Information Marketing Business, A Foundation for Your Financial Security

In todays’ post, I’d like to talk to you about real security in todays’ insecure world. But You’ll have to bear with me as I beat-around-the-bush in getting to the point. But I promise, reading this piece will be worth your while. Before I am done in this article, I am going to reveal a PROVEN and SECURE FIANACIAL (BUSINESS) SECRET known and USED by a ONLY few living Nigerians.
Everyday, something is always coming to an end, the end of summer, the end of winter, the end of the year or like today, the end of the month. And there as “usual” events associated with “the end”.
For example, as it’s the end of the month today, some where around the world and here in particular, the following is happening:
** An employee bemoaning his or her financial plight – having spent all the salary before getting the pay cheque.
Soon as the pay check hits his account, debtors are at his door step demanding payment for the shoe, clothes, recharge cards, pure water, etc he took “on credit” “last month”
** And then there is the entrepreneur wondering, what next, how do I expand this business, and how do I pay staff salaries and keep my staff?
** And there is the house wife who is plain bored with life and wondering – is this all there is to life??
** And also there is the young boy and girl, the student, the youth corper, so afraid and uncertain of what the future holds for their financial destiny. (I was once here, and I can tell you straight-away, it's not nice to have those thoughts and feeling of financial insecurity)
Most people, even most business men and women, live small, timid, uncertain and insecure lives. Lives of compromise, in quiet disappointment, feeling insecure with uncertainty in the mind, manifested as insecurity.
That’s why today, I want to talk to you about
Information Marketing Business, A Foundation for
Your Financial Security
First of, If you have not read my book on Information Marketing Business, I just need to ask, where have you been?? That’s the only book in Nigeria dedicated to explaining how this business works and how you can find financial security.
It is a miserly N300 for the hard copy which you can pick up in “business specialty” book stores like SADC (the distributors of SuccessDigest) or you can pick up one from our office (but you've got to inform us ahead of time before poping into the office; office address is on the contact us page) or you can download a digital copy by clicking here
            Information Marketing is the business of selling your “specialized” knowledge, experience, and expertise for a profit.
I refer to it as “a foundation” of security because mastering this business gives you a “set of skills” which you can use to build fortunes “virtually” out of the thing air. Mastery of these skill sets is what gives you security.
And the Good news?
No one can take these skills away from you, and you can use your skills, ANYWHERE in the world.
You can chose to do the business full time, part time, online or offline. You can even practice it on a small scale, or on a mega big scale, which ever way you decide to practice this business,
            You are certain of these THREE things:
** Financial Security
** Time “”Freedom””
** Confidence in knowing that you can face tomorrow
            Now, I said earlier that there are a set of skills you’ll need to master to succeed in this business. Harvard Business Review did a study some years ago on a subject they called “Critical Success Factors”. The principle discovered after the study showed that, to DOMINATE any field of endeavor, you need to master 7 skills in that endeavor, very well.
In the case of Information Marketing Business, the 7 skills you need to MASTER are outlined and briefly explained below:
The 7 Skill-Sets for Financial Security
Skill-Set #1 – Idea Generation: You have heard the grand saying “idea rules the world”. Well, its no light saying and you should ponder on it “seriously”. This business starts with an idea, however, there is something you need to note about your idea:
Your idea should have in-built solution to solve the problems being experienced by many people (at the same time). This skill set is called "Niche Targeting" in industry language, but I'd rather not bore you with a complicated definition.
Skill-Set #2 – Telling-the-World: Your security in this business lies in your ability to preach the gospel of your ideas. For example, you heard about Jesus because someone told you about HIM.
It’s the same with your ideas, unless you tell the world about it, no one will know about it. In information marketing business, there are cost effective ways to reach thousands of people in split seconds with your ideas. Your mastery of these different cost effective methods of reaching people to tell them about your ideas would guarantee your financial security.
Skill-Set #3 – Website Design: This is a basic technical skill you will need to master in order to use the power of the internet to secure the financial future. Or if technology scares you, you can learn the art of outsourcing, it makes life easy, I can tell you this 'cos I've seen it work for me.
Skill-Set #4 – Ability to Attract Crowd: The beautiful thing about all the skills being talked about in todays article is that you can easily master them. It’s easy to attract crowd to your ideas if it solves their problem. In the business language its called Traffic Generation.
The ability to attract attention to your ideas, whether online or offline, mastery of this skill is crucial to your success in the business. And of course, crucial to your financial security.
Skill-Set #5 – Ability to Convince: It’s not enough to know how to attract attention, you need to know how to convert that attention into “money”. This is called converting your traffic into buyers, whether you do it online or offline.
Skill-Set #6 – Word Mastery: You will need to develop your ability with words. Every endeavor in life is accomplished through the use of words. Don’t get deceived, you will need to learn to read, write and talk people into buying into your ideas. Its called Sales Copy. Whether you write it or speak it, this is one skill set you can’t do without.
Skill-Set #7 – Tracking and Duplicating Success: I’ve heard some people say that the enemy of success is success itself. And there could be an element of truth in it, if complacency rules your world.
You can’t afford to be complacent in anything, surely not in information marketing business, from day one, you need to track what you are doing, especially what works, and all you have to do is keep duplicating the successful steps, over and over again until it becomes second nature. That, is the bedrock of the security you seek.
Interestingly, these skills are easy to “acquire” and the more you practice and keep at it, the more you are able to secure yourself financially.
Like I said earlier, only a few living Nigerians have mastered this art, the likes of Dr. Sunny Obazu-Ojeagbase, Akin Alabi, Efe Imiren (that’s me), Onome Maureen, Ronald Nzimora, Toyin Omotoso and a few of my Students whose stories you can read here
If you would like to join this elite club of few, and if you’d like to acquire these 7 Skills to secure your financial future, then get a copy of the video recording of my detailed and step-by-step 3 Days Seminar titled – Smart Income Bootcamp.
It’s N25,000 and I want to guarantee you that it’s the only money you’ll ever need to invest in learning about this business in its entirety.
Plus you get these THREE Bonus step-by-step DVDs absolutely FREE when you order before or by 10th September 2013:
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Your total Bonus is valued at N31, 400
If you were to all buy the products individually including the smart income boot camp dvds you would invest a total of N56,400 but
For a N25,000 investment before 10th September 2013, you get ALL the Boat-Load-of DVDs and a skill set for securing your financial future.
I have found and assembled fortune-making financial wheels using the SAME information contained in the Smart Income Bootcamp DVDs and all the BONUSes, other Nigerians have done the same, now it’s your turn. Do not stubbornly insist on disqualifying yourself by passing-over this offer.
It’s the most loaded offer I’ve made in recent history, I’m not fond of freebies, simply because people don't place value on what they get for free, but I’m doing this because I’m not a fan of insecurity, particularly financial insecurity. You came to my blog today because you thought you’d find something helpful.
So there it is. Take it. Don’t leave it.


  1. Having read some of your ebooks,newsletters etc,I must say I'm really inspired by your insightfull and thought provoking writing ups.

  2. Having read some of your ebooks,newsletters etc,I must say I'm really inspired by your insightfull and thought provoking writing ups.


  3. Hello Madam,

    I'm so much impressed by what you have been doing to contributing changing the life of both the working class and non working class of the citizens of this country Nigeria. I pray that God continue to empower you so you can also empower more citizens to become economically better people. May you be bless beyond measure.

    Now I want to ask if One can ad advertise another product from a different organization on this Forum:

    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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