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So the whole of Nigeria woke up to BVN today, many people including yours truely had interesting stories to tell…if you're on our mailing list, see your mail for my story. We'll like to hear from you, share your story below…


  1. I woke up 2am monday morning so I can quickly make some payments to my suppliers using my paypal only to find out that I cannot make any payments as my GTB account had been blocked not because I have not done my BVN ooooo it’s just the linking as I registered it at Zenith Bank but was not told at that point I have to link it to my other bank accounts manually.
    As a techy guy I am I logged into my Internet banking and found a BVN link which I clicked and filled the form but did not get any response. 2 hours later I called GTB contact Centre only to stay on the line for 9minutes without speaking with an agent. Well I had to physically go to the bank to link my BVN.

  2. Its quite unfortunate that Nigerian financial institutions customers and free borns are treated as slaves even in their own father land.

    As i write, i am not able to access my money i kept in D*****mnd Bnk. I had an exact experince as yours and currently going through same at the moment even after 24hrs they promised to have the issues resolved.

    The unfortunate thing here is that, i maintained three seperate account with a particular bank, i have done my BVN registration as far back as March 16th, 2015 and recieved my BVN number from wherever they sent it from.

    I have been asked severally about whether i have done my registration or not on each transaction i had with the bank and even had shown them my BVN number on countless occassions.

    Also, the issues of Synchronizing with other bank account does not arise here, as all the accounts i have are from the same bank. Have i not been patrotic enough ????

    All accounts i had were baared, REASON ???

    The bank claimed, it has no record of my BVN registration, but i got same text message from them with my BVN number which i showed them, only for them to tell me the BVN number has not been synchronise, as a result, i do not have right to spend my own hard earned money until they synch the rubbish.

    my worries are enormous, CBN just churn out policy just to award contract to friends and family members at the detriment of the citizenry.

    i have thought of sueing the bank, i am stranded not for my fault of not registring as at deadline because i recieved my BVN number on the 24th March, 2015, meaning i had registered one week or more earlier than that.but for someone somewhere not doing the job they are being paid to do.

    i sure need a lawyer please, this nonsense regulators not having ombudsman to regulate them are a bane to the general well being and an infringement to both civil and constitutional rights of Nigerians.

    emchewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. annoying set of policy makers

  3. I am in d same bvn mess o, I spent the little money I had with me over the weekend and not until Tuesday when I needed to make some supplies and I didn’t even have money for transport talkless , food even #5 I didn’t have I used nothing less than 6 atm machines with no progress then I decided to get to my bank and then getting to the bank I was told I have not done my Bvn at all, something I did nothing less than 4 months ago, I wanted to do it again then the lady in the bank i.e the person in charge of bvn registration said because I said I had done it before I could not do it again, men the frustration was already over the bar I just had to vent it all round, imagine telling me that I couldn’t do it twice when they said I had done it already that was when she said they could help me search for mine. After all the stress that was when she gave the answer I needed to hear all this happened in nothing less than 4 hours and until now I can’t withdraw I am just stranded till maybe tomorrow day since today is Wednesday maybe till Thursday or Friday before I can withdraw my hard earned money, can u imagine nonsense.

  4. After I read your BVN story i laffed cos i fell victim too last week, while waiting to receive alert of my monthly salary finally if came on sunday morning after i did some mobile transactions i decided to visit the ATM stand to withdraw some cash as i done red that period so i walked up to one of the machines in my area with my wife lo n behold transaction can not be completed i thought wetin they happen?? tried again same thing na so i lock up waited till the following day cause i had to go to work so i collected some change from my wife to enable to go n come back….while at the office i sent a mail to my bank what i had experienced then i realized i had not linked my BVN with the said bank, and it wasn’t my fault per say cause i did my BVN registrations sometimes last year and went to the other banks i used to link it and when i got to one of the branches of the said bank, the guy that i spoke with at the customer desk said it would be done automatically and i thought good initiative and i forgot about BVN wahala over a year ago now….until this happenings when i got to the bank following day, I met i think about 300 or more people…when i entered the bank all sorts of queue for different purpose had to ask the security man where can i link my BVN and he asked if i had done the reg before i said yes…the next thing the guy said was i should go to another of their branch that the form i would fill was not available i thought of the closest branch again and funny enough the closest i remembered was at Oba Akran Avenue….so i entered bus and went o, on getting there yes i could do it but unfreezing my account was not possible so i asked the lady attending to me how long it would take she said ” I should lie to you i can give a time in particular” but it would take maybe another 2-3days to be done and i asked can i withdraw on counter she said yes…and i thought since i don’t know how long it would take let me withdraw enough cash till it is lifted ….anyways it got lifted after about 3 days eventually….this BVN matter done cos plenty Gbege o, because the publicity was not wide and not too serious i would say……my dear sister na so my BVN palava sef happen o!!!

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