It’s My Birthday and I’m Thankful in 2016

It's that time of the year again….my birthday!


I'm grateful for the gift of Life, Family, Friends and You reading this right now. As life unfolds this new year, I'll aim (just like you) to accomplish the great and the noble. But when this time comes again next year, I hope to have lived every moment of the year embracing one of life's chief duties – accomplishing humble tasks as though they were great and noble.

Wish Me A Happy Birthday ;)

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  1. Happy Birthday Mummy, your motherly heart that always constrains you to add values to lives.
    Thank You For Coming @ Such Time As This.
    You have really justified the duration of your life with the vast donation to humanity.
    Millions can smile now cos of your imput in there lives.
    Even in a closed mouth, heart would not keep praying for you.
    With this I know that knowing you this time will bring smiles on my face too

  2. Honestly, I feel like telling the whole world that there are still people that wins for others.

    I haven’t met this woman ever in my life. Infact, I just got to know her. But the deaf can hear how she is adding value to lives, the blind can see the sincerity in her heart in bringing people out of the rat race.

    Happy Birthday Mummy. You would live long for us with the capacity of your influence being enlarged in Jesus Name.

  3. Happy Birthday to you my precious sister.
    I pray you more joy, success and blessings
    in all areas of your life.
    I just like your approach to business, especially
    Many happy returns!!!

  4. Happy Birthday to the great Queen of Infopreneurship. May God Almighty continue to bless your days on earth as you continue to bless others with your enriching information. You are indeed a fantastic gift to mankind.

  5. Happy Birthday My Mentor. Many Happy Returns With Long Life And Prosperity. We will continue to celebrate you in Jesus Mighty Name. Thanks for being channel of blessing to us. God bless your New Age. HBD.

  6. Happy Birthday to you. I wish you long life with good health. You shall continue to shine brighter and brighter in Jesus Mighty Name. Your doggedness and entrepreneurial sagacity has touched some of us and kept us inspired to keep on moving on in business. And I know, from what I have personally encountered from you, if we have just ten of your lady-type in Nigeria, many more millions of lives would definitely be transformed. Happy Birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday To You! Tnx for touching lives in a very positive way. You are indeed a great woman of substance… The infopreneural queen of our time… Keep up d good work! Here is wishing u more opulence, peace, long life n prosperity! As ur days, so shall ur strength be… Celebration shall not seize in ur habitation…. … Arise shine 4 ur set time has indeed come… U can now launch out 2 a greater dimension of ur life… Break forth n manifest in greater glory iJn, Amen!

  8. Happy Birthday to you! As you celebrate another year, I pray that God will guide you with his strength, make your way perfect, make your feet like the hinds feet and place you on your throne. Psalm 18:32-33.

  9. Our Queen, hapy birth day to you. That your were born on a day like this opened the door for you to open my eyes to have the knowledge am having now. God bless you daughter of God.

  10. Happy Birthday to you, wishing you all the best. May more grace be added to you…you will shine forth, where others fail you are will succeed, may your efforts bring good and Godly fruits, this is the beginning of the greater things that are in store for you. Hbd once again.

  11. Mama you are a blessing to this generation happy glorious birthday to you you tot me how to be a website designer and your 950 daily course thought me on affiliates marketing and am enjoying it wishing you more impactfull years

  12. May the hand of God rest upon you such that you are so productive and limitlessly empowerd from every angles. Keep spreading. Happy Birthday .

  13. Happy birth day! You are a great woman in our generation. Your articles inspire me and am planning to get hold of some of your dvds. Live long in Jesus Name. amen

  14. Happy birthday, you have been an answer to many. wish u good health, larger clientele, more money in your a/c and feedback testimonies from prospective clients like me. WULLNP

  15. Happy Birthday to you Efe, I wish you many happy returns and prosperity.
    May Almighty God bless your work and protect your home.
    Despite, that I haven’t benefit from your services but I know you’re blessing to the people around you.
    Keep it up.


  16. The most heartfelt birthday wishes to our amazing mentor! We are so grateful for your guidance and inspiration to be the best!
    Happy Birthday to you our mentor

  17. Happy birthday and many prosperity years awaiting you. Wishing you, the best of luck in all your endeavors. You are a queen of information. Your articles are thoughtful written in coherence and organised ways.

  18. Happy birthday to wonderful woman, ever ready to listen. Wish you many more prosperous years ahead.

  19. Happy birthday to the renowned Queen of Internet Marketing. May God continue to renew your strength as of the eagle. Your incisive tutoring has earned you a place among the “greats” This will be your best year yet. Kudos to you as you age with grace. God keep you Ma.

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