Post Your Questions About Importation from China USA Dubai and UK

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In view of our upcoming Importation business seminar, here is the opportunity for you to get all the answers you want and value for your money.

Post your questions below and we will answer ALL questions at our upcoming seminar.

Remember our special tutor for the upcoming Seminar, whom we have called Mr. Importer has over 15 years experience importing and has 2 mega shops at computer village, so you know this seminar is PRACTICALS not theories!

Start asking your questions today!


  1. How do I start importation bussinessd for as low as 10k and which websites can I get goods at a very very low price and how can I ship in goods into nigeria free of charge where is the seminar going hold

  2. I attended the Importation Seminar in 2012 and got the DVD of it. I lost the Visa Card I obtained from my bank but iwas re-issued another one in September 2012. I haven't been able to put that into use because of my long stay in the US. Now that am back, I want to break the jinx and go headlong into the busi*ness.

    I've visited the web sites you gave at the Seminar. My question is: Whwat is L/T and T/T. Your response will be of immense benefit to me please. May be you can send the reply to my phone number.

    Thanks for tha anticipated early reply.

  3. hello,

    please i am interested. i wish to attend this seminar. i dint get to know u had one coming up so soon in Lagos. but please when is the next one coming up in lagos or perharps in abuja as you said. i really want to learn about as soon as possible.

    thank you as i await ur prompt response

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