Importation Business Seminar March 2013 Report

Seminars….they are what I’d like to call – Continuing Education Centres…(CECs)

They help you learn new things. At seminars, I take notes, I try to learn as much as I can. And I love those parts where you get to answer the question “Is this good? How can I implement/use?”  These same questions I also is ask myself the days following seminars I’ve attended.

Last week Saturday, our importation business seminar hall was packed out with men and women who came from all walks of life, from all over Nigeria and from as far as the USA to attend our seminar.

We had accountants, Architects, Vet Doctors, Bankers, Oil and Gas workers, Entrepreneurs, Students and retirees at the seminar.

Aside from the learning and the information passed during the seminar, one of the KEY features of the seminar was the NETWORKING!

During the networking session, all attendees got the offer to fly Lagos-USA business class for as low as $70 starting fee! This was coming from an attendee who actually flies first-class for $70!

Come-on! where do you find such offers if not at networking sessions and opportunities created by ServiceForts seminars??

People who had challenges with Paypal, shopping in the USA, finding some-one to inspect their cars in the USA and shipping challenges, all found solutions to their problems during the networking session.

Many attendees made connections and friendships that will save them hundreds of thousands of naira in the months ahead.

You simply can’t place a price tag on the opportunities that the networking session created for many attendees during the import business seminar.

In fact, attendees of the seminar now have a forum where they’ll be hanging out for further business profits – it is called –

Why am I telling you all this?

Abuja, Warri, Get ready, we are bringing our seminars to you!

If you live in Abuja and Warri, and you’ll like to recommend a nice training facility which we can use for our seminars, kindly reply this post below. Thank you.

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  1. Please, when next are you having the training in Abuja? I am very much interested in the import business training.

    Thank you.


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