logo says.. Just Do It

  2. I have never been so inspired all my life; fear really is what holds us back and having read through, I really wanna give it a shot regardless of what the world thinks. Thanks Efe

  3. Efe, happy Easter in areas,may d joy of this season be with u nd ur family throughout d year in Jesus name. Fr. Prosper Amuwha.

  4. Thanks madam you are a blessing to this generation. … let’s know when next you would be offering a business seminar on starting importation business

  5. Thank u ma, this info came at d right time for me when i needed to deal with fear and move on, thank u again

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