ServiceForts Seminars Now Takes Place in Lagos Warri and Abuja

Yesterday, I was part of a Power-packed delegation who went to visit the recently Kidnapped-and-released Local Government Chairman, in Lagos State.
We waited more than 30minutes past the scheduled time and as you know we Entrepreneurs usually can't stand time wastage, especially on a Monday for that matter.
When we finally got to see him, he didn't have that impressive or intimidating look, frankly, I must say I wasn't impressed, at first. BUT
After the introduction, he began to speak…He caught my attention, I was blown away..Now Why am I telling you about our visit?
The Chairman gave us some statistics during that visit, which concerns you and I, whether directly or indirectly, It concerns you and I as long as we live in this country. Here's what he said:
During the recent Jamb Examination, 1.7Million 16year olds and above took that Exam and the ministry responsible for education affairs informed you and I that only 500,000 of that 1.7Million will gain admission into Universities.
That is a whopping 1.2Million citizens of this nation faced with uncertainty…and there is no job guarantee for the other 500,000 even if they manage to graduate..
So Again, why am I telling you all this?
The Chairman concluded that for many Nigerian youths seeking a better, secure and comfortable life, the solution to the problem may just be about preaching volunteerism, the message of putting yourself out there, volunteering to do something valuable in exchange for value or the solution may just be the case of the need to be helped to think, helped to defend their education and that's where our self-improvement seminars, trainings and workshops come in at ServiceForts Business Academy.
Over the years, we have trained hundreds of individuals both online and offline, especially at our seminars, we have trained people to take a hold of their future, to be their own boss, to build a stable business, and we have taught the rudiments of how to turn these businesses into cash-cows that help you lead the comfortable life style that you deserve. Don't take our word for it, read what others are saying about our trainings here
Our seminars help you to THINK; to create businesses of value that would help you lead the comfortable lifestyle you deserve and they help you to make MONEY.
That’s why in the Month of June 2013, we will be visiting Lagos, Abuja and Warri with our seminars, frankly, we are not looking for a mammoth crowd, we want to teach action takers, individuals serious about taking control of their financial lives to lead a more comfortable and secure future. Here’s the timetable below:

Workshop/Training Title

Registration Closing Date

Seminar Date

Seminar Venue, Course Details and Course Fees

Importation Business Workshop and Training





13th  June 2013

15th  June 2013


20th  June 2013

22nd June 2013


27th  June 2013

29th June 2013





Travel Consulting Business Training





6th June 2013

8th June 2013


4th July 2013

6th July 2013

Now you don’t have to travel all the way down to Lagos to get the information you need to create for yourself a successful business that gives you the financial freedom you deserve. We are coming to you, live in Abuja and Warri..I really don’t know when we will have something like this again, so register to attend right now!


  1. Just bumped into this, this is exactly what i've been looking for. When would you hold your next seminar? I'd like to be a part of it.

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