Welcome, Have you used any of ServiceForts products or services or attended our training in the past and your life has been transformed by the Efe Imiren teachings and you have a something to say about it? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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  1. Dear Sister Efe Imiren.

    Your books on information marketing business are a blessing to the neophytes like me. I am pleased to inform you that i gained a lot from them.

    With the knowledge I have acquired from the IMBW9, I am convinced that the information marketing business is a goldmine ready to be tapped by serious minded people.

    However, I also discover that this is a business that is very trickish and full of boobtraps. Therefore, one needs someone who has gone through the mills to serve as a guide and mentor.

    I am quite aware that your schedules are always tight on a daily basis as you are always on the go. I will still request you to please find it appropriate to create a space for me in your schedules as my mentor.

    I know this is a difficult decision for you to make, but i assure you I will not misuse the opportunity.

    Thanking you for your consideration. I promise to be another testimony among others.

    Best regards.


  2. Madam Efe is a lady most of us are proud of.she has taught me severally and i always enjoyed her.Efe we love you and the good job you are doing.

  3. Mr Amooo you are right Madam Efe is a real coach with the little time i have spent online with her i know she is a good mentor to bre proud of. I have gained much. Mama I love you faithfulness and sincerety pls ride on

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