How To Turn Your Books and Ideas Into BestSellers (Part 2)


How To Turn Your Book Into A Best-Seller Yourself WITHOUT Using A Publisher of Literary Agent GUARANTEED!



I am like you. I grew up loving writing, putting thoughts down. I loved reading the novels – Only Bread For Eze by Ifeoma Okoye, Mezie The Ogbanje Boy, Things Fall Apart, The James Hardley Chase series, The Pacesetter series etc.

The authors were my idols. I wanted to be like them. So I decided to become a writer.

In 2001, I Got Started!

I started off writing poetry and even had a poem published in a poetry anthology collection by  I was awarded $100 for it which I never got though J.

Then I began to write novels.

And . . .

That’s When The Nightmare Began.

If you have ever tried to submit a book to publishers before, you probably know what I’m going to say next.

I went online searched for Publishers. Back then, a Nigerian girl , Helen Oyeyemi had just received $400,000 as an advance for her book, The Icarus Girl, so I had a lot of hope that mine would soon be accepted too!

Dumb me!

I denied myself my lunch money for one month (I was in university then) and printed and sent in the manuscripts to different publishers in Nigeria and abroad.

I didn’t receive any replies.

I tried again.

No dice.

If you are asking …

So Why Didn’t You Just Publish Your Book Yourself?

It’s obvious isn’t it?

1.      I didn’t have money to print my book and even if I did,

2.      Who would market it?

Facing these seemingly insurmountable challenges, I painfully rested my idea of getting published, hoping that one day, things would change.

And change they have. More on this later.

Is This You?

·         Do you believe you have solid writing skills and want to become rich using your gift?

·         Do you have a manuscript gathering dust somewhere that has the potential to be the next bestseller?

·         Do you have a dream of becoming a famous popular author like Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe, Chimamanda Adichie, etc?

Okay let me ask you again.

(Bear with me please, I’m going somewhere important with this)

·         Have you spent weeks, months and probably over a year writing your book and somehow it seems never to get finished?

·         And even if you did finish…did you hate the fact that after sending your manuscript to publishers and begging them to get you published, they ignored you?

·         Do you want all of that to end?

If our answer to any of the above is “Yes” again, I understand.

Here’s Something You Probably Don’t Know About Publishing Companies . . .

Publishers are forced to reject thousands of manuscripts monthly.

There are only a few books they can conveniently publish per year. For this reason they are forced to reject many manuscripts especially those of new authors.

An inside staff of one of the BIG 6 publishers in the USA once revealed that . . . they throw away at least 30,000 unsolicited manuscripts every single month many times mostly without even looking at them!

Many book publishing companies around the world maintain a strict "no unsolicited submissions" policy and will only accept submissions via a literary agent. This shifts the burden of assessing and developing writers out of the publishing company and onto the literary agents. At these companies, unsolicited manuscripts are thrown out. . .


If you send your manuscript right to a publishing house, it goes in the 'slush pile'–basically a big pile of unsolicited manuscripts that an assistant editor goes through in his or her spare time. Almost nothing gets published from the slush pile–and some editors will throw away unsolicited manuscripts since as a policy they don't always accept them.


Of course some of them say they want you to send in a query first through a literary agent. But of course that’s a nice way of saying . . .

“Yeah, we do not want to have you sending a big package containing your manuscript to us. We will not publish you and do not want your papers taking up the limited space we have in our offices!”

That’s incredible. I tremble to think how many our Nigerian publishers are throwing away. It must also be in the thousands per month.

However, truth be told, publishing companies are smart business people. They prefer to sit back and just publish books from already popular authors .

But let’s say you make the cut, Find out What Happens to Your Work Here

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