How To Make More Money in April 2012

Hi there,

How fast the year is moving right?

I just got back from..well you know where :) , went straight to TV to keep up with American Idols…(an inspiring program if you ask me) and…pheeew…I am actually typing this in front of the TV at the home office..because there is a lot to tell you today…


I accidentally checked the calendar on my phone while in church today and discovered… is April 15th Today.


Take a rain check my dear, if you are not achieving your dreams for April or the year 2012, Get up and Get still have 15 Days in April to get it done.


Facing Business Challenges The Right Way

Just before I go into what I have for you today, if you have attended my seminar in the past or you are currently on the N950-Per-Day-Business-Training, I do hope that you are taking action on what you have learnt and that you are making progress.


If any challenges, you know you can always send an email and I will personally reply you.

Someone sent me an SMS this morning that he was about to give up on Online Business, I have personally replied the SMS but let me ask you my dear reader, have you ever seen anyone who got a standing ovation for giving up?


The people who get remembered for anything in history are those who “finished” their race, whether in Business, Politics, and Family, what ever it is.


This is not motivational speaking, but if you think you will not encounter challenges on the way of your business life, then you are living out one of the biggest jokes on earth.


Check If You Are in The Right Place

This is the second quarter of the year 2012 and like every savvy business man or woman, you should take a rain check.


And by that I mean, this newsletter is for Men and Women who want to use the Internet as a vehicle for wealth creation.


All year round we teach Digital Entrepreneurship. How to apply the Internet in our various business lives to attract more Clients, More Money and Provide More Value.


So if this does not sound like what you want, scroll down to the bottom of the emails you get from me and click the un-subscribe button. Because


We want to make sure that our newsletters are delivered to the people who actually need the content.


Digital Publishing Goldmines

Beginning from this Month, I will begin to focus on specific themes for the whole month, until December.


I will take specific Digital Business Models and take you inside each model to expose to you how we make it work and what to do to make it work for you.


Each model that I will talk to you about are models that work for me. You can be rest assured that what ever I will talk to you about until the year runs out are stuff that I have put to work myself.


This month, I will be talking to you about the little known secrets of Digital Publishing Business.


In May 2012, I will teaching you on “The Proper Way To Practice Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria” and in June 2012 I will talk to you about “Monetized Blogging Secrets for Corporate Bodies and Individuals”


If you have tried all these Digital Models and have failed, I will show you why it is not working for You.


It is no longer news that I average Six figures to an occasional 7 figure income monthly in my businesses and what I need you to understand is that all these are done DIGITALLY.


So if you are failing at it, The wise thing to do is STICK to those it is working for and learn their secrets.


Yesterday I got a call from a guy who wants a one-on-one coaching from me, I told him he has to first go through my SmartIncome Bootcamp Video Training (which is no longer available to the public, only my one-on-one students can get the video training), or The SmartIncome MP3 Training and My 10 Weeks Virtual Coaching, Before we can ever meet for a One-on-One which would cost him from N65,000 upwards and he was like Huh?


You see my dear friend, your time is way too precious to be wasted.


My time is precious, and you should treat your time as precious too. I prefer to spend the 3 hours I will use to do one-on-one coaching to create products that will keep impacting hundreds of lives and earning me hundreds of thousands of naira years after they have been created.


So, even if we can’t have a one-on-one; from now till June, I am going to give you real stuff which you should look out for.


On Tuesday, I will begin to email you a series of training titled “Digital Publishing Goldmines”

Therefore keep a regular date with your email.

If you are new to this blog and would like to start receiving emails from us, kindly Click here and complete the form



Efe Imiren

PS: Before I go, If you are having challenges with Website design gurus, taking your money and not delivering your work, here is a solution:


The Ultimate Home Crash Course To Web Design And Graphics Mastery


The Website Owners Manual (N1,000 Only)


PPS: So how do you make more money in April 2012? I already told you, read up, you'll see it. I said – Face Your business challenges the right way, Check If you are in the right place, Add an extra income stream by checking your emails for my new training series – Digital Publishing Goldmine.


Talk to you soon. :)


  1. Efe, you're great. Truly there's no room for anyone who would successfully work with you and who would want to eke a means of livelihood. I've learnt this principle from you and I'm ready to adjust.

  2. You are very right. The only route to success is commitment, dedication, perseverance and tenacity of purpose no matter the obstacles on the way. We shall surely succeed on this business irrespective of the challenges. I quite appreciate your encouragement. Thanks

  3. Thanks for your usual information sharing,I shall watch out for the imminent training/information.But,Efe,I don't know if I can still opt-in to the N950 per day business system.You see,the problem is that I'v been willing to be involve right from inception but I just got my own laptop yesterday and my modem today,so,I believe I'm ready and good to go now.And if you think I can't enter for it now,please let me know when I could.Thank you.

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