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Dubai is “The Place”; “The City”; “Da Bomb”. Luxury at affordable price. I mean L-U-X-U-R-Y.

Before this trip, I used to think I was a boring shopper. In fact, if you and I happen to go shopping together, you’d wish you had left me at home – ever heard of the military shopping approach? – You get into the store – with a “todo” list- do a quick scan of the store, pick your items sharply, pay and go. Chikena. That was the  style until Dubai – Lol

Gwaaad – We spent H-O-U-R-S touring stores and buying nearly everything our eyes fell upon. How we go ship or cargo and clear our goods?? – That’s another story for those on the importers forum.

So todays article is really about sharing with you information that will help your business if you plan to do business in Dubai, i.e. import goods to sell at affordable prices.

You can combine your business trip with your vacation when you visit Dubai. Although my sincere advice is – separate the trip, do your vacation separate from your business trip.  Because Dubai is not as expensive as going to UK, USA or even China. And by separating the trip, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds at really great prices.

It’s 11:40am here, just finished watching a live broadcast of first service – When I can’t get to church in the city I’m vacationing at – I church online at Canaan land

So let’s get down to talking about Your Import Business in Dubai. First we’ll talk about where to get luxury brand at really affordable prices – these are NOT copy – they are ORIGINAL Brands. I’ll give you specific shop addresses, telephone numbers, websites and contact emails of where you can order these brands from.

See, don’t sit down and expect that you can order really great stuff online with your butt glued to your chair on your computer, frankly, you have to – travel to see these “shops”, sometimes to “Haggle” about the correct price you are willing to buy those goods, this is because some of the things you’ll find in the shops are not listed online on their websites, it’ll be too much hassle for them to list it all.

And to make life easy – Dubai is relatively cheaper than China, getting a Visa is easy (if you find a good travel agent who is willing to trust that you will not elope once you get to Dubai), plus the hotels are great.

So, when you get the contact details I am about to share with you, get down to Dubai and you can use our new Dubai Importers Travel Package to help you make the most of your time in Dubai. You can read all about it here. Login to the Importers Forum To Download the Importers' Guide To Shopping in Dubai – Click Here


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