NLC Strike and 8 Hour Face To Face Training

Hello Happy New Year and Welcome to my first post this year. How are you doing today?

It's no longer news that the situation in the country calls for Prayers and I trust that you are praying that the almighty will intervene so that we all can get back to the task of making 2012 a glorious year.

However, I want to quickly bring something to your attention.

Since the strike began,  I have received many phone calls from readers who are
asking me the same question: "hope the strike is not affecting you?"

Ejoh tell me, is the strike not  affecting you? Ehn? When movement is
almost halted and transportation is grounded such that you can't go about your normal
daily activities of life in peace, tell me,  is the strike not affecting you??

Anyway your guess about my answer is as good as mine. Yes it is, But
You see, even though banks, markets, petrol stations and even some hospitals are not open, because of the power of the internet, somethings still go on. Did I hear you ask – How?

Let me tell you how: Online, ATMs and even recharge card payments, have all been seen during this strike and that is what will be taught to all participants at the Upcoming 8 Hours Face-to-Face Training in Lagos.  How Do you get customers who have never met you before to be so crazy about your products to the extent of going to lenghts to find a way to pay you for your products?

We have got a lot of enquiries about the upcoming training and details will be sent to all those who indicated interest soon.

The training is initially scheduled for Satruday 4th February 2012, BUT

Because of the Strike and its ripple effects on us all as a nation, we are looking at shifting it to Saturday 18th 2012. or until further notice, when we are have won the victory we very much seek as a nation. What do you think of this?

I'll love to hear your opinion on this Looking forward to hearing from you.

You can post your comments/opinion below:

In the meantime, if you must go out to protest, please be peaceful about it, don't engage in the distruction of  lives and properties, because in the end You and I will still have to come back and repair the damage.

Stay Safe, pray for the nation and everyone out there working day and night to bring the nation back to its glorious state and don't forget to post your reply/opinion below

God Bless



  1. Hello Efe, thanks for your concern to us: Students of 950. Shifting to18/2/2012 is ok., and otherwise you can hold on to see the end to this unbearable situation first, then, you can fixed the new date to avoid further postponements.

  2. Thanks for the message. It's great. I am praying for God's intervention in Nigeria case.

    Please I am very interested in the 8 Hours Face-Face Training. I want to be part of it by the special grace of God…….hm…mm.

  3. Thanks very much for keeping in touch with your readers/subscribers on latest development in general and Nigeria in particular.

    Well! everybody is affected.

    Know what?

    When the strike started, my wife said it only concerned the labours. That the individuals institutions were not involved or affected and so she to where was teaching. but on the second day she told me she was not going to school because the school has closed because of the strike.

    She came to realised that the strike now affected everybody and institutions alike. No exception. How she thought it was only the workers that were affected surprised me forgetting that she would go to the market to buy food stuff, take transport to her school, payment for our children school fees etc.

    For me I take it as part of the development that the Bible forewarned us that would take place in the last day. Didn't the Bible said thatin the last day critical time had to deal with will be here? That, men (government) will not be able to find the way out of the various problems confronting mankind. In an effort to solve one they create another problem. In other words, am not in any way surprise. but to recite Our Lord's Prayer which states among other thing "Let Your Kingdom Come and Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is Done in The Heavens". Yes, only God's Kingdom will bring solution to mankind's numerous problems. (2Timothy 3.; Matt.24. and Luke 21.)

    Fortunately, He the Almighty has laready "set up a Kingdom " that will put an end to all human governments. (Dan. 2.44).

    Don't forget, besides the strike, state of insecurity is there (Boko Haren et -al) So, my sister that is my view on the present situation.

    On the "Face to Face Course", you know my handicap. Having to travel to Lagos from Makurdi had been my problem financial wise.

    It is even worse now with the removal of oil subsidy, it is extremely difficult to travel to a distance place like Lagos from my end here (MAKURDI).

    But I welcome alternative.


    Ogbu O. Gabriel

  4. Hello Efe, the situation now really call for prayers so that God should intervene in this matter. I feel the pain bcos my source of income is already affected by the strike. Nevertheless i can really say now whether the shift in the date for seminar will affect my programmes, but as other events unfold, that will determine the effect of the shift. A stitch in time saves nine. Procrastination is a thief of time.

  5. Many Thanks ma for your response and concern with regards to the current situation in the country.

    I totally agree with your idea to shift the training in order to allow all those interested to participate actively.

    I am sure with this move, there will be no excuse for not participating

  6. Thanks for your concern for your stundents and for Nigeria in general.After the strike nigeria shall come out better.i shall attend your next seminar inspite of the situation in the country.

  7. Thank you very much ma for the shift in the date of the training. This will afford everyone the opportunity to make necessary adjustments to accommodate the effects of the strike. I plan to attend without fail. Thanks & God bless

  8. Hi Efe, in fact this strike has not only crippled the businesses but it has also killed the poor silently and potentially. am very happy with ur decision, it really shows ur love for us the Nigerians, u are suppose to be our leader for having us in mind, i love u for this. i am in totally support of the postponement, but i want to know how much it will cost so i can prepare. thanks

  9. What a great one there, and you know what i really love it all your packages and burning desire to let out of your knowledge for other peoples profiting .

    As for the strike " let the living praise thee O lord let the living praise thee then the earth shall yield her increase " says the holy book (BIBLE) and as long as we are living, we will what is right do.


  10. Efe thanks the strike is affecting me in all ramifications as well as yourself may be this explains why you have not dispatched the product which i paid for on the 29th of December 2011 God will take controll

    Thanks God Bless


  11. Thank you so much efe I so much believe it was because of me u are organising the face to face meeting pls am very much interested thank u.

  12. While praying for the peaceful resolution of the ongoing strike,the proposed new date is okay by me and i will surely attend God willing.

  13. Hi efe I also want to indicate that I want the lessons and video dvd I wll like to pick it up from your office thank you.

  14. I am highly interested in the training and will love to receive further update as regards this.

    Thank you very much for this opportunity.

  15. Dear Efe,

    Dont mind me. I just sat at home and let the goodnews u shared pass me by. Yep, about atm, recharge cards, etc, its true. However, all I can say about the strike is a quoie from my favorite author, Robert Kiyosaki, I contend that its easier to change urself than to change the polical system. I will

    , by Gods grace. attend yr seminar. Thanks. Atima ekele

  16. Thx for your luv and concern for us and our great nation. We wil continue to pray for Nigeria we will not relent and I know that God in His infinite mercies will intervein on our behalf amen.

    On the 8hrs face to face Training shifting the date is okay so as to allow everyone that will want to participate to do so,I pray that God will enrich all our pockets in Jesus name Amen.

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