How To Make 2013 Count For You

Whether you realize it or not, the past few years has had its own rocky parts for many of us. If you feel you've been "tested" in any way—emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially or in any of the “ally”-ways —you're not alone.

The reasons for the tests coming your way are numerous, and whether you look at the situation from a practical, economical point of view… or a spiritual, energetic point of view, CHANGE has been in the air for you in many powerful ways.

But making this YOUR year that you finally create the life you've always wanted is up to YOU.
As you wake up to face each day in 2013 and you try to put to work the lessons and trainings you will be receiving on becoming financially independent and somewhere along the way you are tempted to feel frustrated, try this: 1. Outline the reasons you want to build the business in the first place, your reasons why; and 2. Identify the way you are going to make those things happen.

There will still be frustration, and you’ll still face set-backs. However, when you are doggedly determined to fulfill one primary goal and you keep your mind focused on what life will be like when you accomplish that goal, there is nothing you can’t overcome.

For example, amongst many other things I have four precious goals for 2013
* As I holiday in NYC I am researching the best legal way to make two people close to me legal residents of Canada and USA
* I am researching and demystifying the secrets of Importation from USA, Japan and China into Nigeria
* I plan to expose the results of my research by February this year, so that you too can benefit first hand from original source – it will not be a story of "them say" to you
* Those who are already registered on the N950Daily business as Affiliates, who have renewed their subscription to the Affiliate Control Panel will be able to make money BIG time from the results of my research when I publish it in February. (This is simply called Information Marketing – Any wonder why I’m called the Info-Marketing Queen? ..smiles)
2013 will count BIG Time for me, when I am able to do all these good things.
If you notice, everything I listed up there is not just about me – One path to fulfilled dreams is helping others to fulfill theirs.
E.g, when I find the secret of helping people become residents, I can tell you all about it, you can learn from it, become a resident, I make money from my research, you become a happy resident. It becomes a Win-Win situation.
That is the key to making 2013 Count for You and I.
PS: Is there something you would like me to research for you and tell you about in 2013?
A business process, Scholarship, etc? Make your comments below!


  1. Could you please research on a Nigerian applicant's requirements to study Pharmacy at the University of East Anglia,UK; and the likely financing options-grants, scholarships,etc,available to such an applicant.Thanks.

  2. What a wonderful article…I really learnt a lot from your post and is so touching because you are actually living the internet lifestyle lots of people are dreaming about! Cheers ma!

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