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Todays’ post is about answering some more questions about our popular 10weeks-Internet-and Information-Marketing-Business-Training-Program tagged “N950-Daily-Business
Some time in 2012 we answered a few questions in a separate post, if you have not read it, I’ll suggest you go read it as it contains detailed explanation about what the training program is all about and what you’ll be able to achieve at the end of the program-
Below are some more questions that have been asked after the first post:
How exactly do I register for the program?
Question: A prospective student wrote: “I have tried to register but I don't know if am registered or not. And I will like to know more about the stuff
Answer: you can know more about the program by reading in details the training outline on the . You will be able to register online with your atm card or by paying at the bank for the program on that page. It is a paid training program.
I don’t have money, what do I do?
Question: Emeka O wrote: I have no income and that is the reason why I can't register. It has been in my mind to register but I don’t have the money.
Answer: work, save and invest in your education. This is a paid training program.
Question: When I register what is the next step after sending my details to you??
Answer: After sending you email us to notify us of your payments, your login details will be sent to you to access your weekly trainings.
Question: Emmanuel Godwin wrote to ask – “How will I start to make the money??”
Answer: How much you make from internet and information marketing business is entirely up to you. How dedicated are you to learning and implementing what you will be taught? N950 daily is the least you will be taught to make daily but you can make as much as you desire depending you’re your ability to learn and implement with speed.
Question: Oyebode Ayomide wrote to ask - “How frequent would one have to go online each
day for the 950. Is it daily guaranteed? What can bring the 950 daily down? Is it about trading?. How much am I to pay?
Answer: If you are new to internet and information marketing as a business and source of income, then I would recommend you go online daily for a minimum of 3 to 4 hours of focused and dedicated work, so that you can get to understand this business. Many liars out there will tell you 30minutes to one-hour per day is enough, well, good luck with that. If you are a beginner, spending 30minutes only is the highway to frustration and failure, so don’t be deceived at all.
If you do the work outlined in the training and the assignments, your income is guaranteed. Remember you do the work. What brings the N950daily is advertising and marketing. Its not about trading, it is about exchanging valuable information, products and services for a fee. See for how much to pay to register.
Question: Yinka Emmanuel wrote “I still don’t understand what and how to go about it…please make it clear to me”. Thanks
Answer: After reading the course outline on there are two way to make your payments to register – either go to the bank and pay or pay online using your atm. Once we get your payment notification, we will send you your training login details and your training begins for 10weeks online.
Question: Chukwumaobim “Fraud have done a lot to me so I hardly believe any thing about what you guys are saying
Answer: my answer to this question would ruffle some feathers so don’t take it the wrong way, just see through the wisdom, then learn and adapt. – The last time you got burnt in the finger from carrying a pot from the fire without the kitchen-rag did it stop you from using hot water for bathing or drinking tea? This is not excusing the brain-dead good-for-nothings out there giving Nigeria and Nigerians an ugly name but the all I can say is, what kind of person gives up on his or her dream because they met stumbling blocks on the way? The right attitude is to dust your self, learn from your mistakes (because if you weren’t careless and probably greedy in the first place fraudsters wouldn’t be making their earnings from you) and get on the right track.
Question: Dimeji Yusuf wrote – please is it real because their are some people that they are 419
Question: Titi wrote – “Thank you for reaching out via email about the N950 per day business. i am interested and would love the enter at the platinum level. Please I need you to explain a bit further about the affiliate membership and what is meant by active membership. You mentioned variously that only those with active membership can access some additional benefits. Is it possible to pay tomorrow please. Please clarify about the affiliate membership and I look forward to learning from you”. Thank you very much.
Answer: Hello Titi, The active membership means working login details, its the period for which your access to the members area is active. Have you downloaded the book on the website? It does list all the differences between the levels. Yes, you can make your payments today. Thank You
If you have anymore questions about the “N950-Daily-Business” please post them below but please read all the previous question and answer questions before doing so as repeated questions will not be answered.
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