Platinum Step 4

Hello and welcome to step 4.
The key to making money consistently on the internet and in information marketing business is to CONSISTENTLY MARKET your product and services and the thing is you have to do it with more than one product/service.
You can’t just have one product and one advert and expect money to flow in like rivers of water. Check the big players in all businesses of life, these guys diversify. You have to know how to diversify your business and be in the face of your customers ALL the time. That is why in our sales copy says to help you get a minimum of 3 businesses up and running.
Now that you have placed one advert in step 3, may be you got less than 10 people who responded to your advert, does that mean you should give up? Absolutely NO!
Now is the time to intensify your advert!
Studies have proven that a confirmed buyer sees your advert SEVEN times before they ever buy your product! So please don’t think you will place one advert and go to sleep.
So, Go back to the papers and place the advert again! This time, make it BIGER.
This week you will place TWO Adverts.
1. Download the Two Adverts – by Clicking Here
2. Download your special import business ebook that has your affiliate id and details by Clicking Here , when the page opens up, enter your affiliate ID and click the button “rebrand it”. You will see the image below:


Share your book that contains your affiliate id on FaceBook and Twitter by clicking on the images and follow the instructions
3. You can Upload the book to your website through fileziller and send the download link by SMS to those you follow up (optional step, but useful)
4. Copy the link in the ebook download link in the image above (i.e. the first link in the image above) and Shorten that link in to make it presentable e.g
5. Download the SMS Follow up messages here and do the following
a) Put the ebook link in your SMS follow up
b) Replace the phone number in the SMS messages with your own
6. Create an Import Business campaign in your CMS Autoresponder (if you did not do so in step 4 last week)
How To Create A New Code/Campaign for New Advert (E.g Import Advert)
1) Login, go to campaign on
2) click on Create Campaign
3) in the section "Campaign Title" enter a title of your choice, e.g "Importation",
4) select "Email Sender Name And Address"
5) under "Opt-in Mode" select "phone and web" target leads select 50,
6) under "Contact Duplication" select "update existing entry with duplicate"
7) under "Incomplete Opt-in information" select accept
8) click on "create campaign"
Note: let your campaign name and keyword be the same to avoid confusion. Now insert the codes and place your first advert.
7. Insert the SMS follow up messages in your (new import business campaign) in you CMS Autoresponder account
8. Send the SMS follow up messages to your phone contacts every day for the next 7 consecutive days
9. Post the SMS follow up messages on your facebook wall every 3 hours every day for the next 7 days.
10. Place your advert in the papers
11. Come back here and post a report on how your advert is doing below in the comment section here this week.
Phone Numbers of Places You can Place Your Adverts
Some of these people are known to us at ServiceForts for our advertising programs, please do not abuse the access to them, thank you.
Offline Advert Sources:
1) Punch Newspapers: 0802 974 6802 – Madam Monisola
2) Guardian Newspapers: 0802 316 1276 – Mr. Tetteh
3) Sun Online Advert: 0805 633 4351 – Mr, Uche
Online Advert Sources
1) FaceBook
2) Google
3) Guardian Online Adverts – : 0802 316 1276 – Mr. Tetteh
4) -
5) –
6) Punch Online Advert – Tessy Okpala –
You have TEN advert options, plus the new additions of
a) sending SMS to all Contacts on your phone and
b) posting the SMS follow up messages on your facebook wall every  3 hours every day for the next 7 days.
Nairaland is Nigerias’ biggest forum,  that is the website that close to one million Nigerians visit every single day first thing in the morning for their daily news.
You can place an advert on Nairaland and begin making sales almost immediately.
You can follow the instructions to place your advert below:
The Power To Experiment
You don’t need to stick to our own sample adverts because many other people will place the same advert, experiment, get a graphics designer to do a N1,000 banner advert using the sample we gave you,
you can get them on nairaland  or and beat the competition by getting more people to visit your affiliate site and make more sales.
Looking forward to your comments below this week.
Efe Imiren
Notes: The Import eBook and Follow up SMS is to advertise the Importation Business eBook Package. Commission on eBook sale is N2,000. Please visit the sales page for more details.


  1. For over a week now i have been trying to create a new campaign for the importation business, but the cms page keep telling me 'could not create

    campaign keyword'. I have contacted the cms admin on the issue and yet the process is still not working hence i would have place the import advert eversince. pls i need ur assistance urgently.

  2. its been wonderful so far…over 300 subscribers on my email list and already counting 100 phone contacts from cms builder account. Also one sale made, but I know before this month end i will hit up to 20 sales.

    Please Can we send import advert to the list we built from the N950 daily adverts??

    • Yes you can, it's called Cross-Marketing, but you should send your adverts in a sequence, meaning, program a minimum of 7 messages delivered over a 14 day period to your existing list. This should increase your sales significantly. Thank You

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