How To Turn Your Challenges Into Best-Selling Books PLUS MORE

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You know J.K Rowling right?

If you don't know this fellow, I tell you who she is shortly, but you've got to hear this.

Last week Friday, Team ServiceForts set out to Abuja to speak at a Seminar
tagged "How To Turn Your Expertise and Knowledge Into A Profitable Consultancy Business"

It was a huge success as the over 100 participants had their eyes opened to the secrets of  profiting from existing knowledge and expertise.

One of the highlights of the seminar was where I showed participants that

"Every Challenge You May have faced in Life is for the good of others, I went on to show them how they can turn these challenges into a Book which can profit others"

My team and I went on from Abuja to Benin and now we are in Warri spreading the same news this week.

J.K Rowling may not be writing about her challenges but she has mastered the art of being a best selling author.

If you don’t, she’s the British author of the hugely successful Harry Potter children’s book

For years, she sold her books to Publishers who then paid her 5% royalties.

This year, she put a stop to it.

She set up her own website, and now exclusively sells her books
through Amazon and other online bookselling avenues.

And it’s not only her.

Popular non-fiction authors, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, creators of the
inspiration, Chicken Soup for the Soul series are also working on their own thing. They also now exclusively sell their own books themselves.

Other authors are waking up.

No one wants 5% when they know they can get 70%.

70% makes you more money than 5% will ever make.

What about you?

Do you want to be paid 5% for your book or 70%?

Think. Choose wisely.

If you say, “I want 70%” then click the link below:

Learn To Be A Best-Selling Author – 5th May 2012

Your life will change when you do.

Try it.

Here’s the link again.

Learn To Be A Best-Selling Author – 5th May 2012

Begin to prepare for 5th of May, on that day, you will learn How to get your ideas and
books into the hands of people who have been earnestly waiting for you to manifest your Books and Ideas.

And in the process, you will discover how to build a lucrative business from your Books and Ideas and also live a profoundly meaningful life in the process
of putting your books into the hands of your passionate readers.

Begin the training, by visiting our training website:

Learn To Be A Best-Selling Author – 5th May 2012


Efe Imiren
PS: As you know, registrations for our trainings have deadlines. Registration deadline for the LIVE Training of Digital Publishing Goldmines is Thursday 3rd May 2012.


  1. This is wonderful, and indeed a worthwhile venture. I can't wait for the training! But I would want to believe that your terms is well defined; so I could give my brain a racking to find what is lacking….

  2. Hello Efe,
    Great work. Why not put the training together in the form of an ebook,like the importation ebook i bought from you. It ll help some who may not have time to sit down and watch the videos but still need your resources.

    Lest i forget:thanks for being such a powerhouse of help to Nigerians. Keep the job going. God bless you

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