One Of My Dreams Happened Today

Hey Welcome To today's Post,

I'm making this post with a happy smile on my face.

Years ago, when I was still slaving away as an employee,
I would wake up as early as 4am and by 5am I was out of of the house
to beat traffic and get to work by 6:15am just to ensure I got to work
early and not use traffic as an excuse.

During those years on the road as an employee, I would listen to one of my Top Radio Personalities, as he inspired people from about 5am in the morning.

I'd listen as he called people on air and chatted with them, one of my favourite shows was the one in which he'd call you up and  practically w-h-i-n-e you, then He'll say

"This is Dan Foster, You are on the Good Morning
Nigeria Show!"

I would fleetingly dream of someday being interviewed or whined on air by Dan Foster or any of my Favorite Radio Personalities.

That Dream came through today, and I was surprised!

This Morning, Dan Foster called me from
Inspiration FM to talk about my Life as
an Entrepreneur on Radio. Guess what,

I was in my pyjamas working from my Home Office when the call came, and in 20seconds, I was on Air, talking to thousands of people about the Entrepreneurial Journey so far. (Yes, I have a fully furnished office at home, away from my sleeping room and apart from my Opebi Office)

And On Wednesday 7th, The Nation Newspaper published an Article on the just concluded Web Consulting Business Training organized by ServiceForts Business Academy

So why am I telling you all these?

It's time we own up and face up to it, No matter how life seems, the actions you take today are shaping your tomorrow.

Therefore, If you have any questions about the following services from ServiceForts Companies, please push the comment button below to ask:

1) N950-Per-Day Business System   – From ServiceForts Publishing

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3) 2 Years Canadian Visa  – From ServiceForts Travels

In a few days time, Nigeria will be marking her birthday and It will be independence day. As the custom is, ServiceForts gives back to our great nation Nigeria by Offering some of our products and Services at un-heard-of discounts.

If you are on our mailing list, Keep Your eyes on your email for our Independence Day Offer. You will Love it, and you will not want to miss it. Start Planning and saving towards it.

So, like I said earlier, No matter how life seems, the actions you take today are shaping your tomorrow.

Don't forget to ask me your questions about any of the services I listed above.

Have a Beautiful Day and Keep Your Dreams Alive!


Efe Imiren

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  1. In his Book-"We Meet At The Top" Zig-Ziglar says that THOSE who assist qthers to reach their GOALS, will also find it EASY to REACH their own lofty GOALS.

    Zig-Ziglar in his Book,"We Meet At The Top"said that THOSE Who help OTHERS to reach their GOALS will also find it easy to REACH their OWN LOFTY GOALS. And That is YOU – QUEEN EFE IMIREN. You have helped many to reach their goals and so MUST You always reach your GOALS .AMEN.

    monisobola @

  2. There is nothing as sweet as realising one's dream. I congratulate you for making your dream a reality. I hope i will be the next to share my testimony.

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