Internet Marketing is a Lie

I Just had an interesting conversation, it went like this:

Caller: Gd'Afternoon Madam, I got your number from Success Digest
Me: Gd'Afternoon Sir, how may I help you today

Caller: I just read about your upcoming seminar on web consulting business,
how genuine is it? I have put my money in all sorts of internet based businesses, I paid some gurus to even help me set up a website and nothing has come out of it. I am very skeptical, how true are these things?

Me:  Sir, usually, I don't respond to callers who nag and complain
about the business, I simply wish them well with their skeptism and
end the call, however, I seem to be in a good mood to address that issue today, so
think about this:

Dangote is in the salt business in Nigeria today and he is NOT complaining, and
there are "thousands" of others in the SAME salt Business today YET they are complaining about the business. Ask them how is business and they will say salt business is Not good, it is a waste of time. Some will even break it down further - "Oga, money no dey this business"!

One man is doing VERY well in the SAME business another man will tell you is not "worth it"

"Common Sense" dictates that you go and find out what Dangote (or that successful man/woman in the business you wish to do) IS doing, AND then when you find out what they are doing to make them successful –

You do EXACTLY the SAME thing they are doing, if possible the SAME way
they are doing it, to get the SAME results!

Internet Marketing is a Lie, YET every day we have breakthrough stories of every day people "making it" in the business.

Information Marketing Business is a mirage, YET is selling Books in BILLIONS, this Christmas only Online shopping was over $15Billion US Dollars in America

Sit there and be complaining that Internet Business, Information Marketing and
Entrepreneurship are lies that drain your pocket of "the few coins" you have left because of your laziness and non-challant attitude to finding and USING the appropriate Information.

See, Like soooo Many people out there, Your problem is NOT finding information.  The problem IS figuring out how to actually USE the information to see real results.

–> That's why it's best to find an expert to answer your
       specific questions (not a "group's" questions).

Think about this for just a moment.

                    Which is better…?

1) Buying the book written by the number 1 Golfer in the world on playing golf,


2) Having the number one Golfer himself to coach you?

Information is rarely – if ever – a better alternative than personalized coaching with someone who is qualified by day-to-day intensive practice to teach you.

    The reason is simple -

A qualified coach can help you APPLY information to YOUR specific situation so you get
the best results possible.

**** A qualified coach can ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS! ****

(When was the last time an ebook answered your questions? For that matter, when was the last time you talked to an ebook? LOL)

You don't need more information.  Your computer is likely about to burst its hard disk space with ebooks, reports, videos, articles and many more stuff.

What you need is an expert to help you put all of the pieces together into a workable
plan … and have that expert answer all of YOUR questions personally, one-on-one.

If that sounds like what you want, then this is for you.

I'm offering my "8Hour Face-to-Face Training" which takes place on Saturday, February 18th, 2012.

You will find details of the training on this website

Registration is closing 10th February, follow the registration details on this website:

In case you are still in doubt, here is an email I got some few minutes ago, unsolicited!

"Thank you so much Efe,

I will forever bless the day I met you, (SADC November special seminar).

I've been to many internet seminars without any result, I was about to quit but as a last resort I decided to attend that seminar, I will forever be grateful to God for that.
Your internet coaching has no rival, you have delivered much more than you have promised.

My days of going for 2days, 7days seminars, paying thru my nose without any tangible result but being left more confused than ever is over.

Personally I can't wait for the 8hrs face to face training, I am eagerly waiting for the day to come. Once again thanks.

God will grant you more wisdom & Elevate you the more Amen." Balogun, F.

Registration is closing 10th February, follow the registration details on this website:


  1. Please try to bring this your training expertise to Ibadan.

    l am ready to Learn and get the best from Internet Marketing.


  2. Ma, you are a delightful and more than they say about you coach, I appreciate your efforts and down-to-earth one-on-one teaching.May God increase your longevity of years in wisdom,strength and fruitfulness to bless your generation effectively as never before.

    I congratulate you in advance on your upcoming birthday.Take time off on that blessed day to meditate,pray and praise The Almighty God for His grace on you in fulfilling your destiny. Once again CONGRATULATION ma.

    My desire for the birthday is to grant me AUTORESPONDER SYSTEM free for my 950Daily lessons and to complete coaching me through.

    Remain blessed ma.

    Moses Chima

  3. Congratulations ma in advance of your birthday.You are a wonderful coach.Keep it up.Your blessings are unquantifiable.

    Take time off, pray praise and rejoice for the Lord is so good to you.

    My desire for a present:FREE AUTORESPONDER SYSTEM for my 950 Daily Lessons Blog and coaching me to a success.

    Remain blessed.

  4. Hi Madam,

    It's important to know that some people don't see anything good in anything you do. That's how they are being created. They simply lock-up their mind on anything. When you discover such person…it's important to distance yourself from him/her. No asking me why? The person will pull you down by her negative attitude.

    But if you must stick to such person, maybe because of your love for him or her in certain area, then you may don't have to discuss your plans or ideas with her. Be mindful of the things you share with her…the essence is to avoid her from discouraging you. Even…

    me, I don't share certain things with my wife. You may ask why? Because out of emotion, she might alter some words that will discourage you without her knowing it. I for one like trying things out. If I fail, I will review the process and see if I can identify the missing link. Remember

    that which you are doing, others are doing it and succeeding on it. Like Efe has said of Dangote and salt business. It applies to every other area of life. No one can succeed in life without working for it. If you succeed without working for it, the tendency that you WILL not sustain the wealth is very high…if not zero.

    Internet Marketing is not easy. You get to work on it and will continue working on it. Don't be deceived my the guru's earning report. Even though it's interesting seeing those earning report…be interested more on learning the system and in doing that,

    perseverance is IMPORTANT.


    BOTTOMLINE: Don't be discouraged by certain utterances from people. Even though, you don't have control of what comes out of their mouth, you can manage what they say.

  5. I stumble into this post by Efe, I commented earlier but just want to add to it. Internet marketing or blogging is not easy. Don’t be deceived! If you want to go into blogging with all the sweet stories to make it big, you’d better think twice. Blogging involves you time, money. You need time to write your article. You need time to promote your blog. Apart from time, you need money to buy your domain and hosting yearly as you may desire. Within the period you work on your blog and the time you may start making small pay, you need to sustain it. This period could be between 2-3years. This time you’ll pay for internet access, like me, I recharge for 3GB data every month. I buy fuel to power my gen in some cases, and write article everyday. In all, am yet to make a dime from it. Do I need to give up? NO! Not an option at all to me. I’ll press on. So make up your mind, define your goal and work at achieving your goals. See my blog that am working on. To your success!

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