How To Make 300 Percent Profit In Your Importation Business



Live from China, it’s been H.E.C.T.I.C

First let me tell you the latest about getting into China. If you are in the habit of patronizing touts for visa, biko, going forward – be on your guard. The Chinese have tightened their security check at the point of entry.
They scan your passport thoroughly to ensure you are presenting a genuine and not fake visa.
In fact, if you are black and hold a green passport, your passport will get extra checks. If you hold a virgin passport, as in you have not travelled before – beg your agent in the name of your God to ensure that the visa issued to you is not fake. Else, you are on-your-own – OYO when you are faced with the officials.
I saw before my korokoro eyes as some of “our people”, especially those with virgin passports were told to “step-aside” and “come-with-me-please” by Chinese officials at the airport. It’s not funny to be in those shoes, so in summary, shine-ya-eye well, when patronizing agents for your China visa. Use Professional services if you must engage the services of visa consultants.
Now let’s talk about the exciting stuff..laughs…the stuff that makes you and I very excited!
Yup – Fantastic pocket-friendly priced quality goods that you can sell for 300% Profit!
Let me tell you about the “300% profit concept” in importation business. On my first trip, I discovered from interviews with other business travelers that to profit from your trip to China, buy only goods that you can sell at 300% profit margin. Here is how it is calculated – 100% for your principal or capital, 100% for your shipping cost, and 100% for your profit.
I put the concept to work on my first trip and sold lots of Samsung S4 Phones at 300% profit. So on this trip, I trained my eyes to look out for cool stuff that would yield the 300% profit margin – for you.
Through-out this trip, I’ll be posting about cool stuff you can invest in and sell for 300% profit even after removing shipping or courier cost, and for those that want me to help them buy from China, I’ll also post about how to get it done.
So, today, let me share pictures of the first cool stuff with you.
You can sell these…
I heard CK watches sell for as much as N25,000 to N30,000 in Nigeria, (scroll down and tell us the prices if you bought one recently). You can also google CK watches, they sell as much as $156. These are high quality watches, they come in padded metallic casing with original Calvin Klein brand both on the watch in on the padded metallic casing.
Colors available are Black, Brown, Red, White. I love the red version and bought 2 dozens for family members and friends. They are N6,500 each including courier from China to Nigeria. Minimum quantity you can order for is 10pieces.
Here is What you stand to gain as profit:
How To Make 300% Profit
Here is What you stand to gain as profit
If you sell:
10pieces at N10,000 each; your profit is N35,000 with just N65,000 Investment
10pieces at N15,000 each; your profit is N85,000 with just N65,000 Investment
10pieces at N20,000 each; your profit is N135,000 with just N65,000 Investment
20pieces at N20,000 each; your profit is N270,000 with just N130k Investment
You can decide on how much profit you want to make per watch, N2,500/N3,500/N5,000/N10,000 it is up to you.
How Can you sell Your Imported Goods?
You can sell to your colleagues at work, your friends at school, your church or mosque members, your club members, your neighbors, family members, the list of people to sell to; is endless.
If you are wondering about how fast you can sell these watches, think again. People love good watches, they love to wear brands and they love to show off their cool fashion accessories that others do not have.
These watches are colorful and they have packaging and branding that sells themselves. So you won’t have problems selling at all. In fact, one of the importation business students on this trip bought 100pieces at once.
They are flashy branded watches that sell themselves, you don’t need to do too much talking when people see them.
Take a Bold step and start Now!
So if you are wondering about the fastest things that sell in the market and how to start your own importation business fast, stop wondering and take action now!
How To Order Your Goods To
Begin Your Importation Business
So how can you order for these colorful, elegant, quality branded watches?
Simply decide on the quantity you want, 10, 20, 40, 100 and pay for it into our account – click here for account details – and send us an email notification of your payments.
You have to do this before closing on Monday 27th October 2014, because we won’t be returning to that shopping district after Monday.
Heads Up About Upcoming Importation Business Training
There is much I’ll be sharing at this years’ last Importation Business Training coming up in November; so plan to attend. I’ll be fresh from China markets and the trade fair, so there will be plenty new info to share with you.
Keep your calendar open, which date would you prefer – 15th November or 29th November or 6th December 2014?
Please state your preference below.
It’s 11:30pm here, some of our importation business students just arrived China from Nigeria, let me go welcome them at the hotel lobby.
Hope you learnt one or two things from todays’ post?
Talk soon!


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    i atended the importaion seminar three years ago and i gain a lot
    so i ve decided to attend this year seminar as well to gain more
    and i will need your help on how to sell my product on internect.

    i want to build a mini portal for my product so that i can sell my
    product there and i will need your help on this.

    Abiodun .A


    • As a subscriber and reader of our posts, we are helping you to get it at the cost price – N6,500 per piece, so 10pieces is N65,000. That’s how much you pay into the account. Regards

  2. this is great you are even there still ready to help people make cool are a rare gem though ve not attend any of your trainining but I ve been learning from your post I still hope to meet you one on one after your trip.perhaps you come across company ready to give exclusive marketing right I’m interested,business name is Zitek Global Resources.

  3. Thanks my sister for keeping us informed about china. I have interest on tires 205±80±R15, if it is possible to confirm the price for me I will be highly appreciate, happy trip.

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  5. Can i start with just 5(five) pieces of the wrist watch. Is the importation seminar free or paid? What benefit will the members of the importersforum be getting from the seminar.

  6. Thanks a lot for your info, I hope to meet with you on returning. I would like 29th Nov. to enable those working attend being a Saturday. tnks.

    • The seminar is paid. Members of ImportersForum can attend at a discount which is already published in the forum. If you are a member, login to the dashboard for details.

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