Mentorship Program Testimonials

Hello and Welcome to the mentorship program hall of testimonies

At ServiceForts Business Academy, we run a 24 Weeks Mentorship program in selected Business Courses Including

==> Travel Consulting Business

==> Importation Business

==> Internet and Information Marketing Business

==> Book Authoring, Publishing and Marketing Business

Many of the participants on the Mentorship Program have gone on to build strong and profitable businesses; and their lives have been changed for the best as a result of attending this program

This section was created for participants to share their Stories…

One of the First Stories and Testimonials you will read is that of Micah (he'll introduce himself below), a student on the Travel Consulting Business Program who is now a certified travel consultant and is also relocating to Canada with his family as a result of what he has learnt on the program..

Enjoy reading full details below!



Dear All,

Am a certified migration consultant and a proud graduate of serviceforts Travel Mentorship program and have also attended several seminars organized by Efe.

Am also elated to mention that I have learnt a whole lot about how to jump start a successful travel consultancy business from this program which actually gave me more than enough value for money paid.

I particularly enjoyed strategies and profits secrets Efe revealed during the program as well as the live demonstration of how to go about the serious part of the business.

what is more, I have relevant materials/resources to fall back on when I meet with peculiar client cases besides the fact that our dear mentor is always available to give practical assistance anyday.

Am excited I now have a decent business that will guarantee steady flow of income so far am ready to work.

I strongly recommend this program and a whole lot of what ServiceForts has to offer as the best in its clime.