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Hello and welcome to Importers Forum for Nigerians. This is where importers meet online, especially individuals into home based importation business who are quietly making millions and living the life others dream about. We exchange contact details, phone numbers and business ideas, we help each other solve business challenges and we partner with each other for bigger proftis.

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  1. pls,am interested in this online business but i need to acquire the right knowledge to start up and the necessary steps to take.pls,am based in lagos,nigeria.can anybody help me pls?

  2. This forum if patiently explored by users will help in turning import business complexity to simple, seamless process. This is not only commendable, but also desirable. It’s a giant stride. I salute the creator – By Freight Broker

  3. I just want to share my experience about phone importation from China. So far, it hasn’t been a good experience. I ordered for samples of the three phones I was interested in marketing: the Samsung Note 3, Samsung S4 and iphone 5s. First off the main challenge was shipping. I used American AirSea Cargo and it took over 7 weeks for the samples to be delivered. Eventually they were delivered. I took them to a phone specialist who certified them okay physically. I sold the s4 and proceeded to place and order for 15 additional sets then the problems started after I had transferred the money. Firstly, the two batteries that came with the phone were bad. Once fully charged, they hardly lasted for two hours even when being used mildly. Once the 15 phones arrived (all of them S4), I proceeded to inspect them. I noticed that two of the phones did not have the original samsung desktop display, so selling it was going to be difficult. I sold one of the remaining thirteen S4 phones to a colleague and 3 days later, I got a call: the phones IMEI number was not recognizable making it practically useless. So all in all, three of the thirteen phones are not sellable. I gave my first customer a replacement for the Sample sample that had battery issues, so far there hasn’t been able complaint. Of the 11 phones now left, I’m actually really praying that they do not come up with the IMEI issue so I can at least recover my capital. I’ve complained to the lady – Grace – that I’ve been dealing with and all she can do is apologies. Sending the phones back is a headache: who bears the shipping cost. For me, the experience hasn’t been exactly nice. I guess it will be best to stick to importing non-technical item so as to avoid issues with your customers. That’s my experience. I would like to share yours as well.

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