How To Make Your Payments

Thank you for your smart investment decision. Be rest assured that, you are making one of the best decisions towards developing your income!

Kindly follow the steps below and ensure you carry out each step completely

Step #1

We accept Online Transfer, Direct Bank Deposit
and Bank to Bank Transfer.

You can order for any of our products or services by investing the required amount in Naira to any of the bank accounts below:

Account Name: ServiceForts Publishing
Account Number: 001 135 9820


First Bank
Account Name: ServiceForts Publishing
Account Number: 201 500 7720

Step #2

After payments, do just one simple thing:

Send an EMAIL payment notice to payments (AT)
with the SUBJECT of your email saying: Paid for Name of Product/Service

Please replace the (AT) with the @ sign to get the correct email address.

Next the BODY of the Email should contain the following:

Amount Paid -
Depositor’s Name -
Your Full Names -
Teller number -
Name of Product / Service you paid for -
Your Email -
Your GSM No -
Bank Name You Paid To -
Date you paid

(Don’t worry, once you pay and send this notification, your package will be delivered IMMEDIATELY after confirmation of payments in 24 – 48 hours if it's an online package or within 1-2weeks if its an offline package.)

Thank you


If you wish to make payment online, send us an email to request for online payment link of the product.

Your email must include the Correct Product name. Email is payments (AT)


  1. i have been looking out for this in vain.

    thank GOD i eventually find this. i will

    make my payment 1st thing this morning.

    i will work it out hard to achieve success

    from it 'cos i need the cash bad!!

    thank you ma.

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