How To Live Life on Your Own Terms in 2013

The Bahamas..the haven of quiet, crowd-free beaches and coves, waters splashing against rocks, deep blue ocean as far as your eyes can see..the perfect place for those seeking the intimacy of a secluded retreat..the land of cruise ships..That is where the internet and information marketing life style took me to in the last few weeks after new york city..
Yesterday evening, My very good friend Ronald Nzimora asked which seminar did you attend while you were there?.. he was asking the question because as you already know, if you want to be successful in any business or endeavor in life…you’ve got to keep updating and training yourselfi So I told him…I attended the seminar of books on the sandy Bahamian beaches…Yes, that’s the true internet and information marketing life style..
Efe on Sandy Bahamas Beaches
No other business offers you the kind of fascinating and lucrative opportunities that internet and information marketing can work when you please, where you please and as you please..just as I have practicalized in the last six weeks…you can pursue things that interest you and travel or not as you is the only business where you can earn giant incomes while immersed and buried deep in your own interests and passion.
In 2013, You can Laugh at Money Worries and Live Life on Your Own Terms…If You Follow This Simple Plan
Living the Life...
1)Join the N950 Daily Program if you have not done so
Because as a student on the N950 program, you automatically become an affiliate of my selected products and services, you get to sell through your website and get up to 50% commission on every sale through your website – the best part? If you are on the platinum level, we will do all the hard work of setting up your website for you. All you need to do is maintain your site and tell people about your website, chikena.
2) If your membership on the N950 Daily Program has expired, don’t delay in renewing
Don’t miss the opportunity to make money on the following products that will be released in February
a) Car Importation Business Secrets
b) The Pathway To US Citizenship for Nigerians
c) The Pathway To Canadian Permanent Stay for Nigerians
d) 2013 American and European Scholarships for Nigerians
I wasn’t just getting wet in the sandy beaches of Bahamas and watching the sun rise and set on the balcony of the 11th Deck of a cruise ship…I was researching on the most valuable information that people want to have in 2013.
Work and Play - Efe Living the Internet Lifestyle..
Don’t worry about people stealing the ideas I have listed above, they don’t have access to the information I have, everything in those products are authentic, direct from source information and accounts from real life people and how they did it.
Don’t miss the opportunity to make money from those products. My job is to create the product and sales materials for you, your job is to make much as you want from these materials
3) Set a goal about how much you want to make from the N950 daily program this year (make it a reasonable amount, 50million naira goal is senseless if you don’t even know how to make 1 cent as of today)
Don’t think information marketing business does not require work. It does require work…plenty of hard work…I have not been on any holiday in the last 2 years, I have been working my butt don’t think the Bahamas holiday dropped on my laps out of the blues…it’s the product of hard work..
4) No matter what, determine to give the N950 program your full attention from February to November 2013, to follow everything in the program, promising yourself never to give up before November 2013
5) Be prepared to market your business like a crazy man…Yes, this business is an easy business, it is a business filled with a lot of profitability but you will not create a business that generates N1million naira per month by investing just won’t happen!
If you are not prepared to invest in marketing, forget about the internet or information marketing lifestyle.
The internet and information marketing lifestyle is about providing solutions in useful formats to people while you earn a decent income from it, all through the year 2013, from February to November 2013, I will create useful info-products for all students on the N950daily program from which you can earn as much money as you determine in your mind to make from the program.
Waste no time in joining the N950program today or in renewing your Access to the Affiliate Control Panel
Download the ebook for Instructions on how to Join the N950Daily Program – Download here
Existing students renew your access to control panel with by following steps – download here, you can send an email to get renewal guidelines
Watch out for More details about the upcoming product releases next week – beginning with Car Importation Business and the upcoming Impotation Business Training / Seminar.
Happy New Month!


  1. This is sooo nice a real words of encouragement and pictures to motivate me to action, mama i promise next time very very soon, you are going on holidays we shall go. well I know you have innovation you will organise a tour for all your students and protege no matter the amount I must surely go. Your post has gingered me to action. with (%) daily i must meet my target before that november You are blessed ma.

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