It’s My Birthday and I’m Thankful in 2015

Happy New Month!

It's that time of the year again..but today, it's with mixed feelings…

It's my birthday today and I celebrate it knowing that the People of Nigeria have sent a strong message to the world saying…

"With Our PVC and Social Media, we can make our voice heard at home and abroad"

So, as much as you congratulate me for a brand new year, I also want to congratulate you; for the change that the people have voted for and for the statemanship displayed by our outgoing President; Goodluck Jonathan Ebele.


In the meantime, I thank God that you continually read these posts, It means a lot to me as writer, educator, trainer, entrepreneur and  travel enthusiast that you have read them continously through the  days, weeks, months and years.

On this occassion of my birthday, I want to say – Thank you.

Are you wishing me a happy birthday? You can do so below or on facebook…Cheers!


    • this is just the Genesis of ur celebration on earth,by the time u get to Malachi,ur generation wil testify,behold the finger of God.Happy birth day

  1. Happy Birthday Efe. As u add another year to your years, God will strengthen your health, your wisdom, your finances to keep on carrying people along, may you live long to achieve all God’s promises for your life. Happy Birthday my brother. Hip! Hip!! Hip!!!…….. Hurray.

  2. Dear Efe,
    Today is the begining of the rest of your life and your beetr as Blessed…

    Happy Birthday ma’am…

  3. happy birthday ma may GOD Continue to use you to do his work of lifting people out of poverty with knowledge for he said my people perish for lack of knowledge. May GOD Continue to grant you his infinite mercies and grace and wisdom and knowledge and longlife may favor locate you all the days of your life.

  4. Efe,
    I join others in wishing you a happy birthday. Manu happy returns of your day. Have a wonderful celebration. We stil need more of you.

  5. Happy Birthday to you, lovely Efe.
    So good to know that you are an April baby.
    As you have added another year, May the Almighty God and our father add more blessings, favour, good health,
    and greater opportunities to you.
    May you live to enjoy the fruits of your labour and may you possess the gates of your enemies.
    In Jesus Name, Amen

  6. Happy Birthday our dear Efe. I wish you all the best. May God grant you your hearts desires. Enjoy your birthday!

  7. Hey Efe,
    I wish you a splendid birthday anniversary as you turn a year older.
    You are a blessing to our generation.
    I enjoy your write-ups tremendously.
    May the good Lord continue to uphold you.
    Cheers & CONGRATS!

  8. Wow! Glory be to God that inspired you to be counting your days, as you count ahead, your blessing and success shall all be countless (Amen). With joy, I wish you happy birthday.

  9. Thank God for you. You’ve been such a blessing to many and that is very understandable, going through your materials. You truly are intelligent, hardworking and visionary.

    I pray the the our ever-faithful God will preserve, protect and prosper you more than ever before in the years and decades to come in the mighty name of Jesus. May He grant you all the desires of your heart and greater.

  10. The God that has blessed you immensely in the information marketing business will continue to guide and guard you. You shall be a blessing to your generation including me.
    Happy birthday.

  11. Happy birthday to you,its indeed a time to appreciate your effort in improving the standard of people you contacted and also an eye opener.I pray your birthday will be the begining of better things to come.

    “The peak of true consecration is to be spiritual and not proud of it;
    to be surrendered and not tell about it; to be saintly and not know it.and to be smart and not boast about it”
    What a pleasure it is for me to toast my teacher at her youthful age of
    ? ? ?
    The inimitable words of Watchman Nee, quoted above tell it all. At your birth, God delivered to you a 120-page blank book to write in for the benefit of human kind. So far, you have filld ?? pages with powerful interventions in people’s lives,Prayers, Counsels of Wisdom and Spiritual Devotions that have been of immense benefit to many persons. I have heard eye-popping as a result of your lectures from the attendees
    I am so proud to call you brother, mentor, counsellor, Bible Teacher and Spiritual guide. May the Mighty Almighty God grant you more years and presence of mind to fill up the remaining pages of your Divine Assignment? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    Dcn (Engr.) Isaac Ezenwa Umelo

  13. I wish you happy birthday and many joy filled years full of God’s blessing in Jesus mighty name.

  14. Wishing you Happy Birthday and many happy returns. May the wind of change blowing in Nigeria be an instrument in hand of God to blow good things and Blessings 2 u, your family nd ur Business in Jesus name.

  15. Madam Efe,
    Hurray you have added another one year to your years on our mother earth. I wish you all the best in your chosen endeavour. I am looking forward to the day we will be opportune to meet one on one. Happy birth day and more grease to your elbow.
    Remain blessed in Jesus name.


  17. efe i have wish you happy birthday before but i just remember something about process DVD i have had about it before just now was reading about it on victory akpomedaye’s blog when will it be available again

  18. happy birthday to an indeed unique and multi-talented women of many parts.Enjoy. I wish more………….gud things 4 life

  19. A birthday is a miillion moments, each holding a promise of fulfilment of your dream and accomplishment of some special plan, not just a year older,but a year better.wishing you good health and happiness in life a joy that never end,sending birthday blessing,filled with love,joy and peace these special day and year to come..wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  20. It is with great pleasure that I celebrate a woman of inestimable charisma. Indeed you have shown to us and the world that as far as a man can see, he can achieve.
    You have thought me to be consistent and your mails have been great inspirations for a better tomorrow for a starter and an entrepreneur.
    Thank you so much.

  21. Heaven has declared the glory of God upon your life,your glory will be known all over the world and you shall testify to the good works of the Almighty.Another reason to continue giving thanks 2 God, may this joy abound in your life, family and all that concerns you.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Brendan Apata & the DC Global Services family.

  22. happy birthday to CEO Queen Efe
    For your Consistent emails,
    For your loaded emails
    For your posts
    For your Products on travel
    Thank you.
    May you and your family in this
    new year and new 4 year era
    See favour and tender love from God and kings.

    With your emails alone i am creating pdfs,
    and sharing.
    oyekan for

  23. Wishing you, Efe a belated birthday.
    I ask our heavenly father to continually bless you as you have chosen to wipe tears off
    the faces of Nigerians.
    May God continue to enlarge your coast as many dedicated followers of yours will be blessed
    because of the many who depend on them.
    Once again, have a wonderful birthday celebration.

  24. wishing you the best in life my boss as you celebrate your birthday. All the successes you have achieved in your life until now will be an embarassing failure compared to what he will do for you begining from this day upward in Jesus name amen

  25. happy birthday and many happy returns may GOD almighty continue to bless you,prosper and make you shine always.

  26. I am happy for coming across your website. Three happy cheers for a great daughter of Nigeria! Hip, hip, hip, hurray! I wish you many happy returns and the very best in the years ahead.

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