Platinum Business Step 2

Dear Platinum Member
Welcome to Part Two of this business course.
So far you have received two emails from us, titles of these emails are:
Mail 1: Welcome To Platinum Business Level – Affiliate – XXXX
Where xxxx is your affiliate ID.
Mail 2: PLATINUM BUSINESS – Has Started Today! Here is Step 1
Please check your emails to ensure you have followed the steps in these emails. Mail 1 has a notepad file attached to it, it contains ALL the login details to all your “Business Assets”. That notepad will be referred to as you “Asset File”
Your Business Assets are your website, blog, autoresponders, affiliate control panel, etc. 
Mail 2 contains download link to an ebook and 5 Audio Lessons on List building, you are expected to have downloaded and listened to those files by now. It is advisable to follow the instructions to get the best results from your investments.
Platinum Business Step 2
If you have followed all the instructions in email 1 and 2, then the next step is to Change ALL your passwords. Do it NOW. You can not start marketing your website or affiliate links until you have changed ALL your passwords.
Login to each detail given to you in the “Asset File” and change ALL your passwords.
How To Change Your Affiliate Control Panel Password:
1) Login to your Affiliate Control Panel and Click on “Profile” put in your desired password and save.
2) Login to your Affiliate Control Panel and Visit the Affiliate Profile Page to Update your password with the SAME one you used in step 1 above:
Please remember to save all your password in a place you can retrieve it, we will not be able to reset or retrieve your password for you, once you misplace it, your account and website is lost forever. You are in total control of your login details.
Update Your Autoresponders With Your Correct Contact Details
Also, After changing your password, you can update your autoresponders with your correct postal details, We did not give programmers full access to your address to protect your details, after changing your passwords, update your accounts with your correct postal details.
How To Access Your Affiliate Control Panel and Platinum Members Content on This Blog
As you will notice, some aspects of this blog require passwords to view contents and only those with passwords can access those contents,
Look at the right hand side of the blog, scroll to the area marked or titled "Platinum Business Affiliate Area" you can login from that area by clicking on the relevant links, e.g Member Login, Affiliates Private Area, Platinum Business etc.
How To Log out of Your Affiliate Control Panel
To Log out, simply scroll to the "Platinum Business Affiliates Area", click on the "Affiliates Private Area" and click on "Logout". Always ensure to log out of your control panel whenever you have finished working or leaving your computer.
We will allow you 48 hours to change all your passwords and send you the next step to take in the next 48 hours.


  1. My Coach,

    Good Day Ma. I Think Say Na Play, Play, The Thing They escalate O.

    My Classmate In Platinum Biz, Make Una Tighten Your SeatBelt & Follow Instruction(s) From Our Mentor (Coach).From The Look of Things, This Woman Meant What She's Saying o. God will help us To comply.Cheers

  2. I have changed all my passwords and awaiting the mail for the next step to take. Thank you for the wonderful job done. I appreciate you and your team. God will continue to enrich you with more wisdom to forge ahead.



  3. my "CONTROL PANEL LOGIN DETAILS", FTP LOGIN DETAILS, and 'OFFICIAL EMAIL' user names and passwords are not responding,What can I do pls.

    • There is nothing wrong with your details

      I logged into to all your details below and they
      are working perfectly. Kindly settle down to go over your details with care. Thank you.

  4. I am afraid I did not receive the email 1 that has the"Asset File" as its attachment.

    Presently too, Iam unable to login into my website-

    -hosted by When i login it just says that my hosting has expired.

    Kindly check and help me out.

    Thank you.

    • Kindly check your website, it is functional now and the Asset File has been sent to you, kindly confirm you have received it

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