How To Turn Your Books and Ideas into Bestsellers Part 3

As I said in part 2 of this trainingPublishing companies are smart business people. They prefer to sit back and just publish books from already popular authors .

But let’s say you make the cut,

Let’s Say You Even Lucky And Get Published By A Big Name Publisher

First off, you lose . . .

All rights to the book (print rights, electronic/e-book rights, foreign language and translation rights, syndication rights, licensing rights e.t.c.).

Second, you get paid a paltry sum of money as royalties. It’s very depressing to see how much authors are paid. In fact most Publishers are ripping authors off using what is called the ‘Agency Model’.

Here’s how it’s calculated:

Your book sells for =N=1,000 naira. And because the Publisher sells through bookstores, who collect a 40% commission. That leaves 60% left and now the publisher now pays the author 5% of this sum.

N1, 000 x 40% (bookstores)

N1, 000 x 40/100 = N400 (bookstores)

N1, 000 x N400 = N600 (publisher)

N600 (Publisher) x 5% (author)

N600 x 5/100 = N30 (author)

So out of a N1, 000 naira book, you the author of the book gets paid only N30!

That’s insane! It’s cheating!

Now . . .

Here’s Why I Think So

The irony of the publishing business is if your book is accepted for publication aside from giving up all rights to the books, you’ll also have to give up all rights to editorial input.

What this means is that your Publisher’s editors can change the manuscript, remove part of it, change the title and cover design. In fact they will not ask for your input at all.

You find that most books end up boring, with bad titles, and content. The reason is because. . .

Staff of Publishing House Don’t Know Jack About Marketing A Book!

All authors including the established popular ones still have to do the marketing for their books!

The Publishers do not know jack about marketing book. At best what they do is hire a public relations team to get the book mentioned in the media, then they send some copies to major bookstores and that ends it.

It’s still in the hands of the author to go ahead and drum up enough awareness to drive people to the bookstores and online to buy their book!

Yes, even the very popular authors are not exempt!

If not, why do you think authors do book launches, book signings, appear on radio and TV stations, go to popular shows and events?

Because they know the more they appear, the more books they can potentially sell.

Please click the link below and read this article by millionaire investor James Altucher on why you should never give a publisher your book to publish.

Now The BIG Question You Should Ask Is This?

If the author will write his book and still be the one to sell it, why should he get paid only 5% of the total price of each copy of their book sold?

The argument can be made saying that probably it’s because it’s the Publishers that print the books, but the truth is it’s a weak reason. These guys print in bulk and so are not justified to pay you just 5% of fees generated as a result of your own effort!

It’s greed on the part of Publishers, pure and simple.

Then The PODs Came

POD means Print-On Demand. To counter the imbalance and cheating of authors perpetrated by traditional Publishers, newer companies came up with the concept of publishing your book and only printing one copy at a time. This was supposed to help cut costs of printing which the traditional publishers used as an excuse to pay authors low royalties.

But the excitement was short-lived. Most of the PODs still charged an arm and a leg to help you ‘create and format’ your book and get it ready for printing.


A quick look at some POD publishers and their highest and lowest Publishing package prices are shown below:

POD company

Lowest Package Price

Highest Package Price




Book Locker



Author House













Ask yourself,

“If I had enough money as a beginning author, why should I pay $600 or more to have my book published by some POD publisher, something I can do easily myself on Amazon and for free too?”

Using POD companies is idiotic, believe me. Here’s what someone who used AuthorHouse’s highest package has to say. . .

I spent $1,250 with Author House to publish my book PLUS $2,500 for a "National Marketing Package" Four months later not a single paperback or e-book has been sold. Unless you like throwing money away AVOID AUTHOR HOUSE!!!
- Michael (on

 Using POD’s doesn’t solve all the old problems like

·         Low royalties

·         You still have to do your marketing yourself.

·         And editorial manipulation.

Instead, they remain!

So What Should You, A Beginning Author Do?


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