How To Write Publish And Turn Your Books And Ideas Into Best Sellers (Part 1)


How To Write, Publish And Turn Your Book Into A Best-Seller Yourself WITHOUT Using A Publisher of Literary Agent GUARANTEED!
. . . get published, find fame, for FREE!


Dear Friend and Fellow Writer,

If you want to become a successful best-selling author

·         Without . . . ever spending a kobo to print your book

·         Without . . . begging agents to accept your book or publishers to publish you.

·         Without . . . taking forever to find fame and fortune as a writer

In 48 Hours (2 days), a week at most (that’s 7 days), you will have your book written, published and selling on the world’s biggest book marketplace.



I can almost hear you asked with a raised An Author? Yes…


You A Best-Selling Author?

You Can Become A Bestselling Author In 30 Days If You Follow My Step-By-Step Plan


Am I shamelessly over promising? Absolutely Not!

If you can’t do what I have promised above after you listen to what I have to say and follow the simple directions I give you, I will hand you a cheque for =N=12,900.

I’m sure your mind is running riot now. You’re asking . . .

How is this possible?

Why are you offering me a guarantee already?

Before I give you the answers, let me tell you a story. This story will reveal to you how I went from a nobody to a best-selling author.


I don’t care about fame. All I care about is how much money I make selling my books.

Now if you want to be a famous author and best-selling too, it’s also okay!

The strategies I’ll show you will still take you there.

But before I go on and on, here’s the story. . .



I am like you. I grew up loving writing, putting thoughts down. I loved reading the novels – Only Bread For Eze by Ifeoma Okoye, Mezie The Ogbanje Boy, Things Fall Apart, The James Hardley Chase series, The Pacesetter series etc.

The authors were my idols. I wanted to be like them. So I decided to become a writer.


In 2001, I Got Started!

I started off writing poetry and even had a poem published in a poetry anthology collection by  I was awarded $100 for it which I never got though.

Then I began to write novels.

And . . .

That’s When The Nightmare Began.


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