Platinum Business – Step 3

Hello and welcome to step 3.
Now that all your links are working, and you have changed your passwords, it is time to place your first advert.
I make sales every day from my products, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t make sales from your adverts as well.
To place your adverts, you need to know how to use the following:
1) How to use the GSM Autoresponder Code and place it in your paper advert
2) How to Send SMS to your clients using
Understand The Products You are Selling Online Via Your Website
Before placing your advert, you need to understand what you are selling. You can't sell convincingly if you don't know what you are selling, if you have not used what you are selling and if you don't believe in what you are selling.
If you listened to the 5 audio messages I gave you to download in Step One, the first thing you will notice in those lessons is that, to make sales, you need to build relationships, because people only buy from people they like.
So to build a relationship, you need to understand how what you are selling works, and how it will be of help to those you are selling it to.
So you first aim is to be of help to the people you are selling to.
And you can't do that effectively, without first knowing what you are selling.
You have two websites – and is to enable people register to receive frequent articles from you while is the site you use to give out useful information and articles, and it's also the site where the products you are selling have been listed.
So go to and click on "Products" read all the sales copies of EACH product, and understand what EACH Product is about.
Then ask yourself – How can these products help me or help the people I want to advertise to.
That sort of thinking is the beginning of your success in this business.
As at the time of this post, here are the five products listed on your website which you are promoting or selling:
Product #1: N950 Daily 10 Weeks Training: Discover How making money online works and actually make money online in 10 weeks.
Product #2: Information Marketing Blueprint: If You have wondered  how to 
start your own successful information marketing business, this simple ebook will show you how
Product #3: Website Design Manual : Every website owner must know some key features about his website to avoid being exploited by his website designer, read this manual before you ever hire a website designer again!
Product #4: 77 WordPress Videos: Become a Professional Blogger and Make Money Blogging
Product #5: Website Design Mastery Videos: Learn how to create and design websites like a professional and make a profitable income from your new skills
You will be able to advertise effectively and sell these products better if you understand each product.
Learn How To Use Your Email Autoresponder
Now, we have helped you set up your autoresponder but you will need to understand how to use it.
The links to the ebook and video below will help you understand how to use it. The purpose of the videos is to help you understand how to use the autoresponder, so that you can add more follow up emails and articles to your autoresponder for the purpose of building relationships with your customers.
1) Download the ebook, video, And Resources below:

