Jinxed or Just Life?

Attend the Web Consulting Business and I make a bold promise that I will hand you the blue print for getting your First N500,000 cheque within 60 days or Less. I promise. Register by Following the Instructions on this Website:

Jinxed or Just Life?

Hello Dear Friend,

See, Am I jinxed or this is just life?

Yesterday EVENING, to avoid hold up, I took the fastest bike I could get to Computer Village to buy a N45,000 Rechargeable Microphone audio recorder so That I can give ALL attendees of the  Web Consulting Business Training the audio recording of
the 2 days training AND

So that I can easily record the audio lessons of my N950-per-day Business Systems.

The point is, the thought of buying that recorder came to me just the night before yesterday, I did a little research on the internet and by the next day I was in  Computer village buying!

Why am I saying this?

For eight good months, I have been trying to go to Swatch to buy a nice wrist watch – BUT I TELL MYSELF I DON'T HAVE TIME!

I don't have a wrist watch, YET, I found Time and Money to go and b.uy a N45,000 Microphone Mp3 recorder!

My point is, if You want something BADLY enough, You ALWAYS look for a way to get it, Distance, Time and M0ney CANNOT stop You from getting what you want.

So, if you have not yet registered for the Web Consulting Business Training, it means you don't want that training BADLY enough and

The fact is, Web Consulting Business Training is for people who BADLY want to know how to bec0me Highly Paid even when they do not have Skill or Talent.

For how long do you want to be selling one-one thousand naira talent?
For how long do you want to keep complaining about M.oney issues?

Attend the Web Consulting Business and I make a bold promise that I will hand you the blue print for getting your First N500,000 cheque within 60 days or Less. I promise.

Register by following the instructions

What is the Training Schedule?

Date:  2nd and 3rd September 2011
Venue: New Training Facility, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos
Time:  10am Daily

How Do You register?

Step One: To register, Pay N25,800 into:

Account Name: ServiceForts Business Academy

GTBank        221 857 966 110


First Bank    264 203 000 5173

Step Two: Send an EMAIL with your name, email, teller number, name on the teller, amount paid and the bank you paid into to payments @ serviceforts.com. Title of your email MUST be 'I paid for WebCon Training”.

Step Three: We’ll confirm the payment and send you the venue details.

One More Thing

The Seats for the WebCon Training are filling fast and
waiting till next week to Register your P.ayment may be
very risky for you ==> Because once we get 30 registrations, it
is bye bye to you. So

Register Today, By following the Registration Instructions above.


Efe Imiren

PS: So what do you think? For Buying a N45,000 Microphone Recorder because of my students instead  of a Nice designer Wrist watch to show off to my friends Am I Jinxed or Is this Just the Life of an Entrepreneur?

I will appreciate hearing your views. You can leave your comments below AFTER clicking the facebook LIKE Button. (you need to be already logged into facebook)



  1. That is a good idea, because it is always good to create more wealth using the available wealth. This shows that you are a wise entreprenur.


  2. That is the entrepreneurial spirit in you for you to go to an extra mile to

    please your student.

    Please do not leave us new newbies alone who cannot afford it this time.

    We plead that you prepare to offer another opportunity after this as you are doing this to create wealth for wealthless.

    You know what, for holding regular seminar of this nature, you are doing your

    little bit creating job/earn come for those searching for employment/job – white collar job – that is hard to come bye. The number of 30s that you are removing from the street for just acquiring the knowledge is great work you are doing. Then imagine also those who are likely to resigned from 9am-5pm job that pays peanut.



  3. i will pay by monday and i hope the training will worth your words. all the same thanks for bringing a system that can bless and influence lives positively.

  4. Thanks for the good job u have been doing to turn the fortunes of many Nigerians around. Please when will u come and organize such seminars for those of us in Benin. We need u in Benin.

  5. It shows your commitment and dedication to helping people break the poverty jinx!Dear Efe i am making this passionate appeal.Help those of us living in abuja to also benefit.Please either schedule a date for us or send us the exact training manual.we are contrained by lack of time.our work schedule is just not affording us the chance this time.

  6. Efe, you are definitely not jinxed. Your action is what is expected. You do that for customer loyalty which is ultimately for your own gain at the end of the day.

    secondly, can we buy the audio of this training afterwords for those that cant attend? And lastly, i hope that the training will be worth the charge and also live up to what you have promised.

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