Business Lessons – The 7 Skills You Need To Dominate in Any Online Business

Hello and thank you for taking time out to read this blog post. Every year when we lauch into December, its always like a roller-coaster, honouring party, speech and seminar invitations, attending annual conventions and thanks giving services. there was a december I attended two thanks giving services …and today, my family and I stood in honour of my beloved brother and sibling Macaulay Imiren. It is his birthday today.
In the midst of all these, I kept thinking, how can I bring more value to YOU, my reader and subscriber who has kept cheering my team and I unto good works through your proofs and testimonials all through the year 2011.
As I lay thinking this evening of how to say thank you to you for a glorious 2011 and bring to you more value as we journey into 2012 together, there was a whispering in me that since you are on my newsletters to discover the secrets of successful digital business and marketing, there is no better way to say thank you than to share with you the challenges we surmounted and shattered to make 2011 a successful business year at ServiceForts.
So, seat tight and Enjoy, this article was written specifically for YOU, hope you will discover the keys and secrets as you read this brief write up.
This time last year,even though every one knew me as a successful guru, the truth is that I was struggling financially. I did make money but it was not consistent and it was so bad that, if I did not go to my office for just one day – there would be no income. I was like a salary earner who doesn’t get paid if they don’t go to work.
I even took a holiday last year and through out my holiday period, not one single dime came into my account. Then I figured that there was something fundamentally wrong with the way I was earning an income. I was a broke guru until something happened…
I came across two books, read them, implemented the strategies in those books and today, I have SIX registered businesses each with bank accounts and EVERY day, money flows into these bank accounts without me being in the office. In fact, if you visit my office without an appointment, you are likely to be told I am not on seat. I am rarely on seat, and I don’t go knocking on peoples door for proposal submission or face to face marketing, YET, I earn a consistent six figure income per month… and …sometimes close to 1 million naira in a single month working from the comfort of my computer!
What did I discover in the books I read?
Remember I said, I discovered that If I wasn’t in the office, I didn’t earn an income, I earned but it was NOT consistent, this made me think there was something fundamentally wrong, so the first thing I discovered was:
The 3 things you must do to start earning a steady income from the internet using the Smart-Income Blueprint
  • Spend some time EDUCATING yourself learning some new skills
  • Make sure you UNDERSTAND these new skills
  • You must IMPLEMENT these new skills
Harvard Business Review did a study some years ago on a subject they called “Critical Success Factors”. The principle discovered after the study showed that, to DOMINATE any field of endeavour, you need to master 7 skills in that endeavour, very well.
In this case, my field is Selling Knowledge, Information and Consultancy Services using the Internet, so I quickly discovered that the 7 skills you need to learn and MASTER includes:
  1. Niche Targeting
  2. Baiting Process (product development : free and paid)
  3. Copy writing
  4. Basic Web Development
  5. Traffic Generation (Advertising)
  6. Traffic Conversion (List Building)
  7. Repeat Sales Skills
As I leaned these secrets, I quickly shared it with a few selected business owners in Mach 2011 during our 2011 Smart Income Bootcamp. Get ready for 2012 Bootcamp, participants will gain insight into online secrets they have never heard before.
As we moved further into 2011, it became clearer to my team and I that,
If you have achieved the impossible, make it possible for others to achieve the same. If you have spent years figuring something out, why not shorten someone else’s learning curve? If you have cracked the code to success in any area, why not give everyone the secret? People will always need help and advice in their personal and professional lives (you think about it)
And for you to get your message, product, vision, business and story out there to earn consistent income, you need to master 10 simple steps, these are the same steps you will use build a sustainable and consistent business in 2012 and any other new year that you will encounter as you journey through this planet.
Amongst these 10 simple steps for sustainable and consistent business incomes are
1.      Pick Your Clients
2.      Discover Your Client’s Problems
3.      Create a Solution
4.      Put Up a Website
Since I discovered these business secrets, I have done them repeatedly all through 2011 and our plan is to grow bigger in the coming year by repeating in bigger ways the exact strategies that have worked in 2011.
This is why if you own a business, plan to own a business, are involved in selling knowledge, information and consultancy services, or you are fascinated by the topic of information and internet marketing but you do not know how to go about it or you have failed repeatedly in the last years, I am specially inviting you to join the 10 weeks online coaching program today, before the admission fee goes up by the end 30th of this Month: Register Online Now
This program teaches our online business secrets, and you can apply all the strategies taught to produce your own successful business story for 2012.
Why is it important to join this coaching program before this year ends? In February next year, there will be a special 8 Hours training program designed to equip ALL those registered on the program to duplicate our “internet millionaire” status for the year 2012. Don’t miss out on it. Register Online Now
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