How To Get Your  GSM Autoresponder Advert Code
Login to , go to campaign, click on manage campaign, look at the campaign name, under keyword format, click on the key logo you will see something like this:
950daily + Name + Email + GSM
The first word is your CODE. Put that word in your advert.
How To Create A New Code for New Advert (E.g Import Advert)
1) Login, go to campaign on
2) click on Create Campaign
3) in the section "Campaign Title" enter a title of your choice, e.g "Importation",
4) select "Email Sender Name And Address"
5) under "Opt-in Mode" select "phone and web" target leads select 50,
6) under "Contact Duplication" select "update existing entry with duplicate"
7) under "Incomplete Opt-in information" select accept
8) click on "create campaign"
Note: let your campaign name and keyword be the same to avoid confusion.
Now insert the codes and place your first advert.
Discover How To Make N950 Per Day…Guaranteed!
This business will put N950 into your bank account EVERY DAY.
It is Easy to Set Up. No Degree needed. Zero Start Up Cost in most cases.
You can do it part time. And it Guarantees N950 Daily.
For Instant reply on How to start today, SMS in Format Below:
CODE + Your Name + Your Email + Your GSM to 0705 463 8883
A Special Invitation To Make Money With Me on My Seminars.
On the 10th of November 2012 ServiceForts Business Academy is holding the LAST Importation Business Seminar for the year.
As I am writing to you we already have people who have booked for the seminar, this is a hot business in Nigeria at the moment, and I am inviting you to share in the income we will be generating in this seminar – so that you can make your platinum business investments back as quickly as possible, with profits as well.
This Seminar is N25,900 and our Affiliates and Promoters are getting N5,900 per registered person.
If you place an advert and 50 people responds and from your follow up 5 people registers, that is N29,500. You make your platinum money back plus profits.
If 10 people responds and registers through your advert that N59,000 to you.
Lets work together and make you some money from this business before November 10th!
Your Affiliate Links
Your affiliate links for the following products are as follows:
1) N950 Daily Business System
2) Importation Business Seminar
Replace XXXX with your affiliate ID.
The Import Seminar link will only be available when we are running a seminar. After the seminar, the link will not be live till we have another seminar again.
So, make your profits now that it is live J
Your Adverts
Please download Your sample adverts from this link and place your adverts this week.
Use different gsm autorespoder codes for different adverts so that you can track each advert.
E.g If you are placing the N950 advert and Import advert, use different gsm autoresponder codes for each advert.
Phone Numbers of Places You can Place Your Adverts
Some of these people are known to us at ServiceForts for our advertising programs, please do not abuse the access to them, thank you.
Offline Advert Sources:
1) Punch Newspapers: 0802 974 6802 – Madam Monisola
2) Guardian Newspapers: 0802 316 1276 – Mr. Tetteh
3) Sun Online Advert: 0805 633 4351 – Mr, Uche
Online Advert Sources
1) FaceBook
2) Google
3) Guardian Online Adverts – : 0802 316 1276 – Mr. Tetteh
4)  -
5) –
6) Punch Online Advert – Tessy Okpala –
I have given you TEN advert options.
Three Important Tips for Successful Offline Adverts
1)  For very quick response, place an OFFLINE advert first this week, then follow up with SMS.
2) If you can, try to convince the advertisers to place your advert in Early pages of the newspaper “e.g Pages 2 to 10”
3) Ask them to place the advert on the Top right hand side of the news paper; those strategic positions get faster results for your adverts
Remember that your colleagues will also be placing their adverts and there is limited space in the early pages of newspapers, so the early pages will be on first come-first serve basis, do not procrastinate, contact the advert fellows as soon as possible within business hours to place your advert before your colleagues beat you to it.

How To Follow Up with SMS After Placing Your Offline Advert
2) Go to campaign, click on manage campaign
3) Under campaign name click on the exact campaign you want to follow up, e.g N950campaign or Import
4) Click on View Contact
5) on the right hand side of your screen you will see “Click here to Export All Contacts”
6) click on it and save it to your desktop
7) Open it and extract the phone numbers
8) Go to , create an account for yourself, get some credits on it and send follow up sms to your numbers
We will send you follow up SMS messages for the Import Advert to your clients in step 4.
Your GSM Autoresponder is already preloaded with follow up SMS Messages for the N950 Daily Program,
9) You can set follow up messages to send for 5 days or 1 week to those phone number list, to remind them of what you have advertised.
Please place your Offline Advert, and send me an SMS on which paper you have placed the advert so we can purchase that paper on the day of your Advert.
In Step 4 What you will Get
In step 4 I’ll show you how to download ebooks that have been branded with your affiliate links that you can give away for free to your list on what you have advertised this week.
Place your adverts and send me an alert on which paper to look out for.


    • Hello, if you don't live in Lagos, you can call the representatives and send your advert to them via email or you can ask them to refer you to a representative in the state or town in which you live.

  1. i have not received the details of my platinum level business yet,such as my website e.t.c.I only receive the affiliate id and password.

  2. Dear Efe,

    Thanks for everything. As regard the, what is the minimum payment i can pay to start my Bulk sms messages. am eager to start with my Advert soonest.You are right ma. everything is working perfectly alright.

    I have tighten my seat belt.


  3. Just today 23rd October, 2012 I just saw your comments on my predicament on how to send my advert. I wish I havd seen this much earlier I would have complied immediately as you recommended. Is it too late to place the advert that is after I found out about the Representative of Sun Online Advert as I will put a call to Uche tomorrow 24th Oct. 2012?

    I had earlier today tried to do something by testing the Advert to Uche via the phone number you showed in Platinum Business – Step 3. But I had this feeling I did a wrong thing. That is the teething problem one has to pass through. I will over come.

    • You can place your adverts. If you are placing importation seminar advert, you should do it asap to meet the seminar date. Cheers

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